Is this normal???

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Re: Is this normal???

Post by CCG » Sat 19th Dec 2009

In England, it's sadly very common for teens and younger to get drunk. I'm 14, and many of the people in my year do. But it's a stupid idea, really- being drunk means losing your inhibitions, awareness and you may get into dangerous situations. And it doesn't matter if it's 'normal,' it's just a bad idea all round.

I agree with ShortRebel- drinking very small amounts when you're under the legal age is ok, but being drunk is definately not.

Sorry if I came across as preachy, but it's really not a good idea.

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Re: Is this normal???

Post by Wednesday » Thu 11th Mar 2010

i don't know if its normal. i drink off and on, never too much. the good thing is the most at one time,that i remember(not cuz i got drunk) was i shared a little over half a wine cooler with my mom. usually, i drink only to taste and i don't keep it a secret.
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Re: Is this normal???

Post by dumdiddlydum » Wed 14th Apr 2010

how you do it, no but a little is ok and perfectly normal, i do it all the time

drunk= bad

drinking= good in moderation
got it?
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Re: Is this normal???

Post by artemisfowlexpert1 » Fri 23rd Apr 2010

technically, no. its not normal. and if you were my friend i'd slap you. just saying.
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Re: Is this normal???

Post by Alias » Sun 23rd May 2010

Consider this, a little something called integrity. If you are asking us, why don't you ask your parents. I know nothing about you, but i do know one thing, that you have brought yourself into this situation. Now, consider this, would you do this in front of your parents? Would you do this in front of anybody without getting embarassed. Are you doing this without fear of getting in trouble. Consider this, and decide whether in your mind if this normal or not
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Re: Is this normal???

Post by Beckett Simpleton » Sun 21st Nov 2010

I think, living in England, and a town where at the end of my road there are two pubs at either end of the road facing eachother, and that my grandma OWNS a pub, I will probably drink at some point in my life, however I have been told that it is not good to drink until you are 'mortal' drunk, it's not good, dulls your sences and gives you a massive hang over.

I think that you should definitly abide by the law there, because your body is not physically able to take vast amouts of chemicals such as alcohol and if you persist, depending on how much you can take, but I can tell you, the variation is not that large, your body will give up.

It will probably be impossible for you to just STOP but you can try to tone it down a little *coughlotcough*
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Re: Is this normal???

Post by codeblackrose » Mon 22nd Nov 2010

I think a little bit is fine. My dad let me taste beer when I was ten or something. He dipped a chopstick in it and I licked the chopstick. (Bubbly, but not nice)

I've tasted some alcohol before, like beer and wine and such, but never more than a really tiny cup - let's say, maybe about as much (little?) as a spoonful each time.

Two times? It's probably okay. But, just saying, don't drink so much anymore. It's seriously not good, okay? Being drunk is not fun. It doesn't look good and after the initial rush, neither does it feel good.

But I assume you know that.
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Re: Is this normal???

Post by Otto » Sat 14th May 2011

Depends on where you live. In Europe I think it's normal. In my country (USA) it gets you labeled as a delinquent and sent to rehab. It will probably kill whoever takes care of you. So I suggest stopping. It also gets you involved with the wrong crowd. So bottom line...


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Re: Is this normal???

Post by Amber Root » Mon 25th Jul 2011

Sorry if this sounds mean, but man if you do that you have alot of problems in you life man. I'm just saying.
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Re: Is this normal???

Post by partyonsoccerfan » Wed 27th Jul 2011

It's normal where I live. I think it's ridiculous because we just had an underage drinking related car accident, two teens died, the driver went to prison. I probably would never drink underage, and I'll probably stay away from it for a while after that because my dad and my grandpa were (were, my grandpa is dead and my dad is sober) alchoulaics, and my great grandpa was before them so, i'd be likely to easily become one too, and I don't want to go down that road. So yeah, it's normal, but it's a bad idea.
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Re: Is this normal???

Post by evilgenius » Sat 30th Jul 2011

it's normal alright i'm 14 and i know some kids in my class who do drugs (idiots)
and mostly everyone drinks,heavily (again idiots) it's normal but it's not healthy i know this kid who almost died from alchohol poisoning. my advice is to stop before you get addicted unless of course you want to die at age may say it's fun but there are other ways to have fun without risking your health . it would be okay if you drink responsibly but as your aim is to get drunk i don't think it's okay . and yeah stop drinking right now or there will be consequences

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Re: Is this normal???

Post by FowlStar » Sun 31st Jul 2011

The people above me have all made excellent points. All points you should listen to. I suggest you educate yourself on the influences of excessive alcohol usage... among teens, and adults.

Here are some helpful websites you might want to visit:

Alcoholics Anonymous
Above the Influence
Alcoholism: Symptoms

I suggest you analyze your life, find things worth staying sober for, draw up a list of pros and cons, and imagine your life ahead, with and without alcohol, and then choose to stay sober, or not.

I really hope you choose to become sober, and stop getting drunk.
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