Walkin' in a winter wonderland...

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Walkin' in a winter wonderland...

Post by xox Miss Livia xox » Tue 18th Dec 2007

Okay! This is my chrissy story, for all the forum members to enjoy and i still need to do chappy 3..So plz b patient! :D

My holiday story (okay I know it doesn’t usually snow in Australia, but let’s just put it in to make it sound better)

Chapter 1: A Special Someone

Sydney Airport, Australia. 5:00 p.m..

The young man had a duffel bag in his hand facing out to the planes in the departure lounge. There was snow coating everything in the airport as it was the Christmas holidays. There was still snow falling. The trees where glistening with the white snow and the lights from the planes made the place look like a Christmas parade.
Even with all the beautiful snow, Dean, the young man in question, wasn’t the picture of a happy brother. Dean was, as usual, wearing a black long sleeve T-shirt under a leather Jacket with his holed Jeans and Boots. In fact, Dean wasn’t looking forward to the next couple of weeks one bit. It wasn’t just the fact that he hated flying, but it was also because the boy who had kidnapped his thirteen year old sister, Livia, only a month earlier, had invited them to all come to Dublin for two weeks, for the Christmas holidays. Sam, however, was feeling pretty good. He was wearing his usual hoody with a jacket over it, jeans, and boots. He was really happy for Livia , knowing this guy would treat her kindly. Seeing as the boy was thirteen years old too. Artemis Fowl the II as it happened, was the boy who had kidnapped Livia, as to ask her some questions about how she knew him, and because ironically, he liked her. It had all turned into a huge disaster, with Sam and Dean coming to her rescue, fairies becoming more known to the human race, Holly nearly dying for being mistaken as a supernatural monster, Artemis and Livia having a small chat, and Artemis telling Livia how he felt. The final break through though, and happiness for all (apart from Dean) was Artemis asking Livia out. She had said yes and he had promised her that they would see each other again. Livia and Artemis had gone on two dates so far, resulting in a kiss (on their second date) thanks to Sam and Butler helping them out. Artemis and Livia were truly happy together. They were always there for one another, they made each other happy and they got along perfectly fine. They were the perfect couple and they called each other pretty much every night. Dean hadn’t known about Artemis and Livia’s dates until Artemis had rung Livia up one night and asked her to come over for Christmas. Livia was ecstatic. Dean had said that it was ridiculous that he had asked her out and hadn’t gone on a single date with her, and that now all of a sudden he wanted to see her. Sam and Livia looked pretty guilty and Dean went off his head. After telling Dean everything, (and Dean’s shock horror to Livia and Artemis’s kiss) Dean said he’d think about it. He then calmed down, said sorry to Livia but that they couldn’t go. Livia had gone out crying. Sam went into her room to comfort her and they made a plan. Sam talked to Dean and changed his mind, thanks once again, to his and Livia’s puppy dog eye stunt. Dean would rather be at a motel spending the holidays hunting or sight seeing or at least doing something that didn’t involve Artemis and flying.

“ You all right Dean?” Sam asked, walking up behind his brother putting his hand on his shoulder.
“ I’m about to get on a plane to see some jerk who kidnapped our sister! How do you think I’m feelin’!!” Dean replied testily.
“Yeah, ok. You gotta point there, and he does have a weird way of saying “I like you” but oh well. As long as Liv’s happy, that’s all that matters. He’s real nice when you get to know him Dean, give him a chance.” Sam said.
“yeah well I wish I hadn’t of freakin’ said yes. You two and you’re Goddamn puppy dog eyes.” Dean mumbled.
“ Oh My Gosh, are you guys ready to go?” Livia asked skipping up to the boys. Yes, that’s right. Skipping.
“ Are you skipping?” Dean asked bewildered
“Did you just say “oh my gosh” ?” Sam asked.
“Ummm, yeah. Is there something wrong?” Livia smiled. She was wearing an AC/DC T-shirt with a slightly different version of what Sam was wearing. A cut-off hoody and a jacket over it. She was wearing her favourite jeans that had one hole on the right knee, and joggers. She had her hair tied back with a clip and tiny lock of hair coming down both sides of her face.
Dean was about to give his little “ I’m Flying to see a jerk who kidnapped you and nearly got you killed” speech, but thankfully, Sam interrupted him.
“No, no were fine really. I’ll go get some drinks huh?” He suggested smiling for agreement.
“ Sure okay, Sprite for me please” Said Livia
“ Coke for me” Said Dean, looking at Sam appreciatively yet annoyed.
“ Okay, comin’ right up” Said Sam turning and walking away in a hurry. There was a brief silence for a while when Dean spoke.
“ Liv, are sure you want to be with this guy? I mean, he is kind of...well...creepy.” he said to her, looking down at his little sister for all the world like a father to a daughter.
“ Dean, I know you don’t like him, but he’s a real nice guy. He takes care of me, he makes me feel special, he treats me nice..’
“ Oh and we don’t?” Dean interrupted, raising an eyebrow
“uhh, you do but he’s just sweet and caring and.. oh..my point is, you can trust him Dean. He won’t kill me. He loves me” she told him
“ Yes well, so do I and Sam. And as you’re brothers, it’s Sam and I’s Duty to make sure you don’t get hurt.” Dean reformed.
“ Dean, I won’t get hurt, Artemis is sweet, he’s caring and sensitive. He wouldn’t hurt me”
Livia answered. Dean sighed and rubbed his hand through his hair. He put a hand on Livia’s shoulder and walked her to the seat bench closest to them. He sat Livia down then he bent down onto his knees in front of her.
“ Livia I want you to make me a promise. Promise me you’ll be careful. And if he does do something to you, you’ll come and tell me or Sam straight away okay?” He asked her. He was practically groveling. He was searching in Livia’s eyes. Livia looked at him. He was so sincere.
“ Dean I don’t think this is....”
“Promise?” “Please Liv. I don’t want to loose any more of my family. Especially after Dad” Dean said to her. John Winchester, Sam and Dean’s father, had died about a year ago thanks to the most evilest supernatural creature. The Yellow Eyed Demon. They had all been in a car crash because some other demon had possessed a truck driver and crashed into them. They had just found the only gun that could kill the Yellow Eyed Demon. The Colt. Samuel Colt had specially built it for hunters and it had charms, spells, and symbols covering it to keep evil away from it. Dean was in critical when they got to hospital, and John sold his soul to the Yellow Eyed Demon just to let Dean live. It was all horrible. After that Dean became especially protective over Livia and Sam. ( you may want to watch supernatural season 1 and 2 to know what I’m babbling on about)
Dean and Sam were the awesomest brothers you could get. She loved them to pieces and she would pretty much die for them. She looked at Dean’s sad begging face and nearly hugged him to death there and then. She smiled slowly and said “ I promise”
Dean smiled at her then stood up and hugged her tightly.
“ Okay, awesome. I’ll try not to waste Arty boy okay” he laughed
“uhhhhhh...can’t...breath” Livia gasped
“ sorry” Dean apologized loosening his grip.
“ It’s okay. Just don’t say something like that in front of Butler. He might take it personally” she said playfully punching him in the gut.
“ Yeah good point there” Dean replied. Butler was pretty much one of the only humans who actually scared Dean. He had a tussle with manservant once, he nearly didn’t live to see the day. Sam had just come back with three drinks in his hand.
“ Two cokes and one Sprite” he said cheerfully handing them their drinks. “ so did you two have a nice chat?” Sam asked.
“ well yeah, and I’m tryin’ not to think about the flight” Dean said smiling at Sam sincerely. He spoke to soon. Ding ding ding.
“ Flight 669BA to Dublin is now boarding at terminal D, gate 3. Thank-you for coming to Sydney Airport” Ding ding ding ( you know the little ring of bells that goes up each time, they have it at the airport) Said the announcement lady over the speakers.
Sam, Livia and Dean checked their tickets.
“ Well that’s us” commented Sam.
“ Great” Said Dean looking out the window.
“ You ready Liv?” Asked Sam, smiling at Livia.
“ Are you kidding?! I’m nearly out of my mind! Lets go!” She replied happily grabbing her bag and dragging the boys to line.
“ You and you’re freakin’ puppy dog eyes” Dean whispered to Sam.

Dublin, Ireland. Fowl Manor 5 p.m.

Artemis was beside himself. This was unusual for him but it’s not everyday your girlfriend flies in for the Christmas holidays. Artemis tried to calm himself. Livia wouldn’t be here until the hour. Artemis therefore tried doing some meditating but the excitement was to much. He kept drifting away from one thought to thinking of some activity to do with Livia. So, Artemis decided to work on his computer. He grabbed his power book and stepped out of his room. He looked over the railing, which was covered with tinsel and Christmas lights, and looked down to the hallway. He smiled and made his way down the small walkway to the main rooms with the Christmas trees out the front and descended down the oak stairs from his room floor, down to the lounge room.
The were wooden double doors going into the lounge . Artemis pushed through and looked in amazement, once again, at the wonderful job Butler had done with the Christmas decorations. The lounge room had two large black lounges along opposite walls with a fireplace down the front. The was a lovely blaze heating the room from the fireplace right now. There was a forty inch flat screen mounted above the fireplace, the sides of the screen were covered in lovely gold and green tinsel, and there was a stereo on the mantle on top of the fireplace. Right now the stereo was playing remix versions of Christmas carols. At the moment it was “Walking In A Winter Wonderland” By Barry White. Hmmm, I think Livia would enjoy a walk in a winter wonderland, Artemis thought. He then sighed at himself. Here I go again. He smiled. There was a five meter tall Christmas tree in the left hand bottom corner of the room with lights, tinsel and decorations galore. There were what seemed like a thousand presents under the tree. There were all types of little lights stretching their way across the top of the ceiling all the way around the room. They were twinkling like colourful little stars. Artemis then leaned out from the lounge and looked around the interior of the manor. The were lights all around the ceilings with miniature Christmas trees on some tables in the hallways, Christmas lights running down the walls and tinsel hanging all the way down every hallway in the manor. You could hear the same Christmas carol all around the manor because the speakers were connected to the stereo. Artemis had done this himself as his mother had asked him to try and get one Christmas carol being sung all around the manor. Artemis then walked over two the lounge on the right side of the room and pulled back the velvet drapes. Basically the whole manor had been covered with Christmas lights, even everybody’s bedroom had a Christmas makeover!!
There were all kinds of decorations out the front. There were white, glowing reindeers, there was a Santa slay with all the reindeers, mechanical of course, and a lovely lighted up nativity scene with a star above the manger, and any other Christmas emblems you could think of. There were candy canes lining the driveway up to the manor and gate, there were small white stars along the hedges behind the candy canes lining the driveway. There was, last but not least, a large colourful star above the door way. There were small Christmas trees on the porch next to the door, also decorated, and more Christmas lights and tinsel all over the porch. It looked like something out of a movie. Infact Butler and Mrs. Fowl’s assistant decorators had done an outstandingly fantastic job. He then noticed even the trees out the back along the manor grounds were also decorated with Christmas lights. He also saw the hedge line along the fence within the manor had three rows of Christmas lights flashing at random patterns. There was also a warm white glow close by a weeping willow tree, decorated, moving in slow motions. He could see shapes but nothing very distinguishing. He got out a walkie-talkie and called Butler, frowning trying to work out what these shapes were.
“ Butler, I was wondering if you could come down to the lounge room and explain a little puzzle I have?” Artemis asked into the device.
“ Of course Artemis, won’t be long” Butler replied. Artemis then slipped the walkie-talkie into his jacket pocket and continued trying to figure out these shapes.
Butler came striding in, knocking on the door has he walked past it. He stood next to Artemis as he looked up at the manservant.
“ Problems sir?” Butler asked him
“ Well Butler, I was just wondering seeing as you decorated practically the whole manor, which you’ve done a fabulous job of by the way, could you tell me what those things are?” he said pointing at the glowing shapes. Butler looked over out the window at were the young boy was pointing.
“ Ahh those, they’re a herd of electronic reindeers.” he informed the boy. Artemis stared hard then smiled and nodded.
“ Yes I can see them now. Very good job Butler” He complimented smiling at Butler.
“ It’s all right sir, thank-you. Now I better get back to finishing off upstairs.” He said turning away. Artemis sat down into the lounge and started working on his laptop.

Flight 669BA to Dublin

Livia had a window seat and she looked out at the snow covered fields by the runway. Livia was so excited her heart was going insane. She was sitting next to Sam who was on his laptop doing some work and Dean was in the isle seat. He had Livia’s i-pod and the music on full volume. He was humming softly.
“Dean, are you humming Metallica?” Livia asked, as she and Sam looked at him. Dean paused the song and stared at them.
“Yes I’m humming Metallica, it’s a calming thing” he said leaning back in his seat and pressing the ‘play’ button. He then continued humming the song. Sam and Livia looked at each other then cracked up laughing quietly.
“ Okay, so Dean has his music, what are we gonna do?” Livia asked, still trying not to laugh.
“ Why don’t we play a game or something” Sam said to her.
“ Excuse me sir, I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you to turn your laptop and i-pod off please, we’re about to take off” Said a lady attendant smiling sweetly.
“ Sure of course” Said Sam smiling back and turning his laptop off.
“ Damn it” Said Dean turning Livia’s i-pod off and giving it to Livia.
“ Is there a problem sir?” Asked the attendant looking at Dean.
“ Yeah don’t worry about him, he just doesn’t like flying that much.” Sam informed the attendant lady.
“ oh ok, well call us if you need anything okay sir” said the lady.
“ yeah whatever, thanks” Said Dean holding tightly onto the seat. Livia giggled.
“ Thanks miss, we’ll be sure to call” Livia said smiling.
“ All right then, have a pleasant flight” she replied smiling. She then walked away. Dean was scared stiff. The plane then started up and moved onto the runway.
“ Ladies and Gentlemen this is your captain. The flight will take about half an hour to get to Dublin, There is a slight chance of Snow and the temperature is about 18 degrees. Thank you for flying British Airways, have a pleasant flight.” Said the captains voice over the speakers. The engine then roared into life and they sped down the runway. Dean looked like he was going to scream and Sam and Livia were laughing their heads off.
“ yeah ha ha very funny guys” said Dean furiously.
“ Relax Dean, were just kidding around” said Livia.
“ cheer up man, you’ll have you’re Metallica soon” Sam scoffed. Sam and Livia started laughing again as the plane took off and stabilized in the air. Livia gave her i-pod to Dean still laughing slightly. Dean snatched it and turned it on. Sam got his laptop out and continued his work. Livia looked out the window, and watched the clouds shoot past below. She started thinking about Artemis and what they could do for the holidays. She then drifted off to sleep.

Fifteen minutes later Dean switched off the i-pod and looked up to Sam.
“ Well I feel better now.” Said Dean smiling at him.
“ You seem happy” said Sam, grinning at Dean. Dean looked over to Livia and saw her leaning against the window sleeping.
“ Looks like the excitement got the better of her” He said smiling at Sam then Livia. Sam gave a small laugh. He put his computer away, pushed the armrest up and pulled Livia to lean against him. He put his arm around her. Dean stood up into the over head bag bay and pulled out a pillow and blanket. He put the blanket over her and Sam put the pillow under her head.
“ Poor thing, she must be so excited” Sam said, stoking her hair. Sam and Dean then talked about Demons and they talked about the holidays. Sam suggested they take Artemis and Livia hunting, seeing that Artemis knew how to use a gun. Dean then said he’d like to spend some quality time with them or to do something. Then they talked about what Christmas presents to get, and they joked around what would be hilarious presents to get. One thing led to another. Livia woke up with twenty minutes until touch down. They played a few practical jokes on other passengers, like putting a whoopee cushion under the old man in front of them. The captains voice came over the speakers telling everyone to buckle up. Dean went back to being a scared stiff, and Sam and Livia laughed. Livia was looking out the window, nearly jumping out of her seat for joy.
“ wow, easy there, not much longer Liv” said Sam smiling
“ I’m so excited Sam I can’t stand it!!” she said grinning. She looked out the window again and watched the earth come up to meet them.
Not much longer Arty, not much longer.

Fowl manor. Dublin , Ireland. 5:40pm

Artemis had just finished his twentieth victorious game of solitaire when he closed the power book. Butler knocked on the door.
“ Artemis, sir, I’m heading out to the airport to pick up Livia and her brothers now.” He told Artemis.
“ All right then, thank-you Butler” He answered. Artemis’s heart sped up. Any minute now and he would have Livia in his arms again. There was another knock on the door.
“ Arty dear are you in here?” came a feminine voice. It was his mother, Angeline.
“ Yes mother, I’m here” he replied.
His mother walked in wearing a cream coloured silk dress and a caramel brown jacket over the top. His father walked in behind her wearing, just like Artemis, an Armani suit.
“ Artemis dear how are you” asked Angeline sitting down next to him.
“ I’m fine mother, why do ask” he said to her.
“ we just wanted to make sure you weren’t going insane Arty” his father joked. Artemis smiled up at them.
“No father, I am still sane, but I won’t manage much longer” he joked back. They all laughed.
Angeline stoked her sons hair and looked at him.
“ Artemis, you’re father and I will be going Christmas shopping soon all right? we’ll wait here until our guests come though okay? She informed him.
“ Yes Mother that’s fine” He answered. His parents smiled at him. Angeline gave him a kiss on the forehead and Artemis Senior gave his son a hug.
“ Not much longer eh?” he said.
“yes, I’m dying to see her again” Artemis said to his father.
“True Love is a wondrous thing. You meet the woman of your dreams and you could spend the rest of your life. You’ve made a good choice Arty. She’s smart, caring, kind. You two are so happy together.” He said giving his son a smile. Artemis smiled back. His father had a point. Livia and him never seemed to disagree on much.
“ Father, may I ask you, how did you know mother was the one? How did you know she was your dream woman?” Artemis asked his father, loosing his smile. Artemis senior still smiled.
“ Trust me Artemis, if you think she’s the one, you can feel it” He said smiling at him. he gave him a hug, a pat on the shoulder, then started walking to the door. He turned around.
“ You’ll just know” he smiled. Artemis was left thinking about his fathers advice. He grinned to himself. It seemed to confirm his thoughts. Livia was the one. He went back up stairs to his room, and got himself ready for her arrival.

Dublin Airport. 5:45 p m.

Livia, Sam and Dean walked to the luggage bay. They picked their bags out of the bag vendor and started walking towards the arrivals hall. Livia was singing along to the song over the speakers cracking herself up. Sam and Dean looked at each other and smiled. Livia was only this happy when she was hunting, or in this case, seeing a boyfriend in the school holidays, weeks before Christmas. They walked in to the arrivals area. Livia took her bag off and gave it to Sam. She ran to the door and looked outside. Snow was everywhere glistening in the trees and on the grass. There was gentle snow snowing down and the streets and city were sparkling in the sunset. She felt a huge hand on her shoulder. She spun around to see a huge Eurasian smiling at her.
“ Butler!!” She yelled happily. She gave him a big hug as she could give him. Butler laughed and hugged her back. “ Oh Butler it’s so good to see you again!!” She exclaimed happily.
“yes, yes, I know, long time, no see”
“Yeah. How’s everything going?”
“oh same old same old. How are Sam and Dean?”
“Well Dean’s terrified seeing as he hates flying.” Livia giggled. “How’s Artemis?”
“ He’s out of his mind. He can’t wait to see you” Butler answered smiling
“ Hey you!! Get away from her!!” Came a yell.
“ Dean!! That’s Butler!!!” Came Sam’s voice. Livia and Butler turned around to see Dean running at them with Sam following, not to mention the whole air port staring at them.
“ What?! oh right. Ummm... sorry Butler” Said Dean slowing down and smiling pathetically.
Sam came running up behind him. They all saw the airport occupants staring at them. Sam stuttered at first and tried to find an excuse but Butler stepped in. This was more his area.
“ Nothing to worry about ladies and gentlemen, just a slight misunderstanding.” He said raising his hands. It seemed to work. Every one went back to what they were doing before.
“Right, we better get going. Artemis will by dying to see you” He said grinning at the young girl. She smiled excitedly. That was all the answer they needed.

As Butler finished loading their bags into the car, he shut the boot and walked up the side of the car and got into the drivers seat. Sam had the passengers seat and Livia and Dean were in the back.
“ So how long does it take to get to Fowl manor?” Livia asked leaning on the front seat.
“ From here, about.....10 minutes.” he told her. Butler started the Bentley and off they went. As they drove on they all started talking.
“So how’s the rest of the family?”
“ well, Juliet is still on her wrestling tour, she’ll arrive next week, and the Sir and Mrs. are going shopping apparently. Artemis.... Well, he can’t wait to see you again” Butler answered.
“Now there’s a shock” said Dean, looking out the window. Livia turned and gave him a shut up look. They all continued talking for a while as they kept driving. Time seemed to pass when they saw a house covered in lights and decorations everywhere coming up.
“ There it is, Fowl Manor” said Butler like a tour guide.
“wow, It’s....it’s” Sam started.
“Beautiful” finished Livia, looking at all the decorations. Everyone was looking at them. Livia gasped as she saw the decorations and the candy canes lining the driveway. She took in the details of everything and smiled in admiration. They were all astonished at the beauty of it. As they stepped out of the car, Butler unloaded the bags. Sam, Dean and Livia walked up onto the porch.
“ Artemis! You’re guests are here!” yelled a lovely ladies voice.
“Mrs. Fowl” said Livia, as Mrs. Fowl opened the door. She smiled at Livia.
“Please, call me Angeline. How are you darling?” she asked giving Livia a hug and a kiss on each cheek.
“ Very well thank-you. And yourself?”
“ quite well. Ahhh this must be Sam and Dean then” Angeline smiled.
“ Nice to meet you” said Dean
“Pleasure to meet you too” said Angeline, shaking his hand.
“ Good to see you again Angeline” said Sam giving her a hug.
“ You too dear, we’ll have to catch up won’t we? Butler would you mind showing the boys to their room?” asked Angeline.
“ Of course ma’am” said Butler grabbing the bags.
“Livia?” asked a boys voice. Livia knew very well who it was. She looked past Angeline to see a boy standing on the stair case fixing up his tie.
“Artemis!” She exclaimed. Artemis came down the flight of stairs and Livia ran up into his arms. They hugged each other close.
“ I missed you so much Arty” whispered Livia.
“I missed you too” He whispered back. They looked up at each other and had a brief kiss. Everyone else was watching and when they kissed they all looked at one another and smiled. “erhem. Right, your rooms then.” Butler said knowing that the two wanted privacy. Sam and Dean turned and followed him as Artemis and Livia stood aside. Artemis had his arm around Livia as she hugged in right next to him. They all smiled at each other as Sam , Dean and Butler went up the stairs. Dean gave a wink to Livia. Artemis then looked at Livia.
“ Let’s go to the lounge” He suggested. They smiled at each other as they walked off down the hall together to the lounge room. Mr. Fowl came and stood next to his wife.
“ Young love. Isn’t it beautiful.” Mr. fowl said.
“mmm, remember when we where just like that Timmy”
“good times.”
“Do you think he’s made the right choice?”asked Mrs. Fowl looking up at her husband. Mr. Fowl looked down to the lounge room and saw Artemis and Livia talking. Artemis looked up at his father and smiled a warm, sincere and grateful smile. He looked back at Livia and they went inside. Mr. Fowl smiled at his wife.
“ Yes dear. I think he has”

Artemis and Livia walked into the lounge room. Livia then walked forward from Artemis.
“ Wow! This is so awesome!” She exclaimed, looking around at all the Christmas decorations. Artemis smiled and walked up to her.
“ It’s incredible isn’t it” he said.
“It’s... fantastic” Livia answered. She walked down to the Christmas tree and knelt down, looking under the Christmas tree.
“Geez, there’s got to be at least a thousand presents under here”
“That was my first guess”
“Are these for everyone?”
“I believe so, yes”
“Are there any for me?” She laughed.
“Yes there are” Artemis answered, also laughing. He walked down to the Christmas tree and knelt down next to Livia. Livia looked under the tree and pulled out a small, square, neatly wrapped gift.
“To Livia, from Artemis” Livia said, looking up and smiling at Artemis.
“Merry Christmas” he said smiling and gave her kiss.
“thank-you” She said smiling. She put the present back. Artemis stood up and helped Livia up.
“Hey can we go check out my room?”
“ well actually we have a spare bed in my room for you. Is that all right or would you prefer your own room?” Artemis asked, giving an apologetic look.
“Artemis it’s fine. Could we go look?” she asked putting her arms around him.
“It would be my pleasure” He said putting his arms around her. He then took her hand and they walked together out into the hall.
“ The whole manor looks fantastic”
“I know. It’s fabulous”
“Is everything decorated?”
“By what do you mean?”
“well the walls are decorated, the front and back gardens are decorated. Is every room decorated?”
“ you have no idea” They both laughed as they went up the stairs. They ran into Sam.
“Hey guys, how you goin’?”
“ Fine.” Livia looked around “where’s Dean?”
“uh you know Dean” Sam answered. Artemis raised an eyebrow.
“ He’s making charms and checking for any evil” Livia explained to him. Artemis gave a smug grin and nodded.
“ Where is he now? I mean if he’s using his EMF reader.” She said.
“ I think he’s in the basement, But I’m not sure. I’m goin’ to have a look for him. You two have fun” he said smiling at Livia and Artemis.
“’K, thanks Sam” She said hugging him tight. He smiled in response then went down the stairs.
“ You’re pretty lucky to have Sam for a brother”
“Tell me about it” She smiled. “ Come on, lets see your room ” she grinned grabbing Artemis’s hand.
“ All right then” He replied running along behind her.

Artemis opened the door to his room.
“ After you” he said, motioning his hand to his room. Livia walked past him and stepped into a beautifully furnished bedroom. It was about thirty meters square with what seemed to be a balcony at the other end of the room. There was a King sized bed near the door to the balcony on the left side with a large black dresser on its right. It looked like it had a few picture frames on it. There was another smaller bed next to it. Both had black quilts on them and metallic silver pillows. There was a space between the bed and a three seater black leather couch that was against the wall. Next to the couch as well as Livia there was a right angle desk with neatly filed folders, an apple Mac, and a few other technological bibs and bobs, tucked in the corner of the walls. Across on the other side of the room, right in the center of the wall, there was a small fireplace with another flat screen mounted on the wall. Closer towards Livia there was a few bookshelves with lots of books on them. Then down towards the door, opposite the end of Artemis’s bed, there was a large mirror sliding door. This, she supposed, was Artemis’s closet. Of course with Christmas decorations everywhere, Artemis’s room had not been spared. There were light’s and tinsel around the ceiling with a miniature Christmas tree, about two meters tall, standing next to the door fully decorated, just as the one in the lounge.
“ Well, is it to your standards?” Artemis asked sarcastically, as he walked up behind Livia and put his arms around her waist. She seemed to snap out of a daze.
“ Are you kidding? Your room looks fantastic!” she said, placing her hands over his and leaning her head against his shoulder.
“ Butler and two of Mother’s assistants did this in under twenty minutes”
“For real?”
“Wow, that’s impressive”
“ I wonder how long it took them to decorate the whole manor?”
“Don’t even go there. Do you want to go on the balcony?”
“ If you want to, yes”
“Okay then.” Livia replied. She looked up at him and smiled. Holding one of Artemis’s hands she walked over to the balcony. She let go momentarily to slide open the door. They stepped out on the balcony that looked over the Manor grounds. They were at least 10 meters high. There were smaller Christmas trees also out here, with two chairs and a coffee table near the wall. Livia walked over to the railing and looked over. The whole place was covered in snow, the trees were blanketed, and you could see all the decorations glowing, as a faint pink light was shimmering over the horizon. It was truly magnificent. She then looked down and she stepped back just as quick. She bumped into Artemis.
“ Something wrong?” He asked grinning slightly, as Livia cuddled close to him.
“ Oh not much, just that I hate hights” She said looking up at Artemis with terrified eyes. She hugged close to him and Artemis held her close attempting to calm her.
“ Don’t worry, we’re perfectly safe here”
“ Promise?”
“ I promise” he said. Livia faced him and smiled appreciatively. Livia loosened her grip as they looked over at the last glimpse of sun.
“ Beautiful isn’t it” Artemis spoke.
“Yeah. Remember our second date?”
“Of course, how can I forget. There’s the hill over there”
“ Stargazing. Only Artemis Fowl. Still it was a lovely night”
“ A first kiss”
“ Well at least it wasn’t a cliché first date kiss”
“ Ha ha yeah. To tell you the truth, it was better on the second date” There was a brief silence.
“ You know I love you” Artemis said breaking the silence.
“ Of course I do, I love you too” Livia said. They turned and faced each other, then at the sunset. Artemis placed his hand on her cheek and Livia faced him again. Still smiling at each other. Artemis stroked her cheek and they kissed. After what seemed like an eternity, there was a faint knock on the door. They broke apart and Artemis spoke.
“ I’ll go get it” he said, smiling at Livia and giving her a kiss on the forehead. He then walked through the door. Livia looked over at the last bit of sun again, then peeked inside. Artemis was standing there talking, when all of a sudden he looked back. He smiled then turned and left the room. Livia stepped through the door and closed it behind her. She peered around the room, looking for something to do. She spied the dresser next to the bed. She walked over to it and picked up one of the picture frames on it. It was a picture of Artemis and herself hugging each, making happy faces as Artemis had been tickling her. It was taken outside. It was a month ago and it was a Sunday. Sam was getting a new gun for Dean for Christmas, so he dropped Livia off here and they spent the day together. She smiled. Good times. There was one of Livia dressed up in a dress. Something she almost never wore, only for special occasions. This was before their first date. She was wearing a gold halter dress, with green glitter vines and silver flower wrapping down her top, and shimmering in the bottom part of the dress. She had her hair straight, hanging out with a green head band. She was , thanks to Juliet, wearing some glitter green eye shadow, very faint though, and had a maroon coloured lip gloss on. She was sitting on the lounge in the lounge room, giving a kiss at the camera and making a peace sign with her right hand. Her left hand was holding her dress over her legs. There was another one next to that with Livia and Artemis in front of the boat they were going to go on for their first date, hugging each other and smiling sweetly. She placed the picture back smiling. She glimpsed at a picture near the corner, behind her dress photo. It was one with Livia sitting at a desk, resting her head on one arm, wearing a butterfly necklace and the cut-off sleeved hoody she was wearing now. She her hair up in a clip like now, and she was smiling sweetly at the camera.
“ I like that one the most” Said a voice right behind her. Livia turned around just to see Artemis looking over her shoulder at the picture.
“ What?”
“ I like that one the most. It shows you lovely face” he said smiling at her.
“ hmm, I like this one of us being silly” She grinned, pointing at the one of them sitting outside on that Sunday.
“ That’s my third favourite” Artemis informed. They both looked at the picture smiling. “ oh, by the way, your bags are here” Artemis said, turning and facing the bags infront of his closet. “You can put them in the dresser if you wish”
“ Oh cool. Thanks” Livia replied. She walked over to her bag and dug to the bottom, making sure Artemis wasn’t looking over her shoulder. She felt something wooden among all the cloth. She sighed in relief. Her double barrel had made it through Airport security.
“ Everything there?” Asked Artemis walking over towards her.
“ Yep, everything's here,” she said innocently, standing up smiling at him. There was another knock on the door, then Dean burst in.
“ You all right up here?”
“ Yes Dean, I’m fine.”
“Where are you sleeping?”
“ Dean that’s just...”
“ I’m just makin’ sure. In case somethin’ comes up” Dean said giving Livia a stern look.
Livia sighed then stood up.
“ In the single bed next to Artemis’ “ She reported, glancing at it.
“Ok. Oh and Artemis, could I talk to you for a minute?” Dean asked him.
“Dean come on you don’t have to go all dad on....”
“Liv, it’s just for a minute. Chill” He said. Dean stepped out of the room. Artemis walked over.
“ Don’t worry, I won’t be long” he joked. Then he left the room. Livia decided to unpack her gear. She took her bag and walked over to the dresser. She took her time but eventually finished unpacking. She had to find a hiding spot for her gun, so she decided to go with womanly instinct. Her bra drawer. She checked her watch. Artemis and Dean were out there for at least ten minutes. It was now seven o’clock, give or take a few minutes. Livia thought to have a shower so she got her pyjamas out of the drawer. She had black pants and a cookie monster T-shirt. Artemis came into the room. Livia turned around and walked over to Artemis, dumping her pyjamas on the bed.
“ So much for a minute, what did he want?” Livia asked him.
“ Actually he asked wether I knew how to use a gun or not.”
“ And then he asked me if I could help him check the history of the house”
“Was that it?”
“ Yes, he said he just wanted to be sure”
“ Ok then” She grinned at him. “ By the way, where’s the bathroom?”
“ It’s just down the hall, past Sam and Dean’s room.” he instructed. “ I’ll go get you a towel”
Livia grabbed her pyjamas and followed Artemis out the door. They went down the corridor just as Artemis had told Livia and he stopped in front of a double door. He opened it. Livia looked over his shoulder. There were neatly folded towels, sheets, blankets, pillow cases and other laundry things. Artemis pulled out a black towel.
“ Here you are.” He smiled handing her the towel. “ It’s this room here” he said pointing at the door next to him.
“ Ok. Thanks Arty” She responded, giving him a kiss on the cheek. She turned around and walked into the bathroom. The floor was marble, and the shower had frosted glass. There was a spa bath in the corner. To be honest, it was more of a Jacuzzi. There was a lovely white polished bathroom sink, with gold towel racks and the walls were white and gold marble. There were, of course, Christmas decorations in the bathroom. Although they weren’t as extreme as everywhere else. Just a bit of tinsel on the mirror in front of the sink and around the ceiling. Livia got undressed and stepped in the warm water in the shower.

Artemis went back to his room. He got changed into his black silk pyjamas with his name in gold engraving. He walked over to his computer and continued playing solitaire. After two games he got bored, so he decided to edit some files, check his bank account, and then do some photo shop work. He checked his Christmas list. He checked off what he already had and printed off what he needed to get. He then closed down the computer. He walked over to the bookshelf and found himself a book to read. He grabbed a C.D. off his desk and placed it into the D.V.D player. It was a seventies disco C.D. Artemis would have thought they were useless, but Livia was the one who got him stated. She got him stuck on the classics like ‘Shake Your Groove Thing’ , ‘Disco Inferno’, ‘Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love’ , which was Livia’s favourite, ‘You Sexy Thing’ and Artemis’ favourite, ‘ Play That Funky Music’. Though he did like ‘Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love’. He pressed the ‘play’ button and went and sat on his bed with ‘Footloose’ playing around the room. He opened his book and started reading.

Livia got out of the shower and wrapped the towel around her. She dried herself of then put on her pyjamas. She glanced at the towel and saw it had Artemis’s initials engraved on it. She picked it up and headed back to Artemis’s room. She could hear disco songs being played. At first she thought it was coming from Sam and Dean’s room but it was empty. She walked into Artemis’s room and was surprised to hear it was his music.
“ Have a nice shower?” he asked smiling at her. Livia walked past him to the dresser putting her clothes away and placing the towel on her bag.
“ Is this the disco C.D. I sent you?” she asked grinning at him.
“Yes it is actually” he answered, placing a bookmark in the page he was reading and closing it.
Livia smiled excitedly and walked over to the T.V. She picked up the remote and flicked through the songs. She found the one she wanted. ‘Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love’ by Barry White. She sang along doing a little dance. Artemis sat up on his bed and laughed.
“ This is awesome. I thought I’d have to torture you to let me listen to disco” she laughed.
“ It’s pretty good” He responded. Livia walked over and sat down on Artemis’s bed next to him. He smiled at her.
“ whose that on your shirt?” he asked pointing at the top.
“ You don’t know who that is?” she asked sarcastically.
“ No I do believe I don’t”
“ This is the cookie monster”
“Cookie monster?”
“ yeah, it is kind of childish, but he’s lovable!”
“ hmm, I understand” he laughed. A warm melting laugh that made you feel like there was only two of you in the world. She smiled back at him. They were laying down just talking softly together. Livia was laying on her back looking up at Artemis who was next to her with his book in one hand. He put the book on the floor as they talked.
“ So, how’s Holly?”
“She’s well. She’ll be coming up for Christmas”
“ But what about your parents?”
“ They won’t be here Christmas day. Well, not in the morning anyway”
“ Where will they be?”
“ They’re going on a business meeting late Christmas eve and won’t be back until Lunch time on Christmas day”
“ Oh, I’m sorry Artemis”
“It’s all right”
“what about us? What’s the plan for tomorrow?”
“ Well, I was thinking we could go to the mall. I still have some Christmas shopping to do for the family”
“ That’s a good idea. I have some shopping to do too”
“ Ha ha, there’s the catch”
“ Hey that’s not fair” They laughed at each other. They talked some more when there was another knock on the door. Artemis shot up and pressed the ‘pause’ button on the remote.
“ Artemis, Livia, Mrs. Fowl says dinner is ready” he informed them.
“ Thank-you Butler” Artemis replied. Livia got up and walked towards the door.
“ Shall we?” she giggled.
“ I think we shall” he grinned.
“ Good, ‘cos I’m starving” she said. Artemis just laughed.
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Re: Walkin' in a winter wonderland...

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That is really really really really really awsome. Seriously, I can't wait for the next part :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
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Re: Walkin' in a winter wonderland...

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Merry christmas everyone!! ;) :) Enjoy chappy two!!

CHAPTER 2: Suspicious minds.

Artemis and Livia walked down the stairs as Artemis lead the way to the kitchen. They were being silly and telling jokes. They finally arrived in the kitchen. It was a a big room, infact, it was like four of Artemis’s rooms put into a square. There was a lovely mahogany table in the center with christmas food on it. There were, once again, christmas decorations around, which I’m sure you can picture.
“Ahh here you are. Come on dinner’s waiting.” crooned Angeline showing them to their seats. There were six seats on the side and two on the ends. Mr. and Mrs. Fowl usually sat at the ends but today they sat on the sides. The seating arrangements for the week were as follows. Mr. Fowl, Artemis, Livia, and across from Mr. Fowl was Mrs. Fowl, Sam was across from Artemis and Dean was across from Livia.
“Well, now that were all here, let’s have dinner” Mrs. Fowl announced happily.
“ awesome, I’m starving” Dean and Livia said in unison. Everyone laughed as Livia and Dean smiled at each other.
“Father, where’s Butler?” Artemis asked while everyone was still laughing.
“ He said he wished to go out for the night” Artemis Snr. replied.
“Oh. Alright” Artemis said, looking slightly disappointed. For some reason guilt was tugging at his stomach. Livia seemed to notice his uncomfort.
“You okay Arty?” She whispered.
“Yes, but for some reason I feel guilty that Butler is not present” Artemis said looking quite sad. Livia couldn’t stand it. He was like a kitten, that meowed so sadly. It was unbearable.
“Don’t worry Arty, I’m sure he’s fine” She said, squeezing his hand. Artemis looked up to see Livia smile supportively. He smiled back, thankful he had such a caring girlfriend.
“All right, dig in then” Mr. Fowl said Happily.
“Score!” Dean said excitedly. He leaned forward and got himself some roast ham, potatoes, coleslaw, basically, something from every plate on the table. Sam laughed at his brother but was also glad to have all this food in a family environment. Everyone was getting stuck in. Telling stories, things that happened over the years, laughing at moments, pretty much what every family does. Livia reached for her Motorola, and typed a text.

Hey Butler
Arty told me u lft 4 the nite. He says he’s happy but he feels guilty 4 sum reason :(.
It would help heaps if u told me where u were, to put Arty at rest.
: ) C u soon B man!

She sent the text. She then rejoined the conversation. Dean was, yet again, telling everyone one of their hunting stories. Mr. and Mrs. Fowl knew of these and enjoyed the stories very much.
“So I go to this college, because Sam here decided to go solo...” Everyone laughed and Sam just smiled embarrassed still eating his Ham. Dean ruffled his hair laughing too.
“ and I ask this professor about the pilgrims and their gods. I find out this scarecrow is a model of a god, and that they need sacrifices..”
“Which explains the male and female victims” Artemis interrupted
“Exactly. So I find out I need to find the power source tree. I open the door and BAM!” he said banging the table everyone jumped or got startled. Livia got a worse shock when the sound of Borat erupted from her phone “You have new text message. High five!” She looked around in alarm. No-one was looking because Dean was continuing his story. Sam, however, was looking at Livia raising his eyebrows in suspicion. Livia smiled innocently. Sam just gave her a I’ll-talk-to-you-later look. Livia pulled out her phone. There was a text from Butler.

Hey Liv.
lol Srry I lft without sayin’ bye. If it helps, I'm out Xmas shopping. will be back l8er 2nite. need to hide presents in the nite so sum cheeky kids won’t find them .lol.
c u then ; )

Livia smiled. She hadn’t thought about christmas present searching. She nudged Artemis and showed him the text. Artemis read it and smiled appreciatively at Livia.
“Well Dean, you certainly are full of surprises” Mrs. Fowl said. Dean looked very pleased with himself.
“ Mrs. Fowl I don’t think It’s wise to give some people swelled heads” Sam smiled in sarcasm. There were more laughs as Dean gave Sam a playful slap on the arm.
“All right then, dessert will be served in half an hour” Mrs. Fowl announced yet again. Everyone got up and left the table.
“Who cleans the tables? “ Livia asked as she looked back in kitchen.
“The maids” Artemis replied. Livia looked slightly guilty.
“What's wrong?” Artemis asked as he stopped. Livia looked up at him.
“I feel bad letting someone else clean up after me” She replied, still looking guilty. Artemis gave her a hug and smiled
“Don’t worry, it’s their job” He said. Livia seemed slightly reassured.
“Liv, can I talk to you?” Sam came round the corner, wearing his tracky pants and T-shirt.
“Okay” Livia answered. Artemis smiled at Livia then went up the stairs.
“ What was that in the kitchen?” Sam asked sternly.
“ Artemis was feeling guilty because Butler wasn’t here so I sent Butler a text, asking where he was. I showed Artemis his reply and he felt better” She explained.
“Well, okay then. How's Dean treatin’ Artemis?”
“Well, not as over-protectively as I thought”
“Okay. Well , see you at desert then” He said giving Livia a hug.
“See you then” She replied hugging him back. Sam and Livia then walked up the stairs. Sam smiled then went into his room. Livia went on into Artemis’s room.
“Everything all right?” Artemis asked Livia as she came through the door. He got up from his desk and walked up to her.
“ Yeah fine, Sam just asked if Dean was treating you okay” She replied smiling.
Artemis had his trademark smug grin on. Livia nearly melted there and then.
Artemis and Livia sat down on Artemis’s bed and started talking. Artemis pressed the play button and the disco songs continued.

Sam walked into his room to see Dean at the desk in their room and on the computer.
“ what are you doing?” Sam asked , expecting the worst, as he walked up to Dean.
“Not looking up naughty stuff if that’s what you’re thinking” Dean replied smugly. Sam walked behind Dean to see he was telling the truth. He was playing pac-man. Sam and Dean’s room was pretty much the same as Artemis’s. With minor differences. There were two queen beds in the room. The closet, fireplace, t.v and balcony were pretty much in the same spots. Except there wasn’t a lounge. Sam had the queen bed closest to the balcony.
“Hey Sam, could you get past this level for me”
“Dude, I’m not enabling your weird habit.”
“What? all I do is play..”
“Old video games for hours”
“well I...it’s just...oh forget it” He said continuing playing his pac-man. Sam shook his head at Dean’s sad ways an got the T.v remote. He switched on the T.v and flicked trough the channels.
“Hey Dean. Godzilla’s on”
“Really! Hangon wait for me” Dean looked in panic at Sam then the computer. Sam shot up and looked over Dean’s shoulder.
“What? That’s my username” Dean responded defensively. Sam just shook his head again and walked away.
“Come on? What?” Dean asked. He logged off the site and jumped on his bed like a excited child.

Artemis and Livia were talking and kidding around when they heard roaring and destructive sounds.
“What is that?” Artemis asked startled. Livia was startled too, but she knew what it was.
“Dean and his movies. Come on lets go watch it with them” She said happily.
“Only if you tell me what it is” he replied smirking.
“probably, by the sounds of it, Godzilla?” she said smugly.
“all right then” he said. They got up and Livia walked to the door. Artemis went and turned the C.D. off. He then walked over to Livia, held onto her hand and they left the room.

Sam nearly didn’t hear the knock on their door.
“Dean, turn that down. I can’t hear if there’s anyone at the door.” Sam instructed his brother.
“okay, calm down man.” Dean replied not looking away from the t.v. With an annoyed expression on his face, he turned the t.v volume down. Sam stood up and went and opened the door.
“Hey Sam, can we come in and watch Godzilla with you?” Livia asked politely.
Sam looked over his shoulder at Dean. Dean just mouthed the word ‘what’ and looked offended. Sam looked back at Livia.
“Volume was up high huh?”
“Yeah. Oh well. Can we come in?”
“Sure” Sam opened the door wide. Livia ran in and jumped on Dean’s bed.
“Hey Liv. Ready to watch Godzilla?”
“Yeah!” He gave her a hug then she sat down in the front of his bed. Artemis looked at Sam and they both laughed. Sam let Artemis sit on his bed seeing as he was better friends with him than Dean. They all got comfy and watched Godzilla. Livia and Dean were obviously enjoying the movie more than Sam and Artemis. About twenty minutes later, They heard a call from down stairs.
“Dean, it’s still to loud! I can’t hear whatever was just yelled at us from downstairs” Sam said sternly.
“Alright, settle down.” Dean replied.
“It was probably my mother calling us for dessert” Artemis offered. Everyone got up and left the room. As they went down the stairs Livia and Dean were being silly like a brother and sister should. Sam and Artemis followed them, trying to keep up. As they all grabbed some dessert and sat in the lounge, chatting (They had ice-cream sundae’s ) Mr. and Mrs. Fowl wanted Dean to finish his scarecrow story. Dean was sitting on the floor, leaning against the coffee table. Sam was sitting on one of the lounges, spread out as he was on it by himself. Mr. and Mrs. Fowl were on the lounge closest to the door, and Artemis and Livia were sitting together in front of the fire. Dean was continuing the story.
“ So, when Livia and I were going to leave, I opened the door and BAM! They hit us over the head with somethin’ hard.”
“Oh dear, how shocking” Angeline said concerned.
“Well, we woke up later in their cellar, and they stood there and told us we knew to much, so we had to go”
“How horrible” Artemis Snr. said.
“So they tied us up in the orchard that evening, and I decide to let them feel the extra guilt. I say to the sheriff, who was tying me up, ‘ How many people have you killed sheriff? How much blood is on your hands?’ and he says to me ‘ we don’t kill the people’. Then I say to him ‘No but you sure cover up after. I mean, how many cars have you hidden, clothes have you buried?’. well he just looks at me then walks away”
“Oh those awful people” Angeline said.
“Yeah, and while we were tied up, I asked Dean If he had a plan” Livia said looking over at Dean, with a you-are-so-over-dramatic look.
“I was workin’ on it” Dean said defensively.
“ And four hours later I said, ‘you don’t have a plan, do you?’ and he replies with ‘I’m workin on it’ “ Everyone laughed. Dean looked slightly embarrassed.
“Then, Sammy here shows up” Livia started.
“ I came over and they were still stuck to the trees” Sam said chuckling.
“ So he unties us and we all go to find our way out, then
the townspeople come and surround us, but the scarecrow comes behind them, it sinks its hook straight through the gas station man, and grabs onto his wife. Then he drags them away. I tell you though, they had it comin’” Dean finished.
“ well it serves them right” Artemis agreed.
They all talked for ten more minutes, then they all said their goodnights and went to their rooms. Artemis and Livia were still talking after everyone had gone to sleep. Livia fell asleep on Artemis’s bed so he decided not to disturb her. He got the blanket from under her and covered her.
“Good night” he whispered to her. He gave her a kiss on the forehead, then turned his bedside light off and went to sleep.

The next morning, Livia awoke to see Artemis wasn’t next to her. She got up, fixed her hair into a clip again, put her robe on, and went downstairs. Sam and Artemis were at the breakfast bar chatting along with Butler who was cooking something delicious. Sam stopped Artemis when he saw Livia coming in. Artemis turned around and smiled at her. Artemis got down and walked over to Livia. He gave her a hug and a kiss.
“ Good morning” he said to her cheerily.
“morning” she replied, rubbing her eyes.
“ We better have breakfast soon if were gong to go shopping.” Artemis informed. Livia looked at him and grinned. Shopping in Ireland. Bliss. They had their breakfast, which was, pancakes, waffles, toast, yoghurt, etc. Livia went upstairs, washed, and got changed. She was wearing her jeans, pink V-neck cut-off sleeve top, and her black hooded jacket. She grabbed her pocket knife, (pure silver) her wallet, phone and I-pod. Sam and Dean, who was still asleep, were staying home, they still needed to work out a few things. Artemis grabbed the christmas list he printed off the night before, and stuck it in his pocket. Butler grabbed his car keys and off they went. Artemis and Livia got out of the Bentley and disappeared in the shops. They both did their Christmas shopping , and returned to the manor two hours later.
Livia was sitting in the lounge, placing her gifts under the tree. Artemis came in with his gifts.
“looks like you beat me to it” he said smirking. Sam and Dean came in and said that now they were going shopping. Artemis and Livia went out into the grounds and walked over to the hill were they had had their second date. They went back at about four for a snack. Livia asked Artemis if she could use the net. Artemis had said it was fine so she ran up to Artemis’s room and logged onto the net. She logged onto Fangathering to check her stories, and logged into forum and had a chat with the other fans. She got in to her msn account and talked to her friends who thought she was still in Australia. Half an hour later, Artemis walked in and Livia switched off the Fangathering Fanfiction site, and said quick goodbyes to the Forum members.
“What are you doing?” Artemis asked coming round and looking over her shoulder.
“Just talking to my friends on msn” She said innocently.
“I see. Don’t I have an msn account?” Artemis asked curiously.
“ Yes I think you do” Livia said. She said goodbye to her friends, and logged on with Artemis’s account.
“I didn’t know holly had msn” Livia said, looking quizzically at Artemis.
“One of foaly’s inventions. I’ll give you all their addresses”
“ Thanks. I like Holly’s, Super_Cop_Girl” she smiled at it. “ Oh! She’s logged on!”
“Okay, let me talk to her” Artemis said. He sat in his chair and Livia stood behind him.
The conversation went like this:

Criminal_Genius: Hey Holly. : )
xx Super_Cop_Girl xx : Hey Arty! you’re hardly ever on. ; )
Criminal_Genius: Yes, well, shouldn’t you be doing police work.
xx Super_Cop_Girl xx: yeah, but It’s one of those quiet days. Has Livia come over yet?
Criminal_Genius: Yeah. She’s here right now. She says ‘Hi’ and ‘can’t wait to see you!’
xx Super_Cop_Girl xx : aww, thnx. Does she have msn?
Criminal_Genius: Yeah, I’m going to give her your address. Do you want to talk to her?
xx Super_Cop_Girl xx: Yeah! Put her on, I haven’t talked to her in ages!
Criminal_Genius: kk, hangon.

“ Can I change the username?” Livia asked.
“Yeah sure. I’ll change it back later” he answered smiling. He swapped with Livia and the conversation continued.
“Supernatural chic?”
“Nothing, I like it”

xox* SuPeRnAtUrAl~Chic*xox: Hey holly!! Haven’t talked to you in ages!!
xx Super_Cop_Girl xx: Yeah I know!! So what’s been happenin’? Oh I’m comin’ up for chrissy! Yay!! can’t wait to see you guys again!! I have heaps of prezzies for all!
xox*SuPeRnAtUrAl~Chic*xox: Lol, how’s Recon work goin’.
xx Super_Cop_Girl xx: ah, same old. nothin’ interesting as usual. Oh hangon.
{GeNiUs}CENTAUR{GeNiUs} has joined the conversation

“Hangon, I’ll get my laptop, I’ll give you their addresses and you can go on your account” Artemis offered.
“Okay awesome!” Livia said excitedly.

{GeNiUs}CENTAUR{GeNiUs}: Hey Liv, what’s happenin?
xox* SuPeRnAtUrAl~Chic*xox: Nm, hangon, Arty is giving me his laptop and i’m gonna go on my computer account.
{GeNiUs}CENTAUR{GeNiUs}: kk
xx Super_Cop_Girl xx: K..

“all right here you go.”
“Thanks Arty”

xox* SuPeRnAtUrAl~Chic*xox has left the conversation.
{GeNiUs}CENTAUR{GeNiUs}: Now what?
xx Super_Cop_Girl xx: Hang on foaly.
Criminal_Genius has joined the conversation
{GeNiUs}CENTAUR{GeNiUs}: Hello Mud boy
Criminal_Genius: Hello foaly.
xox* SuPeRnAtUrAl~Chic*xox has joined the conversation
xox* SuPeRnAtUrAl~Chic*xox: Hey guys!
Criminal_Genius: Hey Liv
xx Super_Cop_Girl xx: Yay, Liv’s back : )
{GeNiUs}CENTAUR{GeNiUs}: Lol, hey Liv. And Arty, shouldn’t you be calling her snookums or sumthin’? *Laughs head off*
xox* SuPeRnAtUrAl~Chic*xox: *Pulls out double barrel* Watch it Foaly, this is still loaded. and I DO have a shredder for your budget sheets ; )
xx Super_Cop_Girl xx: LOL!! Ha ha you better listen foaly! She’s not kidding
Criminal_Genius: Females
{GeNiUs}CENTAUR{GeNiUs}: Girls. *Shrinks in fear* Okay sorry.
xx Super_Cop_Girl xx: Lol, * Gives Livia high five*
xox* SuPeRnAtUrAl~Chic*xox: lol *High fives Holly back* Girl power!
xx Super_Cop_Girl xx: woot!
{GeNiUs}CENTAUR{GeNiUs}: OH GEEZ! Beetroots just come in! And he’s red all right! Holly Log off and look busy!! Sorry guys BYE!! TALK TO YOU L8ER!!
xx Super_Cop_Girl xx: Oh no!! cya guys!! Talk l8er, need to try and stay in job! bye!!
xx Super_Cop_Girl xx and {GeNiUs}CENTAUR{GeNiUs} have left the conversation

Artemis and Livia logged their accounts aswell.
“Females?” Livia asked, crossing her arms, and raising an eyebrow
“I was kidding, plus it’s proven for girls to get dramatic”
“hmm, I’ll let it slide. This time.”
“Okay, sorry”
“I forgive you” they started chuckling.
“They are totally busted.” Livia laughed.
“Tell me about it” He said back. They both laughed at it.
“You have to send me that”
“Will do” they sat on the bed and laughed some more. Livia got the remote and looked through the movie channels.
“Oh my gosh, Titanic..” She said staring at the screen with sad eyes. It was up to the bit with the ice-berg. It had that sad song in the background of that lady, Celine Dion, ‘oohing’ with the music.
“It is, what’s wrong?” Artemis asked Livia, noticing her getting teary.
“This is a beautiful movie, but seeing al those people die, and see Rose loose Jack, it’s horrible. Especially when you put yourself in their shoes. Imagine what that would be like if that was me and you?” She said. Artemis looked at her, he grabbed the remote and then switched the channel. He flicked through and found ‘Ace Ventura’
“Hey isn’t this you trademark movie”
“Thank-you.” She said sarcastically. They watched the movie laughing when the parts came.
Sam and Dean came back and Dean jokingly said, ‘don’t go peeking in the presents’ and Livia and Artemis had replied ‘Don’t tempt me’. They had Dinner, just as the night before, and they all watched movies in Artemis’s room. When Bedtime finally came, they said their goodnights and went to sleep. That night, Livia had a dreamless sleep.
She awoke, sitting up in her bed, and saw that it was early dawn.
“Ahhh, you’re awake then.” Livia spun around to see a man grinning at her happily in an uncomforting way. A man she knew well. She was right to feel uncomfortable. This man was the Yellow Eyed Demon’s meat puppet. (Demons posses humans so they can talk and wreak havoc unnoticed) She could see his merciless yellow eyes. She sat on the side of the bed.
“ You remember me, don’t you” He said smugly, still grinning at her like a long lost friend.
“ How could I forget you. You made our lives hell. You killed Sam and Dean’s mother, not to mention tried to make Sam one of your people. Then you got one of your soldiers to posses a truck driver and crash into us in order to kill us off. John made a deal with you to save Dean. And were gonna hunt you down and send you back to where you came from!” She looked over her shoulder to where Artemis was. Only, Artemis wasn’t there. Livia stood up, with a snarl on her face.
“Where is he?” She said through clenched teeth.
“oh, your boyfriend. Don’t worry. It’s just you and me in this little nightmare”
“Why are you here? Aren’t you meant to be in...”
“yes. That’s where we saw you last”. Livia glanced at her watch. It had stopped on three forty a.m. There was still a blue glow of night and an early morning shine outside. The Yellow Eyed Demon stood up and looked into the fireplace.
“Remind you of home?” She said smugly.
“Still sour?”. Livia’s expression was all the answer he needed.
“Well, I would be, but I have to keep an eye on my prize, now don’t I”
“What...What are you talking about?” She squirmed slightly.
“Oh I can’t say to much. But I have a little project planned for you. Question is, will you stand up to the test, or crack under pressure? But I guess we’ll have to wait and see. In the mean time though, I have a deal for you. Join my side, and all of you will be spared in the end of the world. You’ll be treated like royalty in the new world. You, Sammy, Dean, Artemis...You’ll be..” he looked over at Livia, his yellow eyes glinting in the blazes light. “Untouchable”. He smirked an evil smirk.
“Go. To. Hell” Livia said sternly, with a fierce expression on her face. Yellow eyes laughed as one would a small child asking why the sky was blue.
“Already been there. Done that”
“How’s our colt?”
“It’s still under lock and key,thanks.” He paused. “What do you think Artemis would look like as a real vampire?” He smirked again. Evil, here, is the only word usable for it.
“You Son of a B*tch! What did you do to him!” She yelled advancing two steps.
“Now, now no need to get testy. I already told you. It’s just you and me. But lets get one thing straight” He said, loosing his grin. He advanced on Livia, and using his evil powers, pinned her against the wall. He got right in her face.
“My little project will come soon. And trust me my dear, I’ll have your soul in my army soon too. Your soul will be one of mine. I promise you, you’re death shall be memorable, not to mention painful.”
“ You don’t have a choice lovey. See you real soon. And don’t worry. It won’t happen now or tomorrow. But soon. Very soon.” He grinned meglamonaicly and laughed.
Livia woke up for real this time, bolting upright on Artemis’s bed. She was panting and sweating profusely. She looked over next to her in panic. Artemis was there, fast asleep, half smirking in his dreams. Livia felt her eyes go hot and watery. She stood up as quietly as she could and went on the balcony. She looked at her watch. It was four ten a.m. She was looking out at the sunrise and let the tears stream down her face. She thought about Yellow eyes’s words.
“My little project will come soon. And trust me my dear, I’ll have your soul in my army soon too. Your soul will be one of mine. I promise you, you’re death shall be memorable, not to mention painful.”
There was certain parts that were pounding in her skull like a ping-pong ball on it’s racket.
“Your soul will be one of mine. Your death will come soon.”......
She burst into tears again. She cried silently for four minutes. Then she dried her tears away, allowing her to calm herself. There were things that needed sorting. For one, what was this project? Was he telling the truth? Should she be scared? All these things were going through her head when she heard footsteps behind her. Then something warm was put on her shoulders.
“Livia it’s freezing out here” Artemis started, turning Livia around. He noticed her puffy eyes.
“What’s wrong?” he asked her concerningly.
“Yellow eyes came for a visit” She replied, sniffling.
“Oh god” Artemis said shocked. What else was there to say? He hugged Livia close to him, allowing her to cry softly on his shoulder. Livia hugged him back thankful.
“We have to tell Sam and Dean.”
“Not yet”
“Livia, this is the Yellow Eyed Demon. We have to tell them”
“Okay” They continued hugging for a few more minutes then Artemis spoke to her.
“I’ll go get them.You stay..”
“No, I’ll tell them. Come with me” She interrupted. Artemis looked at her concerned. He looked in her eyes. He hugged her close again then let her go.
“okay”. Livia and Artemis stepped out into the empty hallway and knocked on the boys’ room. Livia couldn’t wait any longer so she opened the door. She walked in and Artemis followed.
“Liv, it’s four a.m. This better be important” Sam said annoyed. You could hear Dean grunt and groan trying to wake up. Artemis turned the light on. It affected them like vampires. They shrank under their blankets.
“Guys it’s important” She sniffed. Sam and Dean sat up.
“Liv, what’s wrong?” Dean asked pulling over the side of the bed.
“Yellow eyes came for a visit” She told him, starting to cry. Sam and Dean were immediately alert. Dean rushed forward and hugged Livia close to him.
“It’s okay Liv, he won’t touch you” He walked over to his bed and they sat around her. Dean was hugging her, Artemis was holding her hand and Sam was kneeling in front of her.
“ What did he say to you?” Dean asked her urgently.
“ He said ‘I have a little project planned for you’ and then he got mean. He pinned me against the wall and said ‘My little project will come soon. And trust me my dear, I’ll have your soul in my army soon too. Your soul will be one of mine. I promise you, you’re death shall be memorable, not to mention painful.” She sobbed gently.
“Dean this is serious, if he’s come out of America just to hunt Livia, this could get real bad, real quick.”
“I think I realize that, thanks Sam” Dean said sternly.
“Well we have to find him, find out what he wants”
“Yeah, but we got no where to start” Dean finished. There was a silence, with Livia sniffling.
“Well, I suggest we get some sleep, there’s no point in fighting the Demon if we’re tired, and then continue this in the morning” Artemis suggested. Sam and Dean looked at each other then Dean gave a her a big hug.
“Okay, good idea” Dean answered.
“”Liv, if you wanna sleep in here with us, that’s ok” Sam added. Livia shook her head and wiped her tears.
“No, it’s ok. I’ll go back to my bed” She said smiling slightly. They stood up and Sam and Dean gave her one last hug. They went back to bed. Livia and Artemis headed back to their room too. Livia was snuggled up with Artemis who was hugging her close, scared for her sake. Eventually, they both fell asleep.

The next morning, Livia woke up, still in Artemis’s arms. She glanced up at his face. He looked so peaceful when he was sleeping. There where no lines off thought creasing his brow, and there was a small smugish grin still on his lips. He looked adorable. At that moment, Artemis woke up.
“Morning. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think you were studying me” he said smiling.
“Sorry. You look so adorable when you’re sleeping” She replied. She looked into his deep ocean blue eyes. They were so beautiful, so charming, so.....mesmerising. Artemis chuckled.
“Come on, we have a demon to track”
“Man, can’t we lay down for a while longer? I know this is important, believe me, I do, but, I just wanna relax for a few minutes. I might not live to enjoy life much longer..”
“Liv, don’t say that”
“Bottom line is, Artemis, He’s going to try and kill me. I just want some happy memories to cherish” Artemis looked at Livia and noticed she was slightly shaking. He sighed and layed down again. He hugged Livia close and they started talking.
“What do you think he’s going to do to me?” Livia asked frightened.
“I don’t really want to think about that.”
“Artemis. I’m scared. I don’t want to die. I don’t want to leave you”
“I know. I don’t want to loose you either. I will do anything I can to get rid of him. I won’t rest until I know you’re safe from him”
“Thanks Artemis.” Artemis got up and Livia did the same. They got changed and started heading for the door. Before they got there, Dean burst through the door.
“Liv, you gotta come look at this” He said smiling at him.
“ What is it” asked Livia giving him a unsure smile in return. Dean was scary when he was excited about something.
“ Come on, I’ll show you” he answered disappearing out the door way.
“ You’re brother is scary when he’s excited” said Artemis following Livia out the door.
“ You have no idea” She said, not sparing him a glance. She had a determined look on her face. If Dean was excited, there was work to be done. Hunting work to be precise.

Artemis and Livia sped down the stairs to the bar room.
“ Father made it a room for all the men to have some drinks. There’s a young adults area too” Artemis explained
“ uhuh” said Livia, not very interested at that moment. They walked in and it was, just like everywhere else, fully decorated. Sam and Dean were sitting at the bar, with Butler behind it getting them a drink. Dean had an excited smile that would make any girl faint. Thankfully, Livia was his sister, therefore, it didn’t effect her.
“ Liv you gotta check this out”
“ Dean, has anyone told you you’re scary when you excited? Geez, give you a gruesome murder with the chance of a hunt and you’re mister sunshine” Said Sam glancing up from the newspaper, giving Dean a freaked out frown. Dean smiled at him assuming it was a joke. Sam just raised his eyebrows. Dean kept on smiling, then realized he was serious. He looked over at Artemis and Livia who were giving him practically the same look. He looked back at Sam. His smile shrank.
“ Fine. Just show her the story” he said, taking a gulp from his beer.
Sam just shook his head. Livia walked over and sat next to Sam. Artemis sat next to her.
“ Here you go, two lemonades” Said Butler, handing Artemis and Livia a glass filled with a clear sparkling liquid.
“ Thanks Butler” Said Livia and Artemis in unison.
“ So what have we got?” asked Livia looking over at Sam.
“ just this” he answered, sliding the newspaper over. Livia pulled it over so Artemis could also read it.
“ “O’Reilly family brutally slaughtered in family home” “ quoted Livia.
“ And there’s more” said Sam, placing his beer down.
“ More?” Artemis asked bewildered.
“ Yep, a whole lot more.” said Dean looking at them. Sam took the newspaper and folded it to another page. He then gave it back to Livia.
The page read:

Yesterday morning, Mr. Smith, longtime neighbour of the O’Reilly’s, walked into their home to find his friend’s family brutally slaughtered.
“ It was horrible. I just went over to see if they needed anything from the shops, and I found the door open. I walked in and the first thing I saw was blood on the wall. I ran into the lounge and found Mr. and Mrs. O’Reilly lying on the floor, pools of blood around them” He told the police. Police forensics later showed their throats had been slit and there were traces of sulpher.
“ It’s strange” told Chief Sgt. Ryan “ There doesn’t appear to be any sign of a struggle and no evidence of any entry. The door was locked. The windows shut. There was no way in.”
This is the tenth murder of the sort, police have yet to finish their investigation.

“ What a horrible way to go” Artemis said, looking quite uncomfortable. Livia was still reading the last line and then she looked up at her brothers.
“ Yellow Eyes.” she said, getting quite frightened. Maybe his “little project” was soon to come, closely followed by her death. Dean looked over at her.
“ It sure looks like it. I mean, this murder has all the tell tale signs. The way the family was murdered, the case that this is the tenth murder of the sort”
“ And, there’s a pattern” interrupted Sam.
“ Yeah. Butler did this himself. It’s pretty damn impressive” he said looking at the Eurasian.
“ Thank-you, I try” he said, cleaning a glass.
“ Oh and Bobby and Ellen will be here soon” Sam added.
“ Bobby? Ellen? Just for the case? Aren’t they in America?” She asked.
“ Actually, they were workin’ a case near Scotland. So we called him and invited him down.” Dean answered.
“ O.k”
“ So now what?” asked Artemis.
“ Now we investigate” Livia replied.
“ Now you’re talkin’ “ Said Dean.
“ How are we gonna get there? No offence but a Bentley isn’t exactly low profile” Livia said.
“Oh don’t worry. I found a way” he replied grinning. He finished his beer and grabbed some car keys.
“ Let’s go torch us a Demon”
"People are gonna tell you who you are your whole life. You just gotta punch back and say, "No, this is who I am". You want people to look at you differently? Make them! You want to change things, you're gonna have to go out there and change them yourself, because there are no fairy godmothers in this world." - Emma Swan, Once Upon A Time.
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Re: Walkin' in a winter wonderland...

Post by Cabaline » Thu 20th Dec 2007

Wow where did you get your insperation from, this is amazing :razz: . Please post the next bit soon, pretty please with suger on top :D
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Re: Walkin' in a winter wonderland...

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cabaline wrote:Wow where did you get your insperation from, this is amazing :razz: . Please post the next bit soon, pretty please with suger on top :D

Thanks Cabaline! ^.^I just read about a holiday comp story, and i like the song walking in a winter wondereland. So i just thought of the beggining , middle and end. But then when i start writing, it just, kinda flows. I just write and when I'm done it all fits. It's like Holly and her instinct driving. All i did was write! And i will try to post as soon as i can! (Can i have Ice-cream with all that sugar and the cherry?) lol
Thanks for reading me story. Merry Christmas Cabaline!
"People are gonna tell you who you are your whole life. You just gotta punch back and say, "No, this is who I am". You want people to look at you differently? Make them! You want to change things, you're gonna have to go out there and change them yourself, because there are no fairy godmothers in this world." - Emma Swan, Once Upon A Time.
Welcome aboard, lads and lasses. Let's see what adventures await us...

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Re: Walkin' in a winter wonderland...

Post by Cabaline » Fri 21st Dec 2007

Wow I wish I was that natural at writing :D . If you want icecream then go for it, you can have whippy cream and gummi bears if you want :D . Merry Christmas to you too. :razz:
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I also write articles! :D I also have a twitter too! :D

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Re: Walkin' in a winter wonderland...

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Chapter 3: Hunter and Hunted

Livia, Artemis, Butler, Sam and Dean all headed for the door. Dean stopped right in front of the door and so did everyone else. He turned around.
“Okay, before we go, everyone needs to lock and load”
“What?” Artemis asked.
“Get a weapon. In this case, guns” Livia explained, looking at Dean. Dean smiled and nodded.
“Well, I’m ready to go. Would you like me to get you a gun Artemis?” Butler asked.
“Hang on. Butler does you’re gun have silver bullets?” Dean asked.
“Yes it does. And my guns don’t have as much kick in them.”
“Neither do mine”
“Okay! Butler, I’ll just take one of your guns” Artemis said getting frustrated.
“Okay then. Livia go get yours.” Dean instructed her. Artemis looked at Livia.
“You brought your gun with you?”
“A good hunter always brings their weapon with them. Just incase” Livia said guiltily. Artemis shook his head and smiled. Livia grinned back. She ran up the stairs, into Artemis’s room and grabbed her double barrel. She ran back down.
“Ok, let’s roll”
Butler had a gun for Artemis and they all grinned. They all went out the door. Livia stopped.
“Dean! How the hell did you get the impala all the way to Dublin?!”
“I have my ways” He said smiling smugly. Livia just looked at him, smiling in disbelief. They all got in the car and headed down to the crime scene.

When they arrived at the scene, Sam Dean and Livia got out first.
“Okay, Butler and Artemis, you guys stay here until Sam, myself or Livia give you the signal to come to the house. All right?” Dean instructed them.
“I don’t know. Wouldn’t it be easier if we all went in together?” Artemis asked.
“Well, were not going in the usual way” Dean answered in a way that reminded Artemis of himself. Dean, Sam and Livia walked around the corner to the back of the house. They got onto the dumpster that was against the wall and jumped over the fence. They walked up to the house and Sam got his key pick. He managed to pick it open and they got inside. Sam went to the front window and motioned for Artemis and Butler to sneak in. Butler and Artemis did so.
Soon they were all inside, studying the crimescene. Artemis seemed to be extremely uncomfortable seeing all the blood, body markings, and smelling the sulpher.
“Definitely Yellow eyes” Dean confirmed dusting some sulpher off his finger. Sam was looking through the books on their shelf and Butler was checking upstairs. Livia was looking at the body outlines on the floor in the lounge room. She was scared. What if this was what Yellow Eyes was going to do to her? Dean seemed to notice her thoughts. He walked over to her.
“Don’t worry Liv. We’ll find out what he wants, we’ll stop him” Dean said to her. She got up and looked him in the eyes getting frustrated.
“Dean, I don’t think that’s going to be so easy. He’s killed Sam before too, and now he’s coming for me. I need time to think, I’m goin’ for a walk.” She said turning to the front door.
“Liv, Yellow Eyes could be out there waiting for you, you can’t just leave” Sam said urgently, coming up behind his brother.
“You’re right. I’m sorry” She apologized, looking out the window.
“Find anything down here?” Butler asked as he walked down the stairs.
“I don’t know about them, but I certainly did” Artemis said from the next room. Everyone ran in. They appeared to be in the study. Artemis was at the desk looking at the books that were left on the table.
“These look some what sloppy don’t they?” Artemis said, turning and glancing at everyone, raising his eyebrows. He looked back at them and everyone crowded around him.
“That means the someone was looking for something” Livia said, looking over the books. The books on the table were all atlases of Dublin and the whole of Ireland. One was showing just the state.
“Either it was the police, forensics or..” Sam was saying
“Yellow eyes” Dean finished.
“Come on, Bobby and Ellen should be here soon” Sam suggested to everyone. They grabbed the maps then they all walked out of the house. Livia stopped at the door. She looked back at where the bodies had been. She imagined herself there. She shook the thought out and left with the others.

When they got back to the Manor, Dean suggested that some of them should go and do some research (Sam had taken photos of the crime scene with his satellite phone) and two of them should wait for Bobby and Ellen. Sam insisted he go do research, Artemis agreed to do it, as he was a technical wiz, and Butler said he’d do it aswell. So, Dean and Livia were sitting in the bar room waiting for Ellen and Bobby. Dean and Livia sat in silence for a while. But something was bugging Livia.
“Dean, what if yellow eyes planted that stuff there? What if he put it there so we would go to him?” She asked glancing at him. Dean gulped his beer then looked at her.
“Whatever he wants, we’ll get him before he lays a finger on you ok?” he said. They heard knocking and a womens voice.
“Dean? It’s us, Bobby and Ellen”. Dean and Livia looked at each other then headed for the door. Dean opened it.
“Hey Bobby, Hey Ellen”
“How are you hun? How you goin’ Liv?” Ellen said giving Livia a hug.
“Not too bad” Livia replied, hugging her back. Dean and Bobby had one of their manly hugs and then he said hi to Livia. Livia showed them to their rooms then they all went into the study. Sam introduced Ellen and Bobby to Butler and Artemis. Bobby and Butler seemed to get along very well.
“Okay. We need to go through every murder that’s happened, see if we can find a pattern, and we need to look over these maps. See if we’ve missed anything.” Bobby instructed them. Everyone nodded, then went to their jobs. Butler, Dean, Ellen and Bobby went through the books on Demon lore and the maps, while Artemis, Sam and Livia went on the computer to search through the stories on the murders. Time dragged on. Books were proving useful, but not in this situation. The other murder stories were pretty much the same. Sam and Livia copied the map of the state as Sam was sure he noticed something. And sure enough he had it.
“Guys! Come look at this!” Livia shouted into the study room. As they all came around , Sam was putting the locations of the murders on the map.
“ What have you got Sammy?” Dean asked, sitting on the desk.
“Well, look at all these murders. Their all around the state, but, they haven’t touched Wicklow. It’s squeaky clean”
“Yeah, but apparently there’s been Demon storms and sightings all around the top, and around, that state. They’re all over the country” Bobby said, crossing his arms.
“It’s like they’re surrounding it” Livia commented.

“Or something’s being kept in” Dean added. There was a silence after that.
“Okay, we need to find out what’s in Wicklow that the Demon would want.” Ellen instructed. Everyone went back to what they were doing before. They switched jobs, returned to jobs, printed things off. Over all, Ellen, Sam, Butler and Bobby had at least six coffees each, Artemis had four earl grey teas, Dean had two beers and four glasses of coke and Livia had four glasses of coke and two Cadbury chocolate bars. They were all digging information well into the afternoon. It was at least three forty seven when they finally had a breakthrough.
“I don’t believe it” Bobby said surprised, dropping a book on the table.
“What is it Bobby?” Livia said walking over to him. Bobby rubbed a hand through his hair then looked at her, like he was about to tell her a relative of hers was a king.
“Well, I think you should all get a look at this”. As everyone crowded around the table for their meeting, Bobby was going over the information. He glanced at Livia again in concern.
He grabbed the map Sam had marked up earlier. He got a black marker off the desk next to him.
“Well, there are abandoned churches all dotted out around the state. But the thing about them is, they were built by Samuel colt” Bobby briefed them. He put crosses on the locations of the churches.
“Wait, the gun building Samuel Colt?” Dean asked leaning forward from sitting on a desk.
“That’s the one” Bobby replied.
“Well what’s the deal with these abandoned churches?” Livia asked, sensing a case.
“See, he had private railways connected to all these churches. And when you join them together...” He said, opening the marker and drawing lines to the x’s marking the churches in a pattern. “They happen to look like this.” He put the marker down again. What was on the map now, was a giant star, or as hunters knew them...
“A giant Devil’s trap” Ellen said shocked.
“A pentagram like no other” Artemis said staring at the diagram.
“That’s gotta be the biggest one I’ve ever seen” Sam said, also shocked.
“The railway lines are made of iron” Bobby added.
“ Bobby, what’s in the middle of it?” Livia asked him. Dean knew when Livia was onto something. She always went all FBI on everyone.
“I checked that out. There’s nothing but an old cowboy cemetary” Dean informed.
“So whatever Samuel Colt built this for, It’s got the Demons bugged. It’s keeping them out” She said glancing up at everyone.
“Or It’s keeping something in” Sam said.
“We need to go down there and check it out” Dean instructed them, getting up.
“Wait!” Livia shouted. Everyone stopped and looked at her. Livia sighed.
“ If these lines are iron, not to mention it’s a Devil’s trap, then how the hell is Yellow eyes going to get in? If he want’s whatever is in there” Livia explained. It seemed to sink into everyone. Artemis stood up.
“All right. We need to go back to the crime scene, see if there’s anything we could use. And also, I think it’s time I came up with a plan” He grinned his vampire grin.

Sam, Dean and Livia went back to the crime scene while Bobby, Ellen, Butler and Artemis stayed back to do some more research. Artemis went to the upstairs study and grabbed his voice activated recorder. He locked the door and got into his lotus position. He needed some sort of plan to catch this Demon, get back the Colt and to protect Livia from getting killed. Before he could start though, his fairy communicator rang.
“Hello Artemis. When were you planning on telling me Livia is in danger of being killed?” Holly said quite angrily. Artemis sighed. He forgot about telling Holly. Then again he could use fairy assistance in this matter.
“Yes, I’m sorry Holly, we’ve been wrapped up in research.”
“Brilliant. Well Foaly told me, thank goodness Sam called to tell us”
“Sam has a communicator?”
“Yes so does Dean. Now, Do Bobby and Ellen know about me?”
“I don’t know, I’ll ask. What if they don’t?”
“Then tell them. The council said it was okay seeing as they’re with Sam and Dean”
“all right then.” Artemis agreed. He got the manor com and put in study to the call request.
“Ellen? Bobby? Do you know about the People? ”He asked. He waited for a few seconds.
“You mean do we know Holly and Foaly and the other fairies? Yes we do Hun” Ellen answered. Artemis looked surprised at the com as if it was a snake. He got his fairy communicator out.
“Yes Holly. They know”
“Good. I’ll be there in fifteen”
“What? How are going to get here that quick?”
“I’m Already up in the air heading for your house. I’ll be there soon”
“Okay. See you soon”
“Bye Artemis”
Artemis hung up, then got back to his lotus position. Fairy powers could come in useful for this mission.

Sam, Dean and Livia were down at the house. Sam was in the house investigating while Dean and Livia covering for him. Livia was bored so she wanted to go the corner shop that was just four houses away. Dean was reluctant at first but he agreed. He kept an eye on her as she went. Livia went into the shop, which had three different sections. There was a clothing area on the far right. There was a coffee shop down the back, with a sitting area in the middle and a candy shop on the far left. Livia walked over to the candy shop. She looked over all the lollies. A boy about her age was leaning against the glass. He had brown sandish coloured hair, green grass coloured eyes. He was wearing a black hooded sweat shirt and he was wearing baggy jeans with joggers. He was smiling at her.
“ I heard they had great sweets here but I didn’t know they had girls here too” He said in a honeyed voice.
“Hmm, thanks, but I’m not for sale” Livia replied looking up at him, leaning against the glass too and putting her other hand on her hip.
“Wow, hard to get eh? I always liked the expensive chocolates”
“So, do you come here often?”
“No. First time”
“Well, I must show you around then” He said gesturing to the other areas.
“No I’m fine thanks” She replied standing up straight. She got out a small knife and started flipping it down, flicking it up then flipping it again expertly.
“oooh, biker type. That’s hot” He said walking towards her. Livia flipped the knife up and held up by her chest. The boy looked at it then at her again.
“Careful, don’t want anyone getting hurt” He said smiling charmingly, inching his lips towards hers.
“Yeah? Well I get the feeling you don’t get what I’m getting at” She said returning his grin, centimeters away from his lips. He spoke softly to her.
“Come on, a girl like you. You need someone. Want to get together?” He asked, placing his arm on the wall right next to Livia. She looked at his eyes again.
“Are you serious?” She said, giving a are-you-a-complete-moron frown yet whispering seductively.
“What do you mean?” He said getting closer to her lips. Livia inched so close they were at least two centimeters away from each other. The boy looked like he was going to go into shock. Livia twisted her head slightly, the boy thought he was going to score, but Livia spoke before he had a chance to kiss her.
“I’m taken” She said seducingly, then she smiled, slid the knife away and walked the other direction. They boy looked down at his shoes then looked at the girl walking away from him.
“He doesn’t deserve you!” He yelled after her. Livia stopped. She turned around and walked over towards him. She bought a lollipop then walked over to the guy.
“And why don’t you think my boy deserves me?” She asked , unwrapping the lollipop and putting it in her mouth.
“Well, with your good looks and your personality, seriously, He’s probably using you” He said. Livia smiled then she lost her playfulness. Enough was enough.
“Trust me sugar, I think he likes me just fine. And he probably isn’t as hopeless for love as you” She said cornering him against the wall. She got close to him again, whispering in his ear.
“I’ll see you around bucky” She walked away. And for once the boy who happened to be called Tim Harley, who usually got which ever girl he wanted, was speechless. No girl had ever refused him, and they usually dumped their boyfriend just to be with him. His friends over behind the bush, were laughing their heads off. His reputation was over.
Back to Livia.
She walked over to the door and saw two cops on the opposite side of the shop asking people if they had seen someone, as they were holding a picture. Livia ducked behind a tree in the coffee area. The person pointed into the shop, the cops nodded in appreciation then started walking towards the shop. Livia got out her phone and called Dean.
“Liv, what’s up?”
“Well I had a junky trying to hit on me but that’s not the issue.”
“What is it then Liv, spill it” Livia looked over at the window. The cops were coming in and looking around.
“Dean, Five-o, take off”
“Okay, Catch you on the corner a block from here okay?”
“Towards the manor?”
“That’s the one. Catch you soon”. She hung up and stood up. She turned around and the police were right behind her.
“Are you lost little girl?” Asked the big, bulky cop. Livia hated being called ‘little girl’. Time to use her drama queen experience. She smiled her sweetest smile while looking distraught.
“Oh thank goodness you came!” Livia said with a Texan accent. She covered her eyes and started acting like she was crying.
“What’s wrong sweetheart” Asked the smaller cop.
“I...I....” Livia stuttered professionally. She then pretended to break out crying. The big cop tried to comfort her.
“What’s your name?” He asked her. She thought quick. Time to use an old alias.
“My name is Eloise Croft” She stated. Livia had used this Alias many times. The boys had helped make a fake credit card and she even had a passport. They passport and credit card were real, even when the details behind both of them weren’t.
“Well what’s wrong Eloise?” Asked the cop. Livia thought quick. She needed a distraction to get out of here. She found the perfect one.
“Well officer, that boy over there,” she said pointing at the boy who was hitting on her earlier
“He was......” She started to cry again.
“He what?” asked the cop again.
“He was...trying to....touch me!” She burst into tears. Not really but it worked. The cops stood up and walked over to him. Livia stood up and walked over towards the door. She looked back at the boy. He was yelling at them. He looked over at her. Livia couldn’t help but rub in who was queen. She kissed her two fingers, middle and index, then raised them high and made a peace sign. She winked at him and left. The boy went insane.

Livia ran, laughing , to the corner close to the manor a block from the shop. She was laughing so hard her stomach hurt, waiting for Sam and Dean to come. When they did, they were chuckling at the sight of Livia laughing so much.
“Who are you and what have you done with Liv?” Sam said. He put some holy water on her hands to make sure she wasn’t possessed.
“It was hilarious!! You should have seen his face!!!” she laughed. It was contagious. They were all laughing. She told them the whole story and they were laughing so hard Dean had to pull over. They were all laughing so hard they were practically crying. When they finally got back to the manor, everyone was still doing research and Artemis was still meditating. They all walked in laughing. Bobby also did the holy water check on them. Then started chuckling at the sight of the three of them laughing so much. Ellen asked what was so funny. Livia was about to explain when there was a knock on the door. Bobby decided he should answer as the other three were to busy busting their sides. He opened the door to see Holly standing there.
“Captain Short. Holly, good to see you.”
“Hello Bobby. Could you invite me in please, you know how fussy the book rules are.”
“Sure, no problem. I invite you to enter the house as long as you like, whenever you like and to make yourself at home” Bobby said smiling. Holly smiled back.
“Thanks Bobby” She stepped in and heard laughter. It was very loud. She followed Bobby into the study and placed her wings and helmet on the desk. She looked at Sam, Dean and Livia who were laughing hysterically, clutching their sides in pain.
“What happened?” She asked Bobby looking quizzically at him.
“ We’re about to find out” he said glancing at the threesome.
“Hey Holly” Livia said still laughing, trying to calm down. She did so sufficiently enough to tell the whole story to everyone again. Everyone was laughing and Sam, Dean and Herself were in pain from laughing to much. Five minutes later they calmed down and started talking.
“So, where’s Artemis?” Asked Livia still giggling.
“He’s meditating” Ellen answered, wiping a tear from her eye.
“Not anymore I’m not. What is so funny?” Artemis asked, stepping down the stairs.
“Sorry Arty, did we disrupt you?” Livia said standing up and walking to him.
“No actually, I finished before you all started laughing” He said hugging her. Livia explained what happened down at the shops.
“If he comes near you again, tell me okay?” Artemis instructed her.
“ Don’t worry, he won’t bother me again” Livia said. “Did we find anything else? Do you have a plan?” She asked him.
“Well, I do, but it needs work. We need to go to Wicklow. Before this weekend” Artemis informed them, glancing around the room. “Oh, and hello Holly, glad you could make it”. Holly smiled back. They all agreed to go together down to Wicklow to check out the site. Holly stayed downstairs with Sam, who had already packed, and explained everything to her while everyone else packed.
“Livia, I think you should stay here. Yellow eyes could be waiting for you.”
“Artemis, Yellow eyes would know where I would be, and even so, if he didn’t see me down in Wicklow, he’d come and look for me here. Either way, I’m coming” She answered, packing her clothes. Artemis finished his packing. He walked over to Livia. Livia looked up at him. She then hugged him, he hugged her back.
“I’m sorry I’m getting testy Arty, I’m just stressed about this Demon, with him wanting to kill me and all.” She said, sniffing slightly. Artemis hugged her tight.
“It’s all right. It’s not your fault”. He felt a tear run down his own cheek. He cleared it away, he needed to be strong, for Livia. As they all walked down the stairs and prepared to go to Wicklow, Holly got a call.
“SHORT!! What are you doing above ground without permits!” Root’s voice sounded through Holly’s headphone.
“Well Sir, I must have forgot, but you see, Livia is in danger of dying, and as a friend I thought I should help out” Holly explained. Root sighed.
“Holly, I understand what you’re doing, but you have to always sign the clearance form before you go topside. I’m afraid you have to come down and then write a clearance form”
“But Sir! I’m already here, what’s the point”
“You know how internal affairs is Holly ”He hung up. Holly clenched her fists.
“ D’Arvit!” She swore.
“Problems?” Artemis asked, hugging Livia.
“I have to go back down to Haven and fill out a form” She told them. Artemis thought. If Holly didn’t come with them now, it could jeopardize the plan. And if something did happen to anyone, Holly wouldn’t be there to heal them. As everyone stepped outside, Butler packed their bags into the Impala, Ellen, Butler and Bobby were going in Bobby’s truck. Everyone said their good-byes to Holly.
“I promise to go as quick as I can, okay Liv?”
“It’s okay Holly, I’ll be fine. Thanks though, you’re an awesome friend”
“Be careful ok?”
“I’ll try” Livia hugged her tight as Holly hugged her. She strapped on her wings and helmet and took off.
“even though I’m paid to protect Artemis, I have become good friends with all of you, so I will do anything to protect you as well” Butler said to Livia, before they got into their vehicles.
“Thanks B-man. I appreciate it Old friend” She said smiling. They walked to their cars. Dean got into the drivers seat, Sam was in the passengers and Livia and Artemis were in the back. They started the journey towards Wicklow.

3 hours down the highway.

“How much longer Sammy?”
“Um, We should be there in about....thirty minutes” Sam told him, checking his satellite phone. Livia and Artemis were asleep in the back, well Livia was, Artemis was meditating. More or less. It was hard to meditate with “Highway to hell” blasting on the stereo. The hours seemed to roll by. Within thirty minutes, they arrived at a motel.
“Liv, wake up. We’re here.” Sam said, lifting Livia out of the car.
“Hmmm....” She groaned. Dean poked her in the ribs, which got Livia up immediately, and after a few arguments and chats later, Sam, Bobby, Ellen, Dean, Livia, Artemis, and Butler walked into the reception.
“Can I help you?” asked the lady behind the counter.
“Umm, yes we’d like to check in please. Together” Bobby said happily.
“Family reunion?” the lady asked smiling.
“Well, actually it’s a get together. This is my wife Suzanne” He said pointing at Ellen. She smiled convincingly. “This is my daughter Leila and her brother Daniel” He informed pointing at Sam and Livia.
“And this is my long time friend Mr. Smith” He said smiling at Butler.
“Please, call me Roger” Butler said chuckling.
“How nice. And who are these two?” The lady asked glancing and nodding at Dean and Artemis. “Oh, how rude of me. These are my sons, Alphonse and his big brother Jared”. Artemis smiled and Dean gave him a playful punch in the shoulder. The lady smiled.
“Okay. Mr. Smith you’ll have room thirteen on the top level. Far right. And Mr...”
“ Young”
“well Mr. Young, you’ll be staying in room twelve. Right next to your friend” she smiled at them handing them keys. As they paid for the rooms and got their luggage upstairs, and arguing about whose staying in which room, they finally settled down. Artemis, Livia, Sam and Dean were staying in room thirteen, while Bobby, Butler and Ellen were staying in twelve.
“ Alphonse? Where did he get that from?” Artemis asked as he typed on his computer.
“I thought it was funny! I got Sam for a brother, you have Dean”
“What’s that supposed to mean!”
“Well I have to deal with both of you all the time”
“ha ha, your a riot” Dean said sarcastically, as he flicked through the channels on T.V.
The night dragged on. As they all got into bed, Livia snuck outside. She stood at the railing, looking over the area.
“You all right?” Artemis asked her.
“How do you always know when I’m not in the house.”
“I have instincts.”
“yeah, I’m fine”
“you sure”
“Yes! I’m Sure!” She hissed. Artemis backed off. “Sorry, I’m just sick of everyone asking me if I’m okay”
“It’s understandable” Livia turned around and looked at him. Artemis smiled sympathetically at her, then walked over and hugged her. Livia hugged him back.
“I just wanna find this demonic bast*rd and get rid of him”
“Me too. Frankly, I’m getting sick of him coming back then disappearing, then coming back again. He is really getting on my nerves. It’s quite annoying”
“Yeah, true” She laughed. Sam came through the front door.
“Guys, you should check this out”. Livia and Artemis rushed inside. Bobby, Butler and Ellen came through a few minutes later.
“Sammy what is it? What is so important?” Livia asked Sam urgently.
“You remember that guy who wasted me last year?”
“Well, who would be the perfect servant to get the Colt across the railway?” Sam responded. The thought struck them all like a glass bottle across the head.
“When are we leaving?” Livia asked him.
“Livia, we’re not leaving in the middle of the night” Artemis interrupted, placing his hand on her arm. Livia glanced at him, with a look of desperation. She looked at Sam. Sam was giving her a please-don’t-do-this look. Everyone was. Butler, Artemis, Dean, Ellen, Bobby and Sam.
“When do we leave?” She repeated firmly. Sam looked down.
“Now” He replied. Livia barely heard him. She grabbed her double barrel.
“Let’s go” She started walking to the door.
“WAIT!” Artemis shouted. She turned and looked at him. He sighed and walked up to her. Holding her hands.
“At least let me work on my plan?”
“Well hurry” she insisted. Artemis grabbed his tape recorder out of his bag and went into the other room. Livia went on the computer for a while, Bobby, Dean and Ellen were cleaning their guns. Sam walked over to the table and sat on it, facing Livia.
“Liv, we’re scared for you. Don’t do this, you know Dean and I couldn’t stand you dying. Not to mention Artemis. He loves you. How do you think he’ll feel?” Sam said to her. Livia looked up at him. Her eyes glassy.
“Sam, I know you guys need me. But I want the personnel satisfaction of wasting this goddamn demon myself”
Sam was about to point out the difference between being a hero and when you’re being just plain stupid, when Artemis walked in. He looked exhausted but he had determination written all over him.
“Here’s the plan”

As everyone set out into their cars, Artemis explained the plan to them. The rest of the journey to the railway lines was made in silence. Livia was hugged close to Artemis who was holding her tight. They were listening to “It’s a long way to the top (If you wanna rock’n’roll)” They finally arrived at the lines, hiding their cars in the bushes. Ellen, Bobby and Butler arrived, they did the same as Sam and Dean, then they loaded up their guns and got ready for a war.

Far on the east side of the railway lines, Yellow eyes met his soldier. As the man stepped out of a car, Yellow eyes walked up behind him. He was a sergeant in the army, stationed at Vietnam, he was an African American.
“How you doin’ sonny Jim?”
“What do you want from me?”
“I need you to go over these railway lines for me...”
“Go over them yourself!”
“Oh not yet I can’t. But I need you, to go in there and open a door for me. And if you’re going to open a door, you need a key” Said Yellow eyes, pulling out the Colt.
“A gun?”
“Oh this isn’t just any gun, This is the only gun, that can shoot me dead” He explained, holding the gun to his head. He handed the gun to the sergeant. Sergeant took the gun, looking at it, then he held the gun up at Yellow eyes.
“My. I’m , shocked, at the sudden turn of events” Yellow eyes said sarcastically, smiling.
“ God help me, I’ll shoot you now”
“God has nothing to do with this. Go on, shoot me then, but lets just say there’s going to be a mysterious disease your, sweet little sister may die from”
“You wouldn’t”
“I would” There was a brief silence. Very brief.
“Good boy. Be quick about it though”

While the adults were talking, Artemis saw some time to speak with Livia.
“Livia, this is insane. It was bad enough Blunt got you beaten up in the Spiro needle, you were knocked unconscious in the arctic, held hostage by a demon gang, been electrocuted by attempted assassination then held in hospital for nine hours for danger of going into a coma. Livia, we’ve been through a lot, and frankly, I don’t know how I dealt with all these, but I don’t think I will be able to deal with your death! “ He explained, holding her hands and searching her eyes. He was firm yet stern (Hey that rhymed! =D )
“Artemis, what ever happens tonight. I want you to know...I love you”
“Livia don’t talk like that, don’t you dare start talking like you’re about to die”
“You sound like Dean”
“No, Dean is a lot meaner” They laughed. Artemis noticed Livia was getting teary. The funny thing was, his eyes felt prickly and he had a lump in his throat. Dean walked over to Livia.
“Liv, I want you to stay close to me or Sam ok? We’re not gonna let Yellow eyes get a chance to get near you alright” Dean said to her.
“Okay” Livia replied. Livia smiled at Artemis. She gave everyone a huge hug, then they got their guns and crossed over the train tracks. They walked on for at least five hundred meters, then there was a cemetery.
“Oh please” Artemis said gruffly. Livia walked up behind him and gave him a nudge. They continued walking, and found a mausoleum in the middle of the grave yard. They walked up to the door of it.
“Looks like a mixed up symbol. I think it needs a key” Bobby commented.
“Alright, positions everyone. He should be here soon” Butler commanded. Everyone scattered. Artemis grabbed Livia just before he left.
“Livia, I love you”
“I love you too Arty” They smiled at each other. They shared , what could be, their last kiss.
Then they bolted off to their positions.

As the Sergeant crossed the railway lines, he couldn’t help feel some what jumpy. At two in the morning, there were all kinds of noises and tricks of light that would do that to a person. He kept walking until he came to the cemetery. Something was here, he could feel it. Now was not the time to be paranoid, he thought to himself. He walked on cautiously, keeping his grip firm on the gun. His eyes were dodging everywhere. Checking, watching, glancing for signs of another person. He walked on further and further, looking at the graves. He finally got to the front of the mausoleum. He glanced at the gun. He was about to put it in. Reaching forward...
“Put the gun down Sarge” Sergeant turned around. Dean was standing behind him, his gun aimed. The rest of the gang where there to. They were in a semicircle, surrounding him, all their guns aimed. From left to right. Butler, Bobby, Ellen, Dean, Sam, Livia, Artemis. They were standing their ground. Sergeant saw Sam, he looked like he’d seen a ghost.
“Hello Sergeant. Glad to see me again?” He said in a macho way. Artemis resisted the urge to roll his eyes and ‘oh come on’, instead he did this internally and kept his gun aimed.
“What are you doing here? You’re supposed to be dead” Sergeant said, in utter disbelief.
“I was. But I feel better” Sam retorted smugly.
“No way man, I cut clean through your spinal cord” Sergeant explained. Sam already knew Dean made a trade with the cross-road Demon. Dean had three years left.
“Yeah, well next time, finish the job” Sam said getting a snarl on his face. Who could blame him? This guy did try to kill him. Sergeant looked around, scowling, at all the members of the gang. He stopped at Livia. He gave her an evil smile.
“You. You’re meant to die some time tonight ain’t you? Heard it was gonna be real painful too” he chuckled evily. Dean was glaring at him. Artemis couldn’t help it. Curiosity brought out the worst in people.
“How did you know?” He asked, still aiming his gun. It helped that he was also speaking sternly. Dean glanced his direction then glared at Sergeant again. Sergeant was still smiling.
“I hear things” He glanced at Ellen. “ Hey lady, do me a favour” His eyes flashed for a second.
“Put that gun to your head ”She hesitated then she started moving it. Ellen’s hand was shaking terribly, trying to restrain. But it didn’t work, she had the gun to her head. Artemis was shocked. This man obviously had some sort of mesmer power, but without the voice. He would have to tell Foaly about this. Ellen was frustrated.
“Shoot him” She said sternly, still fighting the mind control.
“Oh you do that, and she’ll be dead before you get one shot”
“Let her go sarge” Livia ordered.
“No, you listen to me. Put your guns down now” He glanced at Ellen . “’sept you sweetheart”
He said grinning. Everyone hesitated.
“Put them down Now!” Sarge yelled. Everyone did so. Sam inched closer towards Livia as they put their guns down. The second every gun was on the ground, Sarge grabbed his gun and rushed to the key hole. Bobby and Dean fought the gun from Ellen. They grabbed their guns again. But it was too late. Sarge had put the Colt in the key hole. The symbol was spinning so fast, the lines were slowing down until it was a pentagram again. There was a flash.
“Everyone! Shelter now!!” Bobby yelled. Everyone, except Sarge, ran and jumped over a head stone, hiding behind it. The gates flew open, a blast of wind burst out, along with demon smokes, ghosts, spirits everything every hunter had ever hunted and killed was coming out. Everyone got their guns back and ran out from behind the graves. Sam had got his gun and he shot Sarge three times in the back. There was a smell of sulpher and it got extremely windy. If you had of been above the railway lines that night, you would have seen the lines speed to all the ends of the tracks to the churches then flash once more, showing the Devil’s trap. This lasted only a few seconds. Meanwhile back where yellow eyes was waiting, another demon broke the railway. This allowed him through.
“Time to take the family home” he said to himself. Butler was yelling so he could be heard over the roar of the wind and other supernatural beings.
“What on earth is going on!” He shouted.
“That’s a Devil’s gate! A damn door to hell!” Ellen informed him, also yelling.
“We gotta shut that damn thing!” Bobby yelled. Sam was on the steps, standing over Sarge, who was breathing his last breaths.
“What you going to do now Sammy? You gonna kill me this time? You couldn’t before”
“Shut up”
“ Come on. Do it” He said, panting. Sam was hesitating, but hate got the better of him. He aimed then shot him again. Three times. Again. Blood splattered on his face. Sam’s lips were quivering. Dean came up to him. Sam was slightly wobbling but he had a satisfied yet unbelief smile on. He grabbed the Colt and slipped it in his pocket. As Butler, Bobby, Ellen, Livia and Artemis ran to the gate, they went to either door and started pushing, trying to shut it. Butler, Ellen, Sam and Livia were on the right door and Dean, Bobby and Artemis were on the left one. They were pushing as hard they could. Unknown to everyone, Yellow eyes was at the edge of the cemetery, watching them all, smiling at the thought of sweet torture to these boys.
Butler was at the front of the line, pushing with all his might, sweating. It had nothing to do with the weight. He could lift two elephants and not break a sweat. It was this damn heat from hell. Ellen was trying to push as well, then Sam then Livia. Livia heard whispers. She got scared and tried to ignore them. Then something grabbed her and put its hand over her mouth, muffling her screams. She disappeared. She turned around to see Yellow eyes grinning at her.
“Told you my project would come” then he dragged her out towards a dead tree in the center of the grave yard. As soon as Livia was snatched by Yellow eyes, Sam noticed something was wrong. Livia wasn’t hanging onto him. He turned around to see no-one there. He ran from the door. Leaving more weight for Ellen and Butler to push. He ran towards Dean and Artemis.
“Dean! Liv’s gone!” He shouted.
“Damn it!” Dean shouted. He let go of the door, Artemis right behind him. Time for swearing later. Yellow eyes was going to kill Livia. They glanced around. Sam was the first to find Livia. He tapped Dean on the shoulder, then Artemis. They all stared at Livia. She was crying her eyes out. Actually that’s an under statement. She was weeping her eyes out. She kissed her hand and blew a kiss to them all. She then whispered good-bye. They saw a dark shape with Yellow glinting eyes appear like mist behind her . Then something punched through Livia. Above her hip on the right hand side. She screamed in pain. The scream echoed around. The shape disappeared. Livia clutched the wound, blood pouring over her hands. She then collapsed to the ground. As soon as the figure had disappeared, all three boys ran towards Livia.
“LIVIA!!” Dean shouted.
“LIV!” Sam yelled.
“NO!! LIV!” Artemis yelled the loudest. They all ran. The figure appeared again, crouched above Livia. Yellow eyes was grinning at her.
“I told you it would be painful and memorable” he smiled, misting away again.
Artemis was the first to reach Livia. She was shaking, groaning and gasping in pain. all the boys crouched around her, they were all crying.
“Lis. Liv, hang on, it’s gonna be okay I promise, you’ll be fine I swear” Dean said to her through tears. Livia half smiled, half spluttered. Sam was leaning her on his knees.
“Dean, Sam I’m sorry...I..I..ahhhhhh!....I...I love you guys..so much...you’re the best brothers in the world, and I wouldn’t have anybody else....urghhh!” She said, and screamed. Sam, Artemis and Dean were in tears. Dean grabbed the gun from Sam’s back pocket.
“This ends. Tonight. I’m gonna save you Liv, if it’s the last thing I do” He walked over to the tree. Sam glanced at him, still crying. He looked at Artemis.
“Here, hold her, I gotta save my brother before he kills himself too” he said. Artemis took Sam’s spot.
“Liv, I’m so sorry. I should have come up with a better plan”
“Artemis don’t” She leaned her head to see the boys. She was still moaning and the pain was unbearable, but she had to fight on.
“Come out and show yourself you cowardly son of a b*tch!” Dean was yelling. Yellow eyes appeared. He used his powers to throw Dean against a grave. He cut his head and dropped the Colt. He couldn’t lift his arms from the grave. Yellow eyes then turned around to see Sam charging at him. He pinned Sam against the tree. He then said something in Latin which kept both boys pinned to their, well, objects. He grabbed the Colt.
“Let them go” Livia stuttered. Yellow eyes smiled at her.
“I’ll be there soon sweetheart” he grinned. He walked up to Dean and Crouched down so they were at eye level.
“Well Dean, looks like you can’t save your own family, let alone your sweet little sister” he said. He punched Dean across the face.
“Dean!” Sam shouted. Yellow eyes walked over towards him.
“Looks like I under estimated you Sammy. You are a killer” He said almost fondly. Livia screamed in pain again. Yellow eyes walked over so he was in the middle of all of them.
“You hear that boys? That’s the sound your mummy made when she died. So did sweet ol’ Jess and daddy dearest. Now it’s happening again to poor, little, Livy.” He said smugly. Watching all of them. Artemis was getting mad. He was giving Yellow eyes his fiercest expression.
“You will pay for this Demon. Mark my words, you will pay” he said sternly. Livia was still gulping and groaning in pain. She was also shaking a bit. Yellow eyes faced him, still grinning.
“Little Artemis Fowl. It’s becoming a habit for you isn’t it? Saving people’s lives. Kudos to you for getting your daddy back by the way.”
“What are you talking about?
“I was the one who let him live.”
“But it was the Mafia”
“They were possessed! They were working for me. Just like your mother”
“Why do you think she went mad?”
“Because my father was missing!”
“Because she made a deal with me! Her husbands life for the lives of other hunters who were on our trail. Haven’t you noticed, how she never quite looked Sam, Dean and Livia in the eyes?”
“Don’t....Don’t listen....ahhh....to him....he’s a liar” Livia stuttered to Artemis, who was breathing deeply.
“Oh am I now? Just like I lied about you dying?” He asked her smugly. Livia just groaned in pain.
“I’m gonna kill you... you son of a b*tch...For what you’ve done to me, Sam and Dean, and Artemis” She Said with all her effort. She said it quite fiercely too. Yellow eyes then glanced at Dean.
“It’s a shame you know. Sam was going to be a lawyer, he was even going to marry Jess, been shopping for rings and everything. Then within the years, Artemis and Livia were going to marry aswell. But you Dean, you are all alone. got nothing install for you. Everyone here has a lover but you.” Yellow eyes lost his smug grin. Livia nudged Artemis, he brought his head down so Livia could whisper.
“Look... behind Yellow eyes” she whispered, groaning slightly. Artemis did so. There was a man, with a white luminous glow radiating off him. He was sneaking up on Yellow eyes while he was still ranting.
“It’s John” She explained, a smile growing on her face. And indeed it was John, for Sam and Dean looked at him in disbelief. He grabbed Yellow eyes, or more precisely, when he grabbed him the Demon mist with Yellow eyes got stuck in his grip while the human possession fell down. While Yellow eyes was wrestling with John, He dropped the Colt.
“Get the gun” Livia instructed him urgently. Artemis didn’t argue. Livia knew more on these Demons and the gun than he did. He knew she had a plan and her plans were almost as good as his. He placed Livia down on the ground gently, then crouching, ran and grabbed the Colt. He ran back.
“Ok, help me up”
“Livia, it’s better if you stay down”
“Arty, this is important. This ends. tonight.” Livia was determined, and when she was determined, something was about to be put into peace. He grudgingly helped her up. She aimed the Colt. Yellow eyes wrestled off John, whose spirit fell to the floor. Yellow eyes went back into the human body. He got up and stood over John.
“What a pain in the a*s you’ve been.” he said. He was about to slash down on him when he heard a voice.
“Hey ugly, you’ve been a pain in the a*s too”. Everyone turned and looked at Livia. She was slightly leaning on Artemis but her aim was true. They both had fierce but determined expressions on their face. Before Yellow eyes had time to react, Livia shot. The bullet went straight through forehead, straight through his brain. You could see the electrocution in the body as the bullet targeted the Demon. It was like a fire work x-ray. You could see the ribs and organs light up. He collapsed to the ground still lighting up. There was nothing left but a smoking corpse. Yellow eyes was finally dead. Livia screamed in pain again.
“Artemis, go help Sam get Dean up” she her a kiss on the asked him politely. Artemis nodded then gave forehead. John was standing infront of her.
“Thanks son” John said to him. Artemis smiled in appreciation. He then walked to Sam who fell from being pinned to the tree. John smiled at Livia. Livia was getting teary.
“Thanks Livia. The boys owe you one, so do I. You’ve been a wonderful sister to them”
“John, they miss you so much. We miss you. But, I’m still dying, the pain is almost unbearable” She said to him. Gasping for air. John frowned slightly.
“Show me the wound” he told her. Livia grudgingly, and painfully, lifted her hands off the wound. Blood was still gushing. John looked up at Livia.
“You still have time” he said softly. He placed his hand over her wound. Blue lights, like Holly’s healing, were dancing around and going into the wound itself. It didn’t heal, it still felt the same, but she knew John knew what he was doing. He smiled at her then hugged her.
“Thank-you Liv.”
“Your welcome John” She said sniffling slightly. John then went over to Sam and Dean. Artemis came back over to Livia and helped her down to the ground again. She was still yelping and groaning in pain. She saw Sam and Dean give their father a last hug and then he was, engulfed in a beautiful white light. Sam and Dean then ran over to Livia. They crouched around her, tears still in their eyes.
“Liv, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to screw up, but I did. I’m so sorry” Dean was pleading.
“Dean it’s ok. Sam. I’m sorry that he killed Jess. It would have been great for us all to be a big happy family, with Jess as your wife”
“Come on, were all closer now. Come on, hold on Liv, your gonna make it” He was also crying, his lips quivering.
“Guys, my time is running out. Dean, Sam, you guys are the best brothers ever ok. I love you guys like heaven and earth. Promise me, you’ll give me a nice funeral? And no roses” She joked.
“Liv, don’t talk like that, you won’t need a funeral, you’ll be fine” Dean said to her. He bent down and gave her a kiss on the cheek, then he hugged her. Sam did the same.
“Your gonna live Livia, I promise” Sam said.
“Sam, don’t make promises you can’t keep” She said softly. She looked up at Artemis. Who, for the first time she knew, was actually crying too.
“Arty, I love you. So much.....I love you more than there are stars in the sky, more than there are grains of sand on the beach....ahhhhh” she said and groaned.
“Livia, this is my fault. It was my plan that failed, but you killed Yellow eyes anyway...but still it was my..” He was interupted by Livia placing a finger on his lips.
“I love you. I forgive you. All of you. But you’re going to have to let me go. My time is coming” She said. “Good-bye boys. Say good bye to the fairies for me.”
“We will. Good-bye Liv.” Sam whispered.
“Bye Liv,” Dean whispered too.
“Good bye Arty, I’ll be watching over all of you, especially you Dean” Livia joked, looking at Dean. They all chuckled slightly. She smiled at Artemis, then she stroked his cheek with her hand.
“I love you”
“I love you too” Artemis whispered. He bent down and kissed her warm lips. Then when they broke apart, she smiled at them. She was smiling at Artemis, then she started closing her eyes. When she finally closed them, her body stopped moving with breath. She was gone.
“NO!!” Artemis shouted, holding Livia close and crying over her body. Dean couldn’t take it. He stood up and kicked a grave. Sam got up to comfort his brother. They walked over to Bobby, Ellen and Butler and helped them close the gate.
“Thanks Hun. Why you cryin’? Where’s Liv?” Ellen asked. The boys in tears gave her answer enough.
“Oh no” Butler gasped. They looked over and found Artemis with Livia. They all ran over.
“Oh god, poor Livia” Ellen said, getting teary too. Bobby looked up from Artemis and Livia to see Sam and Dean standing over another body.
“Artemis, come on” Butler said. Artemis was hesitant. He kissed Livia’s forehead then placed her on the ground gently. They all walked over to stand above the Demon’s human.
“We did it. Liv did it. All our life we hunted this thing. Now that it’s finally here it’s almost unreal. I don’t even know what to say” Sam said. Dean was crouched, right next to his Yellow eyes’s human’s head. He glanced up at them all. Artemis knew what it was. He crouched down on the other side. Dean and Artemis smiled at each other. Then he looked at the humans open eyes.
“That was for our Mom” Dean said.
“And for Livia” Artemis finished. Dean and Artemis smiled again, then gave each other a high-five. They stood up. They walked back over to Livia. Artemis picked her up, like a husband and his wife.
“I don’t think Livia would agree to cryogenics” Butler tried to joke. There was a small chuckle.
“No, she wouldn’t. And even so, there’s no freezers nearby to do so. Holly isn’t here either” There was a silence. Dean took Livia for Artemis.
“Come on, we’ll take her back to Fowl manor. That’s what she would have wanted” Dean suggested. Everyone seemed to agree. They carried her back to the car. Artemis sat in the back of the Impala. He had Livia’s head on his lap. Bobby got a towel to put on the wound. They went back to their motel, grabbed their stuff, checked out then drove back to fowl manor. They were traveling in silence pretty much all the way, until an hour to Fowl Manor.
“Liv.. she would have wanted us to cheer up” Sam said, his voice still shaky from crying.
“What about you Artemis? How you holdin’ up?” Dean asked glancing into the rear-view mirror. Artemis was still extremely upset. He was stroking Livia’s hair. For the past three hours, he was re-living memories of times with Livia. He was also thinking about what Yellow eyes said. He looked up to see Dean looking at him in the mirror. He grimaced.
“I’m ok, I suppose. I think Livia would like to listen to ‘Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love’ one last time. Dean smiled back. Sam reached back, stoked Livia’s hair once then gave Artemis a pat on the knee.
“We’ll figure something out” Sam comforted. Dean switched the song on. While they were on the last stretch of highway to Fowl Manor, Dean turned the music down.
“I just realized, It’s two more days to christmas” He said. No one responded. Poor Livia, didn’t even get to spend one christmas with everyone she loved. When they arrived at Fowl manor, there was a note on the door. It was from Artemis’ parents:
‘Hello everyone, had to leave for business meeting early, see you lunch time christmas day! Merry Christmas!!’ It read. Artemis ripped the note.
“Yes, merry christmas.” Artemis said to himself. Dean picked up Livia and carried her inside. They placed her on the lounge in the study. Her left arm was above her head and her right arm was on her stomach.
“She looks so peaceful” Artemis said to Dean, as he pushed a strand of hair behind Livia’s ear. Bobby, Ellen and Butler arrived straight after the boys. They unpacked all their gear again, then went and sat in the study. Dean was sitting on the desk, Sam was leaning on it, right next to Dean, Ellen was standing at the end of the bed, Butler and Bobby were leaning against the door frame. Artemis was sitting on the bed, next to Livia’s head, gently stroking her hair.
“You know, Dad told us he had told Livia she still had time” Sam said after a while. Artemis looked up at him.
“Obviously not enough”
“He said he gave her more or something.” Dean said. No one said more. It was one of those times where grief was the torturous silence. It was about four a.m. when Livia died. It was now seven thirty. Butler glanced at his watch.
“I’ll go make breakfast. I think it’s best we eat something. I’m sure Livia would agree” He said. Everyone, except Artemis, stood up. Sam walked over and placed a hand on his shoulder.
“I’ll be with you in a moment. I just want a second.” he said looking up at Sam. Sam smiled and patted his shoulder. He then turned and everyone left. He looked down at Livia.
“Well, here we are. I can’t believe it. After everything that we've done together, this it. This is the way you had to die. It was my own fault. What am I supposed to do? I can’t deal with this. I don’t think I’ll ever get over my first love to die in my arms. I’ll never be able to move on. Remember how we first met? I thank Holly for that. She was told to watch you because foaly heard you talking to one of your friends about them. Holly asked me to come along incase she needed a human to go talk to her. At first I thought, ‘How ridiculous. A girl. Honestly, she’ll know who I am and flip out’. But Holly insisted. so I helped her. Then when I grew to know more about you, I started liking you. When I saw the hunts you did, I felt so protective. I felt confused at first, and I tried to repent my feelings. But in time, I accepted that I liked you. I don’t know why I kidnapped you, but obviously the fairies liked you more than me. What an adventure that was. I’m sorry Livia. I’m so sorry.” he said to her, kissing her on the lips. He then left the room. They all sat at the breakfast bar, eating their breakfast in silence. Sam, Dean and Ellen got some beers after breakfast, Butler and Bobby got coffee and Artemis had Earl grey. I while later There was a knock on the door. Butler opened it then went back and stood next to Bobby.
“Umm, what’s happened? Where’s Liv?” Holly asked, coming into the room. Artemis started getting teary again.
“Gone” Artemis managed to say. Holly’s eyes widened. She ran forward, placed her helmet and wings on the table. She sat on the chair next to Artemis.
“What happened?”
“Yellow eyes got her. Just like he said” Artemis said to her, not daring look up from his tea. Holly got down again.
“Dad said she still had time or something, cos he said he did something with Livia” Dean told Holly. Holly looked up at him.
“How long?” She asked, clenching her fists.
“I said how long” Holly asked Artemis. Artemis looked up at her.
“I don’t know...three hours, give or take”
“There’s still time. Where is she?” Holly asked urgently. Sam led the way. He opened the door and let Holly past.
“Oh gods. Poor Livia.” She said. Holly walked up to her. She moved the towel and looked at the wound. She gagged at the sight of it. She placed her hand on the wound. Her eyes flashed a bright blue. She was in the state for a few seconds. Artemis, Sam and Dean thought something was wrong. Holly came back to normal. Artemis caught her before she fell.
“What was that?” Sam asked her. Holly sat up onto the bed.
“Well, when a person dies, the magic that was locked away in the brain becomes unleashed. The most common thing spirits can do is give time healings”
“Time healings?” Dean asked.
“Yeah. See it’s like a timer. When they give the spell they give them a timer. When Livia died the healing timer started. If she is healed within the time given she will live again. If not then she is dead for good. Originally, sprites could do this, but they lost the power.”
“What was that with the eye flashing?” Sam asked suspiciously.
“John was there. He told me he gave Livia a timer ‘till nine a.m. He said hi to you by the way” She smiled. Dean and Sam looked appreciatively at her. Artemis eyes widened.
“So you can heal her? She’ll live?” he asked her urgently, clasping her shoulders.
“Yes I can. And I will” Holly said. She turned around and placed her hand on the wound.
“heal” she whispered and the magic flew down her fingers. The lights danced around targeting the wound, replicating blood. It worked it way up Livia’s body until it when through her eye’s and disappeared. Nothing happened for a beat or two.
“Look, the colour’s returning to her skin” Sam proclaimed. And sure enough it was.
“She’s breathing! She’s alive!” Dean said ecstatically. Sam and Dean laughed then they actually hugged each other. Artemis at on the bed next to Livia. Livia’s eyes flickered open.
She smiled.
“Hello Arty” she said. Artemis laughed then he hugged Livia tightly. He helped Livia up. They hugged each other tightly again.
“I’m so glad your alive! Thank heavens! Thank-you John. Thanks Holly” Artemis said to her. They kissed each other again. Then they broke apart.
“Hey Sam, hey Dean” She said. Sam laughed and hugged her. She hugged him tightly back. She then hugged Dean. Artemis went and got everyone else. She hugged each of them. She then sat down and looked at Holly.
“Thanks Holly. You rock” She said. She and Holly then hugged tight.
“Hey, what are friends for” Holly smiled. Holly then explained what happened and the timer healing.
“so, John gave me a timer on healing?”
“That’s right” Holly confirmed. Livia looked upwards.
“Thanks John” she said. They had a celebrational lunch after that. Everything was a s it should be.

Christmas morning. 9 a.m.

Livia woke up. Artemis was right next to her still asleep. She grabbed the alarm clock.
“Artemis! Wake up! It’s christmas day!! Merry christmas!!” She said shaking Artemis.
“all right all right! I’m up! Merry christmas to you too!” He said sitting up. They got up, got changed and ran down the stairs.
“ There you two are! Come on, we’re unwrapping presents” Holly said happily. They all walked into the lounge room.
“Hey Liv, Merry christmas!” Sam said happily to her giving her a hug, a kiss on the cheek and a present.
“Thanks Sam, merry Christmas to you too!” They all sat down and opened their presents. Livia noticed that the small present she had found from Artemis when she arrived, wasn’t there.
“A new gun! Sam how did you know?”
“I’m your brother” Sam replied laughing. Everyone was in high spirits. The presents went like this:
Gun-from Sam, Tickets to Led Zeppelin concert-from Livia, Rolling stones album-from Artemis, Kevlar vest-from Butler, a drink collection-from Ellen and Bobby, and a fairy handgun, platinum version-from Holly.
A photo of Jess and a photo of him, Dean, Livia and John- From Livia, A new apple powerbook- from Artemis, A Law and Order d.v.d set-from Dean, A ‘pirates of the Caribbean' d.v.d collection-from Butler, books-from Bobby, a new jumper, pair of jeans and boots-from Ellen, and a new camera-from Holly.
A disco c.d collection and genetics symposium tickets-from Livia, a new upgraded fairy comunicator- from Holly, an Armani cologne set-from Sam, A multirange movie box-from Dean, a New phone-from butler, and a new Armani three piece suit, newest version- from Ellen and Bobby.
A shotgun- From Dean, A ‘some like it hot’ d.v.d- from Sam, a new kevlar vest and weapons set-from Artemis, a latest fairy version night vision goggles-from Holly, tickets to a spa treatment and relaxation hotel-from Livia, a new Sig Sauer- from Bobby and Ellen.
Bobby and Ellen had left Christmas day and said they would call later. They got books, clothes, chocolates and c.ds.
A New communticator- from Holly, a new pistol, very close to the Colt- from Dean, a few T-shirts and a photo of them all together-from Sam, A new computer-from Bobby and Ellen. Artemis hadn’t given her a present yet. While they were all still in the lounge talking, Artemis grabbed Livia.
“Come on, I have something special for you” He said grinning. Livia followed out to the back door. They slipped on their coats, and went outside. Artemis and Livia walked until they were on the hill from their second date again.
“Here, I wanted to give this to you in person” He said smiling. He gave Livia the small present. She opened it carefully. It was a box. She opened the box and inside was a gold ring with a white diamond butterfly on it, with a green, yellow, orange and blue diamonds cast in on the sides. There was a matching necklace too. The center of the Butterfly was diamond and it had blue, yellow, green and orange in the wings. It sparkled in the light.
“Artemis, It’s beautiful...I...” she stuttered. Artemis got the ring out and put it on Livia’s finger. He put the necklace on her to.
“Holly bringing you back was the best present. I just want you to know I love you” He said to Livia.
“I love you too Artemis” She said.
“Merry christmas”
Merry Christmas Arty” Then they kissed.

The End

There you go. Thats my holiday comp story. Merry christmas!!
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Re: Walkin' in a winter wonderland...

Post by Cabaline » Sat 22nd Dec 2007

OMG, wow. I almost had a heart attack when livia died, That spirit thing was pure genius-the time healing. That was something worthy of colfer himself. It was so emotional and everyone got a happy ever after :D . The presents were so cool and fitted each person perfectly, I hope you write more stories. :D
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Re: Walkin' in a winter wonderland...

Post by xox Miss Livia xox » Sun 23rd Dec 2007

cabaline wrote:OMG, wow. I almost had a heart attack when livia died, That spirit thing was pure genius-the time healing. That was something worthy of colfer himself. It was so emotional and everyone got a happy ever after :D . The presents were so cool and fitted each person perfectly, I hope you write more stories. :D

Awwww! Thanx Cabaline! Thank you also for being a faithful fan of this story! I appreciate all the compliments, and i would like to thank you for them. :blush:
It wasn't really genius, well...lol kidding, but I am glad that the presents fitted each of them. I kinda tried to put myself in everyones shoes and think "What would they get for that person" My brain went to pudding for a while but gagh i got there.
Thanks again for reading and reviewing! Love you heaps for it!! MWA!
Also, if you wish to read some of my other stories, on page two of this forum, look up "Artemis's first Love". I think you might enjoy that.
Merry Christmas or whatever you celebrate!! xx ;)
"People are gonna tell you who you are your whole life. You just gotta punch back and say, "No, this is who I am". You want people to look at you differently? Make them! You want to change things, you're gonna have to go out there and change them yourself, because there are no fairy godmothers in this world." - Emma Swan, Once Upon A Time.
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Re: Walkin' in a winter wonderland...

Post by Cabaline » Sun 23rd Dec 2007

xox Miss Livia xox wrote: Also, if you wish to read some of my other stories, on page two of this forum, look up "Artemis's first Love". I think you might enjoy that.
Merry Christmas or whatever you celebrate!! xx ;)

I think I'll just do that, :D. Merry christmas to you too :merryxmas:
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Re: Walkin' in a winter wonderland...

Post by xox Miss Livia xox » Wed 2nd Jan 2008

Hey everyone, could i please get some more comments for this story? cos i need to write a blog for me school bout this.... What are the good points and bad points and what could be improved...etc.

So if you read this, could you please make a comment?
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Re: Walkin' in a winter wonderland...

Post by Cabaline » Sat 5th Jan 2008

Well you already know what I think, it is amazing maybe just do a little spell check just incase, you can never be too careful. :D
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Re: Walkin' in a winter wonderland...

Post by xox Miss Livia xox » Sat 19th Jan 2008

thanks Cabaline. Anything else i can fix?
"People are gonna tell you who you are your whole life. You just gotta punch back and say, "No, this is who I am". You want people to look at you differently? Make them! You want to change things, you're gonna have to go out there and change them yourself, because there are no fairy godmothers in this world." - Emma Swan, Once Upon A Time.
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Re: Walkin' in a winter wonderland...

Post by Cabaline » Sat 19th Jan 2008

No, I can't find anything else.
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