So it's official all over the Internet.

Which actors would you like to cast? What do you want to see? What would you do if you were the director?
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So it's official all over the Internet.

Post by lackingimagination » Tue 30th Jul 2013

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Re: So it's official all over the Internet.

Post by Solinium Pulse » Tue 30th Jul 2013

A lot of movies now-a-day suck.

I really hope they don't ruin Artemis Fowl, or else I will be forever angry.

Artemis~ I'd prefer performance rather than looks.
Holly~ ^Same thing.^
Butler~ Jason Statham. No exceptions. [Is it likely he'll work for Disney? :? ]
Root~ J.K. Simmons
Mulch~ I don't know how to go about that one...Make sure he's funny, though. :awesome:
Juliet~ Tough and blonde. :guh:
Angeline~ Helena Bonham Carter [Bellatrix Lestrange, anyone? XD]
Artemis Senior~ I do not know...
Foaly~ Justin Bartha. :tinfoilhat:

Extra~ Solinium Pulse. [Please?] :D

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Re: So it's official all over the Internet.

Post by artymon I\/ » Tue 30th Jul 2013

^Well now, concerning Butler, normally I'd agree that Jason Statham would be the ideal choice for Butler. However. I did see in a trailer for Paranoia that Harrison Ford had shaved his head. So. He's my choice to be Butler.

Just please don't let there be any CGI ants. I hate CGI ants.
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Re: So it's official all over the Internet.

Post by PastelBlue » Tue 30th Jul 2013

I can hardly believe it. I extremely happy right now.

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Thank you AFrules12!

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Re: So it's official all over the Internet.

Post by Matt » Sun 18th Aug 2013

So, SO happy that this is finally coming to fruition. If someone had told me back in 2001 when I first picked up Artemis Fowl that, in 12 years, I'd still be going all 'fan girl' over the prospect of a movie, I'd have back-handed them.

I'm not overly fussed on the cast at this point. It's extremely, EXTREMELY difficult for me to even think about who I want in the roles. My original thoughts from over ten years are well and truly stuck in mind, and I just can't even get my head around who I want in the roles.

Ballpark, however, and based on physical descriptions and acting prowess, I think if 'The Rock' could tone down the crazy a little bit - he'd be a perfect Butler. If you've seen him in the new Fast and Furious movies, he has quite literally turned into a hulk - which is exactly how I originally pictured him. De Niro still strikes me as being a perfect Julius Root - just needs to be CGI'd down a bit!

All in all... very exciting news! Can't wait to see if it actually comes to fruition, and whether or not I'll be sinking into a cinema chair with popcorn and coke within a few years to finally watch it!


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Re: So it's official all over the Internet.

Post by Bang Your Drum » Mon 19th Aug 2013

I think it would be pretty unacceptable to fill the cast with white actors when the story says the contrary, Butler and Juliet are mixed race and elves are brown. There's tons of blogs sites that list actors of color, so just "phoning it in" with very well known (and mostly) white actors is simply lazy...
That's more a message for fans, not film makers.
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Re: So it's official all over the Internet.

Post by Vayne B. Fowl » Mon 19th Aug 2013

Yeah, I agree, but for Juliet, they'd need to find a young tough blonde Eurasian (so russian or with russian origins) girl... Quite hard to find I believe...
Concerning Butler it will probably be easier.
But apparently Eoin Colfer's dream cast would be made of Irish actors

Anyway, I think that Saoirse ronan would be a better Juliet than a Holly :shock:
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