Do you lyk boyz!:D

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Re: Do you lyk boyz!:D

Post by rem » Sun 21st Oct 2012

Kitty wrote:I ''lyk'' only Artemis.
And I won't never EVER marry for ANY other boy except Arty.

I'm serious. Ya know that, aren't ya?

wait untill Heiji finds out about this! (to those who don't know kitty married Heiji at her and Worlds weding... it's a long story)

thanks for the sig Sara


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Re: Do you lyk boyz!:D

Post by Felina » Sun 21st Oct 2012

^Ah, that XD I totally forgot this post. It was at that time when I was young and crazy XD *fangirls Heiji* :awesome:
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Re: Do you lyk boyz!:D

Post by Solinium Pulse » Thu 3rd Jan 2013

Sometimes, when I get the urge to cross-dress, boys are the worst people in the world. The girls are in second, so don't get discouraged, ladies and lads... :lol:

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