We Are

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We Are

Post by bentj96 » Tue 31st Jul 2012

I wanted to make this a song, but it ended up being a short poem. Inspired by Restless - Switchfoot. Link below. Please comment. Any feedback is fine.

We are the eagles soaring amongst stars on immaculate wings,
But from the darkness comes the crack of a gun,
And we are the rocks, hurtling down from swirling skies, forever seeking the earth,
The ground rises into a jagged mountain and we break, shredded to ribbons upon the stones,
We are the ghosts, ever present and surviving in our restless agony,
But then the sun ignites before our eyes and compassion floods our hearts,
And now, we are the gods again, immortal and humble, as we soar on these wings.
I'm a crazy Whovian, watch out!

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