Autism among us

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Autism among us

Post by Lep officer » Thu 24th Mar 2011

This is a topic people who have autistic siblings, family or know someone eho is autistic. In my case its my brother. He is 2 going on 3. He is getting speech therapy and is going to playgroups. I also know my friends sister is autistic aswell. She is 5. My brother is saying several phrases now! He sais:
Go away!
A car
And I'm sure he sais other things.
There was also and Ausistic boy in my class last yr and everyone was mean to him exept me and my friends and the majority of our class. But of course theres the jerks who are, well, jerks. And at our yr 6 formal no-one would dance with him and started doing a crazy dance with him. I even held his hands and swung our arms really widely. My friends just stood there and gawked. I even let them film me, i didn't care. After a little while i stopped because i was soooooo tired. But it was worth it. Zack looked really happy when i danced with him and everyone else looked like 'what the hell"
So comment and tell me about an autistic person near you. La
ill say how to tell if someone is autistic. eg. what the symtons are. I cant be bothered right now.
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Re: Autism among us

Post by burningice » Thu 24th Mar 2011

No one that I'm close to now, but I've been around mentaly dissabled people for my enitre life. My mom's job was to basically run a daycare for autisitc kids. She had to quit due to an illness, but I still love them. There was one in particular that was my favorite. He had super curly hair, (was about 6) and was super sweet (when he wasn't throwing things at you)

They are some of the sweetest kids.
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Re: Autism among us

Post by jsreed5 » Fri 25th Mar 2011

One friend of mine has two autistic brothers, and she and I both have synesthesia.

I exhibited symptoms of Asperger Syndrome when I was younger but was never officially diagnosed with it. Personally (and this comes from a guy who's had a lot of experience with autism), I think the disorder gets an awfully bad shake.

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Re: Autism among us

Post by Opal's_Clone » Wed 30th Mar 2011

David Byrn has/had autism. (I'm not sure if he's dead) I actually met a journalist who I think has autism. OK, now the crazy Opal impersonator leaves!

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Re: Autism among us

Post by ButlerXArtemis » Wed 6th Apr 2011

My older sister has been diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome and she once dated a guy who also had it. They were both pretty badly bullied at school. People can be really cruel sometimes.
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Re: Autism among us

Post by wingedwolf » Wed 6th Apr 2011

I have a friend at school who has autism but it really good in her grades. Some of my colleagues seem to be nice to her but I can't help feeling that they might do something bad to her, sometimes she talks to me suddenly and I just listen you know just be there for her. 8)
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