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LGBT Alliance

Post by FowlStar » Sun 10th May 2015

Forward note: I really hope I put this topic in the right place, it's been awhile since I've actually participated in posting beyond the basic shadow dancing. <3 Mods, if it's in the wrong place, I do sincerely apologize.

I want to provide a lil space on FG in a prominent place on the board for Queer/LGBT/Questioning people to come together, and also for allies to show support to your lgbt friends. I just thought I'd post this because it's so important for kids like me to get recognition and acceptance from a young age, because that stuff is really important for the development of confidence and self worth, and it prevents depression, feelings of loneliness and worthlessness; these sorts of feelings are especially important to squash at a young age because they can lead to dangerous behavior, such as entering inappropriate relationships in an effort to "fix" yourself, or experimenting with unsafe substances.

It also serves as reassurance that yes, we do exist, and yes, we are normal, and we're going to be okay. I know I want to offer my help as a support system to anyone younger (or older) than me who might be struggling with their identities, whether that's their sexual or romantic orientation, or even gender. This can also be a place for people to ask questions about different gender/sexual/romantic identities in an appropriate way. I have lots of good material by way of definitions in case you're looking for the right label, or simply if you're curious.

All I ask is that whoever posts in this thread is respectful at all times, even if you disagree with this particular "lifestyle". I hesitate to use the word lifestyle with more than air quotes because it's not exactly a choice, but to each his own. Please be respectful and cordial.
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