What made you laugh today?

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Amber Root
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Re: What made you laugh today?

Post by Amber Root » Thu 5th Nov 2015

My vocal coach compared Les Mis to Phantom by saying it was a chicken dinner compared to steak. I couldn't keep my composure. >w<
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artymon I\/
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Re: What made you laugh today?

Post by artymon I\/ » Tue 10th Mar 2020

A text conversation with a friend today.

"And just where h3ll are you?"

"Come to room 8. Or else."


we are in a fight."

Me: "Oh shiii, I'll be there in 15min"


I raced back from the gym, in the middle of my routine, tires screaming down the road, jump a ravine, and nearly careen with an old lady and a car-full of cats, unsure and uncertain of what the situation is.
With the speed of a cheetah chugging chai tea, I zoom to room 8, only to discover my friend not there and thus, I hunt for said friend and track them to the wx room, where they proceed to berate my tardiness, then reveal the source of turmoil: a gift of cookie coffee!
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