Users You Miss

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Users You Miss

Post by partyonsoccerfan » Sun 25th Dec 2011

I don't think I saw a topic for this but if there is...oops. Anyways, I was just thinking of a few people who are sadly, not with us anymore. For me, it was those days as a newbie :D Those were the best days ever. Then again it reminds me of how stupid we acted on FF, and there weren't any mods over there. I was a self proclaimed spam fighter *smiles proudly* ANYWAYS, yes. Who do you miss?

I miss, cookieninja (aka Cookieninja the Elusive Cookie Poisoner :D).
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Re: Users You Miss

Post by xox Miss Livia xox » Sun 25th Dec 2011

If you miss someone, please, feel free to talk about it with friends, but having a topic for it really isn't necessary.
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