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Re: Odd Habits

Post by CloverKitty » Sat 4th Oct 2014

I've recently started chewing on my knuckles when I'm nervous, which unfortunately is a lot.

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Re: Odd Habits

Post by jsreed5 » Fri 6th Mar 2020

I don't eat Lunchables anymore, but when I was a kid, I would have to eat all the contents in a very specific way--and as a result, I would only get certain types of them.

For those of you who have never had Lunchables, the standard package is a small sealed tray with six butter crackers, six slices of meat, six slices of cheese, and two cookies.
I would make a sandwich with two crackers and one meat slice, then a sandwich with two crackers and one cheese slice, then a sandwich with the final two crackers and one slice each of meat and cheese. After that I would eat the rest of the cheese one slice at a time, then the meat one slice at a time. Finally, I would eat the twoo cookes.

If I got a Lunchable and one of the crackers was crushed, or if a packaging error left me with the wrong number of meat slices, I would be thrown off and very uncomfortable with it.

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Re: Odd Habits

Post by Cabaline » Wed 25th Mar 2020

I like to rub my feet together to make me feel cosy and safe. I do it especially when I'm laid on the sofa or about to go to sleep.

When I am stressed/anxious, I pick at the skin around my nails. I know that's not good, and I'm trying to not do it/not think about it. But it's not easy.

I've also been setting myself daily habits to make sure I do them:
1. Floss and brush teeth before bed
2. Drink 1.5 litres water per day
3. Do a skincare routine (cleanser etc)
4. Do my physio exercises

I've not been very good at it lately and I've only been brushing my teeth and doing my skincare routine. Maybe now is a good time to get back on that :)
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Re: Odd Habits

Post by artymon I\/ » Wed 6th May 2020

An odd habit of mine is that I like to lie on my stomach and do all my computering. Writing, watching shows, researching projects, PC gamings, even now I'm lying on my stomach and typing this.

I shall reveal another odd habit if someone else posts.
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