Help Save Banjo the Dog

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Help Save Banjo the Dog

Post by Cabaline » Mon 5th Mar 2012

Ok guys, I don't know how many of you have Tumblr but someone that I follow (Adrienne Ruork) is begging for help. This is what she says,

"Banjo is more than a pet to me; he's the reason why I smile everyday and continue on through tough times. I adopted him through a tough time in my life back in 2005, and since then he has been that cuddly companion I turn to for a silent strength when needed.

He was by my side in 2009 when I suffered three ruptured disks in my spine and had to have emergency surgery because my leg was becoming paralyzed at the age of 25. Seeing those brown eyes sparkle and that tail wag kept me from depression. I knew once a person suffers a spinal injury, the future is uncertain in regards to a full recovery. And sure enough, only two years later I'm having more problems and am in need of a second surgery.

But now Banjo needs me. He is a standard-sized dachshund, which is a breed known for being prone to spinal injuries, and back in 2010 he suddenly couldn't walk one night. His back legs were incredibly weak, and he could barely stand. I took him to the vet the next morning and x-rays showed that he had several bulging disks protruding into his spinal cord. The veterinarian, Dr. Girish Kumar of the Burbank Pet Hospital in San Jose, CA, said that if medication didn't work, Banjo would have to receive an extensive spinal surgery to relieve the pressure on the spinal cord. Having gone through spinal surgery myself and knowing the severity of it, and being unable to afford the surgery anyway, I opted to try the medicine.

Weeks of steroids and muscle relaxers finally helped him regain the use of his back legs. For a year and a half he had been stable and happy. He had been continuing giving me smiles and strength, even after I suffered a serious neck injury this past July, which could paralyze me in the future if I get worse. It's been a living nightmare dealing with my own problems, but having Banjo with me has again kept me from serious depression.

Last night he was lying on his bed and whining softly. I tried to call him over for a treat, but he wouldn't move. My worst fears were realized. His spine is acting up again, but this time it's worse. The first time it happened he was able to somewhat hold himself up, but today he couldn't find the strength to stand at all. He couldn't even urinate. I took him to the vet again, and Dr. Kumar informed me that I have little choices. We can try the steroids again for 24-48 hours and see if he improves. If he does not, then he has to have surgery. This surgery is expensive, and because I'm dealing with my own staggering medical expenses, I don't have the money to save him. If I can't save him, then I have to consider euthanizing him. I can't even afford that.

I don't know where else to turn. I'm out of a job because of my disabilities, with no spouse or parents with money to help, or anything like that. But I don't want to lose my baby Banjo. We've been through too much together, and he's seen me through years of joy and sorrow.

Please, any way you can help, we would be forever grateful. I don't know what I'd do without him."
^You can donate at that link.
Even if you can't donate, spread the word. Put it on facebook, twitter, tumblr, youtube. Spread the word as far and wide as you can. I've already donated but poor Banjo needs a lot more before he can get his surgery. Adrienne only has til 24th March to raise the money. If you can help, please do so, in any way you can.

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Re: Help Save Banjo the Dog

Post by AFrules12 » Mon 5th Mar 2012

That's so sad! I wish I could donate, but my parents won't let me. I've put it on facebook though and will tell people at school. I hope Banjo getes better.
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Re: Help Save Banjo the Dog

Post by Bang Your Drum » Mon 5th Mar 2012

I really I had money in my paypal now :( But I should have some in it by thre 15th... my lastest zazzle payment is soon to be cleared.... it'll only be for 15 USD, but I suppose every bit helps. I sahred the URL on facebook as well :]
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