BEST Final Fantasy

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Post by Jehuty » Thu 11th May 2006

I like you. Your good at the whole FF thing.

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Re: BEST Final Fantasy

Post by xx-Jelly-Fox-xx » Sun 24th Feb 2013

It had a space whale.
'Nuff said.
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Re: BEST Final Fantasy

Post by rem » Fri 5th Apr 2013

Final Fantasy is not really my thing. I like kingdom hearts and enjoy the action RPG gameplay but full RPG's just are not my thing. (I feel like I am just using a menu the whole fight)

To be honest I am surprised the whole internet has not united to kill me after posting this

(this was written while I was playing both of these games and so was written in rage. now looking at the games OoT is good but has some stupid puzzles and I now I am an anime nerd I can deal with the fact that there's a cross dressing section (it's properly the funniest part of the game at that point) but the save points are a deal breaker (I have been spoiled by modern games. -Shrugs- my loss)

The only Final Fantasy games I own are VII and X-2 if I had to pick between them I would pick X-2 because I like the silly and fun feel it has. (I find it kind of ironic that these are strong, funny and proactive females who have fan service outfit changes?)

thanks for the sig Sara


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