On Magic and Fairy Evolution

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On Magic and Fairy Evolution

Post by benaplus1 » Tue 6th Nov 2012

In Artemis Fowl the Lost Colony, we discover that humans once had magic. Where did it come from? Interbreeding with fairies? Or was it a natural part of our evolution. We will come back to the interbreeding theory later. If magic was natural, it would be safe to assume that other animals evolved magic as well. However, perhaps magic swallowed energy that could have been put to use better in other places. All mammals may have once had magic, but may have lost it due to environmental pressures. For instance, if a Thompson's gazelle with magic could not outrun a lion because the magic took energy that could have gone to the muscles, while a nonmagical gazelle survived because the muscles received energy, then the nonmagical gazelles would live to propagate. The same effect applies to predators. If a magical cheetah had energy swallowed by magic that could have gone to the leg muscles and could not catch prey, it would die. However, if a nonmagical cheetah had more energy available for the leg muscles, it would live to propagate. In this way, all magical animals would die out. Why, then, did fairies not die? Perhaps, they are neither predator nor prey, able to be unmolested by carnivores. They had wings at one point, which could could have allowed them to simply fly away. Magic supposedly bolsters reaction time, so that could be an advantage for magical fairies. Wings, however, would take away energy that could go to the brain, hampering intelligence. Thus, fairies without wings could be intelligent enough to build protective structures, allowing them to escape from predators easily. The different species of fairy must have decided to cooperate. This would have allowed both fairies with and without wings to survive, and therefore, propagate.
Back to the interbreeding theory. Humans must have eventually discovered the fairies. It would be impossible for all fairies to hide. These humans may have tried to interbreed with the fairies. This may have been because the fairies bore a resemblance to humans acquired through convergent evolution. However, the differences between fairy and human genes would most likely be too different to successfully form a zygote. Even if one did develop, it would almost certainly be sterile, making that person evolutionarily dead. Eventually, the humans, when unable to interbreed with the fairies, must have tried to annihilate them. They must have seen them as competitors for resources. The fairies would have put up a fight, but the humans' overwhelming numbers would have crushed the fairies' resistance.
Supposedly, magic is a form of energy. It seems akin to electricity apart from the fact that it can heal. This seems slightly unrealistic, as the energy, which cannot be programmed, can apparently tell the difference between toxic and benign material. The magic then proceeds to destroy only the toxin, replicating the benign material. Whether this process works for infectious disease as well as trauma and waste is unknown. What is also unknown is when magic evolved. It may have evolved with the beginning of life, or it may have evolved at a later date. Magic may have also been transmitted through sexual reproduction. This, however, is unknown, as there was no mention of any sexual activity between Artemis and Holly. It is also unknown whether sex cells contain magic. if they do, it is possible that humans may have acquired magic through interbreeding and then lost it due to environmental pressures after fairies were driven underground. This topic was not mentioned in the series. However, I would like to see a hypothesis on it from you readers.
Where is magic produced? It would be likely that magic could be produced in a cellular organelle similar to mitochondria. Mitochondria use oxygen and glucose to produce energy in the form of ATP. The fairy organelles could use the chemical reaction between soil and the buried acorn to produce vast quantities of magic quickly. they may also require small particles of lunar dust that has been disturbed by light. This would explain the reason for needing to do the ritual during a full moon.
Magic seems to be transported almost instantaneously through the body. Perhaps, then, it uses neurons to travel, in the same way the body sends electrical impulses thorough neurons.
Finally, magic was said in The Opal Deception to be supressed by HGH (human growth hormone). Perhaps the enzyme responsible for helping build the receptors for HGH also destroy magic receptors.

Please tell me what you think of this post. I know that it is rather lengthy. Please excuse me for that.

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Re: On Magic and Fairy Evolution

Post by Bang Your Drum » Tue 6th Nov 2012

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