Which actors would you like to cast? What do you want to see? What would you do if you were the director?
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shaadia cader
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Re: Foaly?

Post by shaadia cader » Thu 5th Sep 2013

My choice: johnny depp I'm a jack sparrow fan. I think he'd look perfect for Foaly, for some reason, just so long as they make him look like a centaur :lol:

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Bang Your Drum
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Re: Foaly?

Post by Bang Your Drum » Sat 18th Jan 2014

For a long time I wanted it to be David Krumholtz (picture is kinda old—2005—but from around. The time I was "casting" him to be Foaly)
Now I'm thinking Aziz Ansari because he's very funny and in your face, but very sweet as well.
I don't think his skin tone is ever discussed, unlike the elves who all have brown skin and having white actors play any of them is inexcusable.
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Re: Foaly?

Post by Spudtron98 » Wed 12th Mar 2014

Okay, how about that one IT guy in Assassin's Creed? Name's Shaun, has the best accent, appearance is perfect. Oh, and the attitude. Admittedly, he's a CGI character, but just give him half a horse and he'll be fine.
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Eldewind Dolly
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Re: Foaly?

Post by Eldewind Dolly » Wed 12th Mar 2014

I don't think Foaly needs to be anime, they sure have the budget to create a computer-generated horsehalf for him, don't they ? (if they don't, well, maybe they'll use puppets ><) So, about the actor, well I dunno... It may be cool to have Stephen Merchant, the guy who voiced Wheatley in Portal 2, because he's just extremely funny, actually Wheatley is my number one reason why I worship Portal 2 ^O^ Actually I think Merchant is one of the best choices for Foaly, he will make every Foaly quotes look awesome.
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Re: Who Should Play Foaly?

Post by Cabaline » Fri 8th May 2020

Hello all! :D

Just a quick note to say that this topic is the biggest topic on who should play Foaly, but there were a few little side-suggestions and mini topics. In an effort to keep everything in one place for the movie's release, I have merged a bunch of these topics into this one.

This thread will be our official, Foaly - Dream Cast thread, where we can discuss who would play Foaly in our ideal worlds. Have fun! :D
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