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A Artemis Fowl Wiki

Post by world is quiet here » Tue 30th Oct 2012

It came across to me, the other day, that the amount of Artemis Fowl wiki's that are decent, don't have too many advertisements, narrow it down to zero.

So, I thought we could create our Artemis Fowl wiki. We have got an FGeeks page on some wiki site, but that's about the site, not the storys. We could have it on this site, however we would have to ask Mike first (right?), and it might cost money (I don't know, I've been an admin on one forum before, and the ACP was actually located on a different site, and the MCP was below the UCP. So, it may be different. I do think the forum was phpBB, but still).

But, think about how often the 'Books' section is used, and the 'Media section. I pop on them like once a blue moon, but I'm sure some people want to keep them, and use them regularaly. So, if we add a AF wiki to this site, we would have six sections. I do believe this is a bit over the top, will slow down the site, and may do many other things.

Or, we could create it on another site, and link it to here, I guess. Oh yes, and thinking 'Who can do anything with wikis here'? Well, I can do a bit, I've been learning it a lot recently, as I'm a editor on another wiki, which has a lot of spammers recently. But, surely some of you must know about wiki design here. Mike is busy, and I think he's in America now (right?) so I understand if this won't be done. And besides, can Mimmy-chan do wiki design? Because I really couldn't do it my own XD And he'll probably be busy.

I don't know any good sites to create a wiki host, really... I suppose we could add it to FGeeks page.

I had a huge thing typed, but I had no connection and didn't realize, so I clicked submit but had no connection and lost everything I wrote. :(

Anyhow, what do you think?

~Parkur, half asleep and freaking fed up with his wifi.

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Re: A Artemis Fowl Wiki

Post by Skyswallow » Tue 30th Oct 2012

Hm. How about making a new fg club -- the purpose of which is to edit the existing artemis fowl wiki? There is one, but we could definitely edit it... :D
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