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FanGathering Forum Rules

Post by Battery » Mon 18th May 2020

Hey all! This is something that's been in the works for quite a few years. The landscape of FG and the internet in general has changed a lot over the years, and we felt it was about time to refresh the rules to reflect that. :)

Please go ahead and give this a read whether you're a newbie or a veteran, particularly if you're looking to post writing soon. It might take some time to get used to the new rules for both you and us, and we're always open to feedback if you feel that something isn't working out. :)

General FanGathering Guidelines

1. Everyone is welcome here! Please remember to show respect to your fellow members. Targeted language towards marginalized groups, whether or not that language is directed towards fellow users, will always result in moderator intervention, whether that means editing/deleting a post, or warning/banning the user involved.

2. Please also show respect to the child actors in the upcoming movie. Criticism (so long as it’s civil) is okay, but personal attacks are not. Remember that they’re kids!

3. This isn’t the place for illegal activity or links to such.

4. Remember that this site is all-ages! Please keep language and themes PG-13 at most.

Posting Guidelines

1. Please stay on topic in each thread.

2. Before starting a new thread, please check to see if it already exists. If you just feel like saying something random, hop into the Off Topic Topic, or one of the forum games! :)

3. Double-posting isn't the end of the world, but if you're just fixing a few typos or adding an extra line or two, please just edit your original post. It makes your message far easier for people to read later.

Shoutbox Guidelines

1. Please don't spam.

2. Just to keep things straight, please keep to one name.

3. Please don’t pretend to be multiple people. We can tell! :wink:

4. Do not spam the shoutbox with multiple unnecessary messages; during busy periods, keep to a limit of 4 posts in a row to reduce strain on the shoutbox.

4. If you see someone abusing the shoutbox, please PM Battery, Cabaline, and/or Felina. We'll deal with it as soon as we can!

5. If you feel like roleplaying, please take it over to our new General RP thread in the roleplay section. The rules for that thread are exactly the same as for the shoutbox.

Profile Guidelines

1. To keep loading times reasonable for everyone, please keep any images in your signature to a maximum image size of 500px by 250px. If you do have one of that size or approaching it, please do only keep it to one.

2. Each user may request one username change. Please do so in this thread.

Writing & Art Guidelines

1. Again, please keep everything T/PG-13/12A or below! If the content or themes wouldn’t fly in an Artemis Fowl book, it should live somewhere other than this forum. We recommend Ao3 or Tumblr! Please also read this post if you plan to post writing that is over G/PG/12

2. Please only post your own work! Parodies or roasts are fine, as long as the original text isn’t included.

3. Please don’t include other members or their characters in your work without their explicit permission. We don't want anyone accidentally (or on purpose) getting their feelings hurt over a story or a drawing.

Debate & News Guidelines

1. Respecting others on the forum doesn’t end when you disagree. Personal attacks aren’t okay, and neither is hate speech.

Clubs Guidelines

1. Before you start a new club, please apply in the appropriate thread.

2. We won’t usually approve “I Love __” clubs; if a thread to discuss your favorite media doesn’t already exist, feel free to start a new thread in the appropriate subforum (probably Iris Cam or Haven Arcade).


If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions, please feel free to let us know! Thanks for reading :)

- The Mod Team

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