Specter of the Musical

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Specter of the Musical

Post by Percy Jackson(sorry) » Wed 18th Mar 2020

So, the point of this RP is as such: an old theater is going to be renovated by humans, but the spirits,(including zombies, ghosts, skeletons, and all forms of the undead.) don't want to move out. So, they decide to have a competition. Whoever preforms the better musical wins. Simple, right? Now, rules. You can either be undead or human. Try to make the teams somewhat even. It doesn't really matter though. Now, no alive monsters. Just the undead! (Or human)

Character: Victor. Vampire. Tall, dark, and handsome. Basic vampire traits. Has a magic pair of sunglasses that he wears in the sun so he doesn't burn to death. Little bit violent.

Victor listened to the man walk up the stairs. This was the safety inspector, inspecting the building to see if it was safe enough to renovate. Victor longed to kill the man and suck his blood. He hadn't tasted blood in so long. But his friends wouldn't approve. They were all, "no killing humans, you'll get us kicked out of here." But as the scent of the man's blood reached Victor's nostrils, he weakened. One little human death can't really count. Besides, the humans are going to kick us out anyway. Maybe if I kill him, they'll be too scared to come in.Victor had made his choice. As the man opened the door, Victor grabbed him by the shoulders, and was about to sink his fangs into the man's neck when he heard a voice.....

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