Crime City

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Crime City

Post by Immortal » Sun 8th Jan 2012

Author's Notes (A/N):

Credits to go I_C, for betaing the fic ^_^

I do not own, or intend to make profit from any of the elements I have used. Bleach belongs to Tite Kubo, Naruto belongs to Masashi Kishimoto, and Final Fantasy belongs to Square Enix Co.

I base Konoha off many empires that I've studied the past two years, including Roman, British, French, and others tinkled in here and there.

The timeline is around the 1800-1900's. Most innovations are primitive, since this story takes place after a renaissance of inventions. So that means cars, lighting, and guns do exist.

In this world, guns existing are mainly muskets, although semi-automatic (very primitive, very high recoil and prone to jamming) pistols exist. Rifles do exist, but are rarely used. They are bolt-action (meaning that you pull a bolt back every time you use it. Similar to a sniper rifle.) However, the rifles are also primitive, with very high recoil.

Anyways, it's my first attempt for a crime-themed fic. After all, I did partially have writer's block, and many friends of mine always suggested to write a theme where the characters wouldn't fit. My fandom wouldn't fare to well...unless I used minor characters.

Anyways, enjoy. Tried to keep this short as possible.



“P-please! I am just a single mother!” The woman pleaded, while the man studies his butcher knife with little interest. It was rusty, but the man didn’t give one damn at all. A weapon was a weapon, after all.

Just under a hour ago, she was ambushed by an average hobo, who somehow entered the house through the backdoor, and held her at knife-point. The blade somehow looked even more menancing under the dim fluorescent lights.

“Oh please. You are more than that, Irene. Don’t you remember me?” The man smiles, and Irene freezes in horror.

“Jalen...?” Irene sniffs, and he nods.

“W-what...brings you here? You know that I won’t turn your back on you, ever. You know that since we broke up as a squad.” Irene sniffs, and Jalen shrugs.

“I’m not here to take advantage of your hospitality. I’m here to kill you. Under Mino’s orders, of course.”

“M-Mino? B-but why?”

“His order. I follow them to my best.” Jalen practices a stab, narrowly missing Irene’s forehead.

“N-no. Please!” Irene pleads once again, and Jalen laughs.

“Fine, I’ll let you live. I’ll untie you, and even let you call the police!” Jalen says with heavy enthusiasm, and hacks away the thick ropes. Irene immediately runs to the primitive telephone and quickly dials, 611.

“Hello, emergency.” The operator muttered, bored. The telephone was rarely used, and there was little point for it.

“Help me! I’ve been attacked by a crazy hobo!”

“Okay then...address, ma’am?”

“I am in the Dante’s District! There is barley any militia patrolling at this time.” Irene says, nearly hysterical.

“OK. We’ll be there shortly.”

“Thank-” Irene was interrupted.

Irene’s head hits the floor, torn apart with three rigid slashes from the blade. Gone was the butcher knife, but a cleaver was used, made of cold steel.

“Hello...anyone? S***.” The voice on the end hangs up, and Jalen smiles, satisfied.

“Now, Irene, where is your heart, my dear?” Jalen strokes Irene’s cheek from her decapitated head, continuing his smile. He stabs the butcher knife near the chest, and digs through the wound with his hands, before finding what he wanted. With the weapon, he severs the main arteries and veins and removed the heart.

“Con...spiracy...OP.” Jalen mutters, smearing the blood from his fingers onto the hardwood ground, occasionally scooping blood from the heart.

The sirens blared, and Jalen frowned. He drops his knife, and peeps through the window.

“FREEZE!” A male voice shouts, and Jalen decides to run, immediately storming out of the house and climbing over a fence, getting away from the policeman, who was too slow to catch the assailant.

“What the heck?” The policeman gasps, seeing the message and the body.

“Drag the damn commissioner here ASAP. We got ourselves a murder.” The policeman says to his ally in the car, who nods, using a radio signals to summon backup.


“What the heck is going on...why did you have to drag me here anyways, sergeant?” Jiro Kinusaga, the commissioner of the reckoned Konoha Police Department mutters right away, when arriving at the scene. The wooden house was taped with red, along with several automobiles blocking the dirt roads. Two militiamen arrived, in their familiar black uniforms, hearing the sirens blaring. They stood near guard, reassuring the neighbourhood nothing big happened.

“Please look inside sir. Is Captain Krose around?”

“Why do you want his attention too?”

“Never mind. Step inside, sir.” The sergeant and Jiro entered, and his mouth drops open.

“Excuse me.” There was a sound of purging from Jiro, who barfs into the yawn outside of the house.

“Is your stomach that sensitive sir?” The sergeant stares uneasily at his boss, who seems to be sick.

“Why...uh...yes. Call the Hokage, pronto.” Jiro mutters, wiping the remaining stains from the throw-up.

“Sir...I think it is her bed-time.”

“I don’t care! Say that I demand her to be summoned!” Jiro shakes his head in frustration, and sees the brutal murder once again.

“What do the words say anyways?”

“Conspiracy OP, sir. I don’t know what the heck that means.” The sergeant mumbles, leaving Jiro to himself, trying to establish contact to the Hokage’s office.


“Wake up, sis. Something bad just- WAKE UP!” Minato shakes his younger sister, Jamie, forcefully.

“Eh, what?” said Jamie, half asleep.

“Never mind. But I’ll give ya transpiration, if you want.”

“I can just teleport too, bro.” Jamie scowls, leaving the room.


“No answer?” Jiro barks, and the sergeant glumly nods yes.

“Bah! She’s quit-”

“Excuse me! I can’t help it if I fall asleep!” Jamie appears in front of Jiro, making him blush uneasily.

After all, the Hokage was quite the looker, every man and woman in Konoha would say. The best part was that rumours of her age was only at a ripe seventeen, although some sources say sixteen.

“E-er...Sorry, Lady Jamie. But we have a situation here.” Jiro mumbles, dazzled by Jamie’s beauty. Her long, black, silky hair was one of Jiro’s favorites of the Hokage.

“Of course. Show me, Jiro.” Jiro leads Jamie back into the entrance of the house, revealing the missing head, heart, and dried blood.

“Ugh...” Jiro nearly faints, but his fall is broken by Jamie, who clutches Jiro uneasily.

“Don’t fall now, commissioner.” Jamie’s soothing, cute voice leaves Jiro dazzled.

What a stunner, thought Jiro.

“O-o-of course, milady.” Jiro sniffs uneasily.

“Let me examine this closely.” Jamie mutters, kneeling down, inspecting the body and message in different angles, not caring about her white Hokage gown being stained by the blood. Her enhanced senses catches many things the naked eye cannot.

I wonder how the heck Mom can deal with this all the time.

Her mother was an Immortal, rumoured to be Konoha’s elite forces, also the most notorious for it’s destruction and enigmatic abilities.

There were things Jamie had to be careful of. After all, there was heavy criticism for her own race on a consistent basis.

Plus, who would want a Hokage that lived for all eternity? That was what Nick thought.

“The wounds were caused by a meat cleaver, it seems. The rusty knife was just a diversion, since there is blood on it.” Jamie explains, holding the knife, studying every inch of it.

"How did you know it was the meat cleaver?"

"No weapon I know, is capable of infliction that type of damage on neck, let alone, a head.

“But no leads?”

“I can see the footprints, but...” Jamie trails off uncertainly, and Jiro sighs.

“I’ll call this case shut for now. There is not a lot we can do at the moment.”

Maybe for you, Jiro. My family, the Tokugawa, can solve this easily. Jamie thought, biting her lip.

“I have one request for you, on the gift I have presented. Do not use any of those Immortal powers, at all costs.” That was what her father, Matt said many years ago when she was given the throne of being the Hokage, the Queen of the Empire.

“Okay then. Keep this area secured for a bit, you hear?” Jamie mutters, stepping outside, to take a intake of fresh air.

“Of course, milady. Also-” Jiro was interrupted, with a flash. Jamie was gone, and he sighed.

How was he going to live with those rumours?

“Jiro and Jamie seem like the perfect couple. They always work together, and have great chemistry.”

“Who the hell cares about what you think, Mino?” Jiro mutters, shaking his head again.

“Boys. Send this body to the morgue, you hear?” Jiro shouts, and two policemen nod, already carrying a black body bag, being one step ahead of Jiro.
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Re: Crime City

Post by Ash Kelp » Wed 22nd Feb 2012

Good, good, very Good.
It's like Trouble, but with many a variation.

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Re: Crime City

Post by That Chick2 » Sat 25th Feb 2012

Ok so how rude is this? Imgagein a person about to kill all of the suddled lets you go, to call to police and then after you call them he kills you! How freaked up is that?! XD

I loved it Immy.

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