Perfect Angeline

Which actors would you like to cast? What do you want to see? What would you do if you were the director?
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Re: Cuddy For Angeline?

Post by Bang Your Drum » Sat 31st Dec 2011

Guys, you know she's the mother of a 12 year old right? And not everyone gets pregant right after they are married at the age of 18, when I was twelve my mother was in a her mid forties, somewhat old yes, but that proves not all 13 year old mothers are in their thirties.
A besides how many times have you seen a 12 year old played by a 12 year old? Look at teen centric shows like Vampire Diaries and Degrassi for the most part all the actors and actresses are in their twenties, not their teens.
Hollywood rarely seems to bother with making people look their age, often casting younger folks to play older chracters, simply to make them more attractive, the opposite is true for the teen centric shows.

Also what's wroung with older actresses? The older male actors seem to get the more handsome they get in the media's eyes, the second a woman actress turns forty it becomes much harder for them to find jobs that actually have meaning. Meryll Streep and Glenn Close, two brilliant talented woman are two of the most repsected ladies in Hollywood, yet they have had to work hard for their sucess, harder than someone of lesser talent and a younger age, just because they might not look good in the outfits Megan Fox looks good in doesn't mean they should be marginlized.
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Re: Cuddy For Angeline?

Post by Eldewind Dolly » Sat 17th Nov 2012

*embeds in the debate :mrgreen: *
Well, I've never seen House, so I don't know if she plays well, but to me she looks okay to Angeline - even if I pictured more Natalie Portman while reading the books :)
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Re: Perfect Angeline

Post by Cabaline » Fri 8th May 2020

Hello all! :D

Just a quick note to say that this topic is the biggest topic on who should play Angeline Fowl, but there were a few little side-suggestions and mini topics. In an effort to keep everything in one place for the movie's release, I have merged a bunch of these topics into this one.

This thread will be our official, Angeline Fowl - Dream Cast thread, where we can discuss who would play Angeline in our ideal worlds. Have fun! :D
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