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Re: Rate The Signature Above You

Post by Skyswallow » Fri 14th Aug 2015

10/10. Because every sig needs Butler.
(hope this isn't necroing... if so, apologies.)
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Re: Rate The Signature Above You

Post by jsreed5 » Tue 15th Sep 2015


I love the text that's there, but it doesn't have much to really grab one's attention.

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Re: Rate The Signature Above You

Post by artymon I\/ » Thu 1st Dec 2016


It's basic, which is nice, as opposed to a long drawn out siggie that stretches on and on for miles. I do like the astronomy link. Love that sort of stuff even if I'm as unwitting about it as a duck is to quantum physics.
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Re: Rate The Signature Above You

Post by Josephine Fowl » Fri 2nd Dec 2016


Because of the link. I'm not gonna go into further details.
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