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A Dumpy Poem Corner

Post by Amber Root » Mon 16th Dec 2013

Recently, I have been writing poems in my critical thinking class. And I find them FG worthy, so okey.
  • If This Is The Worst
    A poem from Leon Leyson’s Boy on the Wooden Box
    Written By: Kimberly T.

    My family is small
    But they won't hurt me
    Torn apart, even maybe
    “If this is the worst”

    Yet somehow
    They still come
    In with a barge
    “If this is the worst”

    Beaten, bruised
    Father becomes
    Every time they come
    “If this is the worst”

    Mother begins to worry
    For her children's sake
    But I know she will never break
    “If this is the worst”

    The Doctor's Last Day
    A poem from the hit BBC television show Doctor Who
    Written By: Kimberly T.

    A run-away doctor
    And a run-away bride
    Travel through space
    As they fix time

    One by one
    His friends say goodbye
    Yet, there is no time to cry
    Without his help the Earth will die

    An impossible girl
    Soon he meets
    Changes his life
    With each time stream

    Bow ties are cool
    Souffles are grey
    And soon will be
    The Doctor's last day
So, yeah, like there's more, but I'm lazy. ^w^ Oh, and the first one is being sent to the principals for them to read from my language arts teacher.
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Re: A Dumpy Poem Corner

Post by Skyswallow » Mon 16th Dec 2013

Those are really good :) I love your use of repetition in the first one :D
(And you're doing Critty? Cool! :D )
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Amber Root
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Re: A Dumpy Poem Corner

Post by Amber Root » Sat 8th Mar 2014

Thanks Sky!
  • Domovoi
    A poem inspired by the Artemis Fowl series
    Written By: Kimberly T.

    A marking on the skin
    Takes away the heart
    Tearing you away
    From the family you love

    Coming in their lives
    Like a savior in the night
    Keeping a close eye
    On any possible threat

    The second father
    To three children
    He will never conceive
    However, they are his forever

    No one knows your simplest actions
    Tucking the youngest in at night
    Playfully fighting with middle child
    Comforting the hire when he feels alone

    You are their Domovoi
    A guardian of the night
    Maintaining peace and tranquility
    Thank you, dear, Domovoi

    The Troubled Days Are Over
    Written By: Kimberly T.

    Dancing under the moon
    Feeling the rhythm of the wind
    Alone, hearing it’s calming songs
    Oh, my troubled days are over

    Sitting under the sun
    It’s rays kissing my skin
    No movements, besides the gentle clouds
    Oh, my troubled days are over

    Conquering, killing the past
    Leaving those who were cruel
    To the ones they onced loved
    The troubles are gone

    Stronger I’ll become
    Until they rise again
    More skilled
    More troubled

    Now my days are tranquil
    Full of laughter and happiness
    Oh, my troubled days are over
    Over at last
Mein vater, ich liebe dich.

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