Artemis Fowl Senior

Which actors would you like to cast? What do you want to see? What would you do if you were the director?
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Post by Aphrodite » Tue 27th Mar 2007

If he is who I think he is (Nicholas Cage) I HATE him!!!!!! God, I hope he doesn't play Artemis Fowl Senior!!!!! Mr. Colfer don't let him :(
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Post by domovoihappy » Wed 28th Mar 2007

Oh...I don't really know of Nicholas Cage...that's just what my sis said....

You know, I just checked. He's the main guy from national treasure.

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Wtf is this about?

Post by TheBeastisWatchin » Sun 15th Apr 2007

ARtimis Fowl Senoir isnt evan in this Book(i dont think he is atleast). Remind me if he is though! :D :D :D :D :D :D :arrow: :twisted: :oops:
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Post by root » Sun 15th Apr 2007

im pretty sure hes not, but who knows if im wrong :D :D :roll:
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Post by Bang Your Drum » Wed 2nd May 2007

The dude who played Mulder on the X-files (he is like a grown-up Artemis!) in the story he is very emotionless and lanky *drools* he is a beliver too! his partner is a short, prett, and red haired (they are in love but the dont really know it) :lol:
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Re: Artemis Fowl Senior

Post by Cabaline » Fri 8th May 2020

Hello all! :D

Just a quick note to say that this topic is the biggest topic on who should play Artemis Senior, but there were a few little side-suggestions and mini topics. In an effort to keep everything in one place for the movie's release, I have merged a bunch of these topics into this one.

This thread will be our official, Artemis Sr - Dream Cast thread, where we can discuss who would play Arty Sr in our ideal worlds. Have fun! :D
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Re: Artemis Fowl Senior

Post by artymon I\/ » Fri 8th May 2020

Odin's beard...there's a whole thread for Artemis Sr? Multiple? that you mention it though, Pierce Brosnan would have been perfect. Irish, rugged but also classy. Though, the world probably considers him "too old" now. :(
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