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Rewards Websites

Post by Cabaline » Mon 28th Apr 2014

Ok, so there are websites out there that give you points that can be turned into vouchers by filling out surveys and watching ads and stuff. I know of a couple that are actually pretty good and I have benefited off some. I was wondering if anyone else is a member of any legit ones that they would like to share?

The only legit ones I've found are:

Gratis Points
This is a survey one. You just do surveys and that's it. I earned enough points to get £5 Amazon voucher.

This one is a lot easier to get stuff on. I've been doing it for a week now and I'm over halfway to getting £5 paypal voucher. You can earn by playing games, watching short videos, using their search engine, doing surveys and stuff like that.

So is anyone else a member of any websites like this?
I will stress that you always have to be careful and do your research before just signing up for sites btw :)
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