Anything about the Fowl books.
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Post by MichaelM » Tue 20th Jun 2006

This is a page out of a book called "Grammar First: Grammar Skills in Context Across the Curriculum, by Ray Barker and Christine Moorcroft"

Click on the image to see the larger version

<a href='http://img209.imageshack.us/my.php?image=yikies6gi.png' target='_blank'>Image</a>

Look at that picture!! Are they kidding me??? Artemis is BLONDE there! And does Artemis dress like that??? And at first I thought Butler was the one in the background, but thats Nguyen! Does the one sitting down look at all like your Butler??? :ph43r:

I know the grammar was the main point of that book, but I mean, they could have at least put in a LITTLE effort with the picture :(

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Post by F.A.B » Tue 20th Jun 2006

OMG!!! My lover looks like a total GEEK in that picture! You're so right Mike, it looks like whatever drew that picture didn't give a s**t about Artemis fowl or Eoin Colfer! Sorry...*looks guilty for putting those little stars there*
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Post by darvit » Tue 20th Jun 2006

*lol* FAB, I share your stars. S**t! S**t! And $#@k! XD

I bet that whoever drew this picture didn't do much research on his characters. :( S/He just read the passage, and invented stuff. And I bet s/he haven't read Artemis Fowl or know what it is...

That's the worst AF interpretation I've ever seen! Yeah, I agree. They should have put in a LITTLE MORE effort in there. The picture didn't do Artemis & Butler justice at all.
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Post by Matt » Thu 22nd Jun 2006




Just... eugh.


Someone should be shot for that.

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Post by artimmy_nueve » Fri 23rd Jun 2006

they certainly are kidding.. that can't be artemis!!

my comment will be best if said in our language: wala pa sa
kalingkingan ni artemis yan!
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Post by Illusion » Fri 30th Jun 2006

Urgh :vomit:

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Post by Meril » Thu 6th Jul 2006

:guh: It. Is. So. Ugly. :vomit:
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