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Re: FG Song Topic - Clicky!

Post by Silversong » Wed 13th Oct 2010

I'm very good with anything high. But I suck at low pitches.

But, I can take most parts. I'm very flexible :D.
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Re: FG Song Topic - Clicky!

Post by Battery » Wed 13th Oct 2010

Actually, about drums and guitar… if you guys want me to write out the music for them, I probably could. My dad's a musician; he could probably help :)

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Re: FG Song Topic - Clicky!

Post by return of 1 min go » Sun 17th Oct 2010

that would be usefull but actally i dont thinkn i be abel to fit in drumming anymore my schoole bad have got tiny bit higher in musci stuff and now were playing in a pub. its a start i gess....
so ill have my head stuck in our musci and probely get relly confused if have to pratic for this as well. sry
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Re: FG Song Topic - Clicky!

Post by hiholly123 » Sat 23rd Oct 2010

That's okay, return. :P

:oops: Sorry I'm never on, pples, but I'm so busy lately. XO Spread the word to the song writers to turn in what they have of their rough drafts if at all possible. We can communicate it from there. I'll be waiting! ;)
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Re: FG Song Topic - Clicky!

Post by CaptainShort » Tue 2nd Nov 2010

Love this idea!!! I'd like to help write the lyrics.... sounds really fun though!! :D

Just wanted to add.... How long is it supposed to be? Sorry if this was already asked, didn't have the time to look at replies.....

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