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Re: Positive Comments Only :)

Post by Shadow Light » Sun 2nd Sep 2012

Revival is required.


Note: thesaurus has been utilised in the most surreptitious, inconspicuous manner come-at-able. 

 Livia nothing ever happens to you as a mod you're such a boring mod, but you've grown up to become a beautiful, respectable, and as far as FG is concerned, inspirational woman and I am forever in awe of your strength, your determination, your everything. 

HollyShort9, my "younger sister", intellectual, sweet young thing. There are so many things that you have faced, and there is so much more to come. Your talent is a gift, not a job, don't stress yourself too much. Don't get sick, aite? Don't push yourself too hard, and don't let them push you at all. :) I'll always be around watching you, because [Big Brother pun].  

Kierisa, quirky and quick-witted, is it uncreative and impersonal for me to reiterate the "strong, determined, inspirational, respectable" line i used on Livia? Damnit Livy, taking all the adjectives away you're horrible. Anyways Kiera, you have an absolutely stunning personality  and the basic template for what a friend should be. You were there for me even if you didn't know what happened and I'm forever in your debt. Keep drawing, keep making art. Firan x Terra forever, I swear to god. 

Artificial Asian, it seems we seldom cross paths nowadays. I grew up in FG with you, and you've just given me so much, it's just a blessing to have met someone as considerate as you. You have the most resplendent smile in the world. I watched you when you'd just joined, quietly scaring the world with your maturity in prose, to becoming editor, then mod, and now look at you. How many colours have you donned now? I'm incredibly proud of you, lovely lovely girl, and I think that- no, I know for a fact that you will grow up to be somebody. I'm just so proud to say that I know someone so genuine, so sincere it warms the heart. Duck of doom? Ahaha. 

Fowlstar, you're growing out to become a bonnie young lady and I'm very pleased to see this. I'll never forget all the kindness and happiness you've shown me. You'll always be my sunshine. 

Kitty, I cannot say I've known you for as long as the others, but your constant warmth and positivity really grows on people. You make people smile almost effortlessly just by being you. Let's dance some day, atop the Eiffel Tower. 

Hitsugayatoushiro, your constant compassion and love will never cease to amaze me. A witty and loveable midget, I respect you just so so so much. You're so very special to me even if we don't talk anymore, even if we lose contact, and will never cease to be till the day I die. 

Alanna, I know you're gone, but you have no idea how much I miss you. I miss your fire, your intellect, your knowledge. You're a gorgeous person, inside and out, Alanna. I miss you so much. 

Jules, I love you, I love you, you're an angel, you bring hope to this dim world and don't let anyone take that away. You are a hope in this deteriorating humanity, love. And for that I applaud you. 

Duckie, your cheerfulness is second-to-none, your smile in your dark times show how strong you are. Breathe in, breathe out, tell yourself you're amazing. Give yourself a dose of truth. 

Byddie, GL, Lollipop, you talented fiend oh you have no idea of the jealousy I harbour but then you're too nice and I can't act on my jealousy any longer. You make this forum a better place, y'know? :) 

Ben, you do have a knack for writing and I do hope you will continue to develop this set of skills. You're a very interesting and fun and humorous kid, and I like you. 

World, can't stress how great a person you are. You're a very very nice kid, don't know you too well, but I know you'll grow up great. 

Ha, my very sexy polygamist wife, you are just absolutely special to me and to many other people. Even if we don't talk much, even if we don't know each other that well, you're still just absolutely special, you know? I am in love with your feistiness, never let go of that, Ha. Never.  Your writing is absolutely (for a lack of better words) fabulous and I always look forward to reading anything by you. :) 

Oh dear, dear Mo, hey you splendiferous (omg thesaurus) girl, you make me smile. Hope I didn't irritate you too much the last time we talked. You're a magnificent example of a human being, you know that? 

APB, The White Rabbit, Xuan, I'll tell you how awesome you are some other time. 

I hate to say I'm not as close to some of the people mentioned as others may make us out to be, (this is the case for most of my friends in general, really) but all of you have been the most genuine, sincere friends I have ever had and I cannot thank you enough for shaping Sea into the man he is- or at least tries to be.

Kids, these are the people  pose as perfect models for you to follow. FG would never be the pulchritudinous (new favourite word) place it is without these sexy individuals. Strive to be like the 2.0 versions of these old people- you gotta be sexy inside and out. 

Thank you guys, I've been around for about what? Three? Four years, now? It just keeps getting better and better.  It constantly amazes me to see the amount of brains and uniqueness you kids have to bring to the table. Never lose that individuality, friends. Not even for your life. 
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Re: Positive Comments Only :)

Post by xox Miss Livia xox » Mon 3rd Sep 2012

^ How am I a boring Mod?! ;A; I CAN DO STUFF TOO.

Ahh, APB. Well, it seems you got stuck as White Rabbit now, doesn't it?
You've been there to talk to almost every night, non-stop, into the early sleepy hours when the conversations just get weirder and weirder. We've created our own Wonderland and I never get tired of it. I love you, and I thank you so much for being there. You're an amazing sister <3
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Re: Positive Comments Only :)

Post by world is quiet here » Wed 19th Sep 2012

Alright, doing something since I'm leaving. It no paticular order:
Benz: You are a nice guy. Stay how you are, a fun, troublesome lad. You are awesome.
Kitty: Enjoy your life. You're so nice, caring and helpful. Grow up to be a ultra-cat.
Belli: You're so nice, and helpful. Be a artist when you're older. Or whatever you want to be. Enjoy life.
Amy: My dearest e-sis, I hope you do everything you want to do. Stay awesome.
Sara: I haven't met you so much as others. Stay awesome and be awesome.
Sea: I love your humour. You're so funny. Come here as much as ya can, won't you ;).
Holls: Enjoy life, be awesome.
Battery: Be a great mod, like you are now, and stay so smiley and fun.
Fowlie: Thanks for all the help. Stay awesome, and I'll email you as often as possible.
Random: I wish we met more. Stay awesome and cheerful.
Sky: Dear Londoner, be awesome and funny!
reed: The funniest guy ever, do whatever math sums come your way XD
Byddie: Do whatever you want, stay fun, and enjoy life.
Sorry if I missed you.

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Re: Positive Comments Only :)

Post by bentj96 » Fri 21st Sep 2012

FowlStar: Words cannot describe your awesome! All those beautiful graphics... I cannot imagine how you taught yourself to be so amazing. I hear you're going to start keyboarding pretty soon! Good luck, but I'm sure you won't even need it. You're the best troll in the universe, also known as the Mistress of Trolls. You're always lots of fun to chat with, and very mean/nice. You're the most loyal, loving girl I've ever known and everywhere you go, people can only smile.

DarkStar/Bentj96: Oh, it's me. Your ego is gigaaaaaaaantic.

HollyShort9: Fun and easy to talk to. An incredible girl to be sure. You always want to help out the world and your friends. A great person to get to know. Your trust is worth the work! And you've been through so much. A lot more than I can imagine and you've arrived at the end so gracefully. You're so smart and incredibly ambitious. I can't forget pretty. Cannot forget that. Always so busy as well! Keep working hard, but don't push it. And lastly, thank you for being my friend when I was in need.

Amber Root: Best shipper on FG. All these awesome AF ships... I don't even understand how you can be so good at it. I can't forget all those incredible signatures and graphics you've made. You're going through a tough time in your life, and I know things have been hard for a long time now. I'm always here for you! You deserve it.

CaptainMiraKelp: <-------- Win. At derping (though your derps are lots of fun). You're amazing at drawing! Always lots of fun, and totally cray. Yes cray, not crazy. We aren't the best of friends, but I'll always appreciate you. You helped my closest friend through a tough time. :D Have an award.

Artificial Asian: You're one of the nicest and friendliest girls I know. Ties as my favorite admin! (with all the other active ones)

Bang your Drum: Super modding. This is what you do... We need a super hero name or something. Oh, maybe you're the leader of a group of mods? Super League of Mods. Yes, this league is super.

HaTheAngel/JLHxXxX: I owe much of my happiness to you. You're one of the most amazing people I've ever known. Despite being through so much, you've come out strong. You changed my life, and I'm now so different. I used to be uncaring, and now I'm compassionate. I'm always here for you. Not only because I owe you, but because it wouldn't be right to just sit by and watch if you ever slip again. Oh, and you work so hard! You have so many classes, and difficult ones at that. I'd be waaaaaay too lazy. But I can help you if you ever need it!

AFRules12: Best sister in the world award? Not unlikely. :D Thank you for being so friendly all the time, even when I do get on your nerves.

Minerva/ArtyRocks: Sweetest girl on FG? I think so. Always fun to chat with, and super friendly! You're very nice, and sooooooo adorable. XD I had to. Sorry! I like being a knight for someone so gracious. I appreciate it, my lady.

Ash Kelp: Super smart physicist! We might as well give you a Nobel Prize.

ashyartemispotozuko/Zuko Lover: You're one of my best friends here on FG. You were there when I needed somebody to talk to and even for some advice. *high fives* Thank you! :D

Kitty Marsipan: Sweet, but vicious. I mean, the books. My head still hurts, oh god. XD You're fun to talk to, and you're pretty awesome. :P Those lunaii are pretty incredible. And you're a year younger than most people in your school, meaning you skipped a year, meaning you're a genius. And 2nd place in all of Croatia? I demand an autograph, for heaven's sake. They're going to be worth thousands when you win the world championship. *rolls eyes*

Sakura/Inky Duchess: You're my sweetheart of course... I feel like I know you so well now that you've murdered me three times! XD Lovely writing, and what a troll! That time you wrote a hate fic. O.O How vivid.

BLometjie/Iris: Always nice around you. You cared even when it you were never involved and you helped through a bit of a rough spot. Thank you! :D You're so nice as well, to everyone, even if we're all being crazy trolls.

Sara/BoboParadizo: Incredible siggies! That by itself is enough to make you awesome, but there's way more to you than that. :D You're always so ambitious, working on so much stuff at once. If I remember, you're doing a few college-based courses already... I'm so lazy compared to you. Keep working at it! But I'd best not forget your love for food and tumblr. You always remind me of s'mores... And those pictures you link. Oh god. *hugs* You're awesome!

Cabaline: <------------ You are the best mod of all time. It's a fact. You're amazingly strong despite what you've been through, and you've some how been so patient me. I was getting pretty unstable for a while there. Thank you for the comfort and advice, Cab. Other than helping me out, you're quite fun when ever we chat in SB! You always have something interesting to say, and you're pretty funny.

Sea Lea/Shadow Light: You're the best FGer besides me... In my opinion. XD I have to admit, we are somewhat similar people! Therefore, you must be awesome. Your writing is incredible, and one of your fics gave me the inspiration to write one of my best fics. I know for sure that you've been a part of FG for a while now, and a few people close to me know you quite well. You know, we should find a time to team up. All of SB will die of laughter.

Captain_Short: Cheese. Just one word. Cheese. You're so much fun to RP with, you should come by more often! The FG ball was so much fun. :D

Immortal: You're not quite a friend of mine, but you're a friends with somebody I care a lot about. Thank you for being there! :D The few times we have talked, you've been quite interesting to talk to. Keep being cool!

Josie/AngelMoon: I remember that the first time I met you, I was stressing out about a situation I had run into you, and you PMed me, asking me if things were okay. I really appreciated that. :D You're a good friend to have, and nice to chat with! *high fives*

Josephine Fowl: First of all, you really are darn beautiful. But that's only one thing! :D You're interesting to talk to in SB, but you are so poofy, oh god. I think Ha was the Queen of Poofs, you dethroned her the first time you poofed on me! For heaven's sake girl, don't do that to me. XD Okay, another thing is. You've always listened to me when I ever needed some body to listen to me, or rather... Read me?

jsreed5: I owe you plenty for lending an ear when I needed it and for giving me advice. You're pretty awesome for putting up with me throughout a couple weeks! I must have been pretty annoying. And you're fun to talk to in SB... I feel more at home with all the older FGers around. XD That conversation about cartoons? Such a win! And I can't forget. FG's resident mathematician.

LEPReconGirl: You're having some trouble now, but be sure to know that I'm here if you ever need to vent! :D I remember you put up with me for a while when I was being lovesick and all. Besides that, you're still awesome. Even when you're feeling down, you're always friendly in SB. Keep being incredible, Leppy!

world is quiet here: I hear you're leaving soon! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! We'll all miss you,I think. XD SB's going to be lonely in the mornings without you here! Thanks for being so much fun and for being a nice guy. Despite being young, you're probably one of the more mature people on FG, but you're still fun! Where ever you're off to, good luck.

xox Miss Livia xox: Wish I knew you better! The last time I had a conversation with you was incredibly interesting. :D You always have FG's interest in mind, and that's really cool of you! When I try to become an mod or admin, I want to be as awesome as you!

:awesome: :awesome: :awesome:

You're welcome for the fuzzy feelings, FG. :awesome: (another smiley for good measure)
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I have too many feels

Post by A Passing Bookworm » Fri 21st Sep 2012

So yeah um yeah that's a thing that's happened today. Anyway back on topic before I ramble myself into oblivion.

People who know me know that I'm really not religious. I believe in the possibility of a higher power, but I really don't have anything to say about any deity other than that. But, while I may not believe in God in a traditional sense, there's one thing that I'll always believe in - people.

I believe in people who stand up for what's right. I believe in people who are nice to everyone regardless of their race, sex, class, or orientation. I believe in people who sacrifice anything for others. I believe in people with nice smiles who always know when one is needed.

I believe in friends who are there for me, no matter what. I believe in dancers who dance with all their heart and I believe in artists who can bring emotion to light with every stroke of a brush. I believe in writers who pour their emotions out into words and print. I believe in the happyfaces who manage to smile even when the world is falling apart and angels that always hold their hand out to people who need them. I believe in friends who stay up until three in the morning just to talk to someone who cannot say a word. I believe in guardians that keep the people they love safe and always ask if something is wrong. I believe in childhood friends that don't have to say anything to each other to communicate perfectly. I believe in the ones that I can come home to, and the people that I know will always be waiting for me. I believe in my friends, whose love I can feel even when we're hundreds of miles apart.

I believe in people like Ha, HS9, Sea, Livia, FowlStar, Alanna, AA, Toushi and so many more. I believe in them because they're the real deal, they're the people that I can point at and say, 'Yeah, they're amazing, and I'm proud to be their friend'. They're the people who have never made me feel like a failure, who have always been around for me and have never judged me. They're the idiots who put up with my stupidity for no reason other than the fact that they're just that amazing, and now they're stuck with me because to hell if I'm ever going to let them slip away now. They're the ones I can rely on, the people I feel safe with, the people I can go to for help. They're the people that I believe in, and I love them, no matter how many times I say otherwise, no matter what I do to alienate them or push them away, no matter how horrible and clingy and annoying I can get, I love them.

If home is where the heart is, then my home is wherever these guys are.

I've been asked by a lot of people if I believe in a god. I still don't know the answer to that yet, but I don't think that it's that big of a question, because I know what I do believe in, and that's these guys.

To all my friends, my closest friends, my family, thank you for making me still believe in people.

//end sappy ramblings
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Re: Positive Comments Only :)

Post by world is quiet here » Sat 22nd Sep 2012

Ha: I like you, you're so caring a lovely. I'll miss you.
Sara: I'll miss you Sara-Para! Stay blue XD
Mira: You're so funny, become amazing.
Minnie: I'll miss you, keep on watching CC! x3
Princey: Wish I met you more, goodbye!
Fowlie: I'll still email you. Thanks for all of the help, Fowlie-chan :D

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Re: Positive Comments Only :)

Post by Inky Duchess » Mon 29th Oct 2012

bentj96 wrote:
Sakura/Inky Duchess: You're my sweetheart of course... I feel like I know you so well now that you've murdered me three times! XD Lovely writing, and what a troll! That time you wrote a hate fic. O.O How vivid.
thank you!

i just want to say, thank you Kitty for being so nice to me ever since i first joined the site. you're one of the coolest people i know here! <3

Ben-ben, you always liked me poetry, and i appreciate that very much.

Worldy, you may be very strange in some ways (in a good way!), and you write very interesting stories, and you encuraged me to investigate XML, and now i know i wont be using it.

And Artytwin, my "sister", you're awsome! <3

Aya (my actual sister), you can be cool often.
(\ /)Peace
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Re: Positive Comments Only :)

Post by FowlStar » Mon 25th Feb 2013

AA: Thank you for being one of the most amazing big sisters ever. You look after me, and you always make me feel better when something's wrong. You're also very logical and a very good advice-giver and I love you very much. Also, thank you for posting in the Birthday thread. <3 It means a lot to me, your kind words. ;~; Thank you for fangirling over Game of Thrones with me too. <3 You're the bestest.

Byddie: Thank you for looking after me, Byddie. You're one of the most opinionated and honest people I've met. Deeply logical and very protective of me, I appreciate it. I know that you mean well. Thank you for everything.

Benzy: ur cool bro.

Amber: Amy, my darling. You're the light of my life. I'm so proud of you. I was thunderstruck when you called me "your Alanna". You can't possibly know how much you mean to me. Thank you so much for the birthday presents. I'm so proud of you and your amazing art. You're a shining beacon of happiness for me. I know I can count on you. Not just to keep my secrets, but... if I have a crap day, I know just talking to you will brighten me up.

You make me so happy. Thank you for existing.

Sillypie: I miss you. I wish you were here. I want to shine some more for you.

Mira: Front door, or back door, best friend? ;D N can join us, don't worry.

Demi: Goddamnit, you are so PERFECT. So bright and optimistic, and caring. Thank you for asking after me, and for making sure I was okay. Dem, you're one of my closest friends, and I know I can count on you. You know you can count on me to do the same. And I'd like a dose of fluff, soon, too. :D Give my regards to the boyfriend. Thank him for taking such good care of you, too. I'm indebted to him, for bringing you happiness.

Shadey: Gods, you're so amazing. You're one of my best friends, Ben. One third of the Trio that's shining such a brilliant light on my life right now. I don't know what I'd do without you. You don't know how much you helped me yesterday, just by fooling around with me. I loved the yaoi docs so much. And that party we had was absolutely amazing. Thank you for making this one of the best birthdays ever, darling. You're amazing and wonderful. And whatever happens... with the thing we texted about... know that you'll be one of my BESTEST friends EVER. Also, my birtch. :awesome:

Jon: Jon, Jon, Jon.

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Re: Positive Comments Only :)

Post by bentj96 » Mon 25th Feb 2013

Demi: I cannot thank you enough for being there for me, for hearing me out when I say the most ridiculous things. You're really special, y'know? You and your crazy magical abilities of using your brain... It's magical to me cause you're so amazing. You're one of my very best friends, I know I can count on you every time. Also, you're the best listener I know and your input always makes me feel better and smile. And, oh my god, you're so dedicated to dancing. I'm sitting here dumbfounded, but it does inspire me to be more productive, so thank you. If you ever need somebody, I'm here, though I don't know how useful I'll be...

Fowlie: I've never in my life met a girl so beautiful, wonderful, unique and amazing as you. The impression you've left on me won't disappear because you've shaped me to be a stronger and kinder person. You've been amazing to be with for these last six months. We had the best of times watching movies, and Game of Thrones, talking about the fluffiest things in the world and having all those cute moments. I've only one word of advice for you. Keep shining on, never stop moving forward. Don't be alarmed if I catch up to you. The strength you gave me might let me do just that. Thank you for everything.

Sir Bear: Despite the rough times, you're a wonderful friend to have. I get ranty sometimes, and frankly... Really stupid, but you're still always really helpful. We did have an interesting start to our friendship, but it turned out really, really well! Keep being strong and amazing, because you already are unfathomably strong, seriously. Your writing is beautiful and it inspires me in a way most other writers can't.

Cabaline: Can I just give you the best mod award right now, I mean seriously, you should get this award. Somebody should invent it. You've always been really patient and supportive. I know I can trust you, and you're always willing to give others your time if you see them in need. Besides, really... You're so nice with everyone on this site. It's really incredible! Keep being awesome. :D (though I think you'll just be awesome no matter what)
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Re: Positive Comments Only :)

Post by jsreed5 » Wed 6th Mar 2013

I'm not sure if I've ever posted in this thread before, and I'm too lazy to check to see if I have. But I'm just gonna jump into it as if I never have before.

FG, in the past four years, I've entered into relationships with three different women, gone on dates with three others, and have had more than five other confess their love.

As George Carlin once put it, "One on one love is incredibly powerful." It doesn't matter how many romance novels you've read, how many TV shows you've seen with two lovers. If you've never had the honor to call someone your own yet, it truly is an experience that's impossible to fully grasp.

Romantic love, as a human emotion, grew out of a very simple biological need: that to reproduce. But as we became the dominant species on this wonderful and intriguing planet, love became so much more than that. It captures us in a way no other emotion can quite imitate: not fear, not hatred, not even hope. Believe it or not, I still love every girl I've ever dated, each in a different manner, and I would not be the person I am today if it weren't for every single one of them touching my life in such a special way. I am truly thankful to have experienced what of the life I have lived thus far. As an atheist, I don't personally believe in an afterlife, and on the whole, the life I have on this Earth is more than the perfect journey of sentience for me - and love is the perfect accentuation for that journey.

That is not to say that love doesn't have its ups and downs. Almost all of you here on FG, members current and past, have heard the many tales of my exploits in the world of romance. (Well, not all of them! ;) ) You heard as I heaped praise on Summer, you celebrated with me when she accepted my hand, you stayed by my side as we tried to work through our differences, and you consoled me when we decided it was time to part ways. Some of you old-timers may even remember the days when I yearned for the heart of Hannah in vain, and finally accepted the truth as I found solace in my first official girlfriend. The trip has been long, winding, and toilsome, and I don't regret a single instant of it.

I am indescribably blessed to have the current (to-remain-anonymous) Missus in my life. About that there is no question. But as the old adage goes, "it is better to travel well than to arrive," and the journey itself has been a kind of destination for me.

I just want to take the time here to thank all of you who have been at my side every step of the way. These days, FG comprises only one small chunk of the unfathomable mosaic that is my life, but in the early days, it was an important one, and I am very lucky to have such a friend group ready to share in my life's joy.

That's all I had. I don't think I'm gonna post in this thread again for a long time. I hope you enjoyed this thoughtful vandalism of your precious positive comments.

Love all yo faces,
Reed ♥

PS: Special shoutout to ol' Benzyne. We don't talk a lot anymore, but I hope you've been taking to heart some of the things we used to Skype about. Back then, the story of your life was following the story of my life verbatim, but in my day I had no-one to talk to. I hope I was able to help you avoid some of the mistakes I made. Also, we should Skype it up more. :)
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Re: Positive Comments Only :)

Post by Nerbua » Sat 19th Oct 2013

I love your face. You are a beautiful human.



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Re: Positive Comments Only :)

Post by Amber Root » Tue 21st Oct 2014

Though many of you are gone.

You all are family.






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Re: Positive Comments Only :)

Post by FowlStar » Sat 25th Oct 2014

i miss you guys a lot. honestly, all of you helped me get through a lot of stuff and i've created some of the most fulfilling friendships on this site. i still talk to a lot of you, but still, i miss how it used to be. i hope everyone's doing well.
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Re: Positive Comments Only :)

Post by HollyShort9 » Sun 16th Nov 2014

Even though I'm only a ghost now, I love you all and I'm so thankful for how all of you impacted me when I first came here as a 9 year old, seven years ago. You taught me so many important lessons about how to be yourself and how to be a cool person and how to approach other people the right way, and you gave me so many criticisms and so much praise that honed and fueled each of my passions. I would not be the same person I am today without all of you, AT ALL.

And I'm so grateful that you guys are here for me when I go through hard times.
we're all stories in the end. just make it a good one, eh? because it was, you know. it was the best.

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Re: Positive Comments Only :)

Post by Battery » Mon 17th Feb 2020

Iris and Kitty, thanks for always keeping the lights on, so that the rest of us always knew that there would be someone around when we came home.

Michael, thanks for literally keeping the lights on.

/b/, thanks for the thread that has kept this place alive.

Josie, Artymon, Cab, /b/, Kitty, Iris, thanks for a night that reminded me of the old days. Maybe these can be the new days?

I've said it before, but this is really a special place, and I know I'm probably not the only one who would be worse off if I didn't have it to come back to. It's the people here who make it what it is. ❤

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