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Re: Favorite Recipes

Post by ashyartemispotozuko » Mon 25th Jul 2011

Ok, i'll admit it. i get strange recipies from just adding different stuff and mixing. sometimes its a fail, but sometimes, like this time, its AMAZING. this is kinda like whipped chocolate cake icecream.

first. you need a chocolate cake. it doesn't matter what kind of chocolate cake, just a single piece with chocolate frosting on the top. so make sure u just have one piece of that.

take 3 regular-size scoops of vanilla icecream and put them into a mixing bowl.
add 2 tablespoons of liquid caramel
add 1 tablespoon of liquid chocolate

take an electric egg beater (I advise parents permission for that one. it can catch your fingers) and beat it all together. after its a liquid, add the piece of cake. then beat it some more. you should beet it until it only has tiny black chunks of cake.

after that, (clean up!) and pour this liquidy thing into a bowl and eat like regular icecream. dont forget to share!

bon apitite!(sp?)
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Re: Favorite Recipes

Post by Randomosity » Fri 22nd Jun 2012

OK, this isn't actually a recipie, more of a tip. But here goes.
When you are cooking carrots, add a little honey. SERIOUSLY!!! It makes all the diffrence!!! You may think it would taste sickly, but believe me it dosn't!!!
Grrrr...why isn't there a cooking smily?!
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Re: Favorite Recipes

Post by Cabaline » Fri 16th Aug 2013

I love to cook nice hearty winter dishes, so here is a recipe for my favourite pie; corned beef and potato.

-1 packet of shortcrust pastry mix or Just-roll ready to defrost shortcrust pastry.
-1 tin of corned beef
-As many potatoes as you like, I tend to use 500g+ coz I love it to be really potato-y but if you prefer you can use less
-An egg OR a small dabble of milk
-Sprinkle of flour

1. If you're using a packet of pastry mix: Read the instructions on the back of the pastry mix, you'll have to add a certain amount of water and stir until it is of a doughy consistency, then coat your hands and your work bench in flour and kneed that thing like there's no tomorrow! (I add the water a little bit at a time rather than all at once, it helps get rid of lumps.) Then take a rolling pin (coated with flour) and roll it out until it's under a centimetre thick.
If you're using ready to defrost pastry: Make sure that you leave it out to defrost the night before so that it's ready to use the next day. Coat your hands in and the work bench in flour and kneed your pastry, it'll take a long while before it's soft and pliable but it'll happen. When it's nice and doughy take your flour coated rolling pin and roll out the pastry til it's under a centimetre thick.

2. Peel your potatoes, and cut them into quarters. Then boil them until they are soft enough that you can poke a sharp knife through them without any resistance.

3. While your potatoes are boiling you can open your tin of corned beef, which is difficult because corned beef cans are the hardest thing to open in the world. But once you've sworn at it and insulted it's mother, you should have your corned beef sitting on a chopping board in front of you. Now if you would like to cut the fat off your beef, now is the time to do it. The fat will either be a see-through jelly like substance, or a yellow-white solid crumbly substance: either is fine you do not need to worry about the quality of your beef depending on what kind of fat it has. Once you've cut off the fat, put the beef into a bowl, take a potato masher and start hammering away at that thing. It will be crumbly at first but will get softer the more that you mash.

4. When the potatoes are done, drain them of the water and add them to the bowl with the corned beef and mash them both together. It will take a while until they're properly mashed together. When it is mashed you'll have a pink-ish looking substance with no lumps of potato in it.

5. Take your pastry and lay it over the container you wish to bake your pie in. Push it down slightly so that it fills the corners and the inside of your pie dish is covered in a layer of pastry. Use a sharp knife to cut off any remaining pastry around the edges of your dish. Then re-roll this pastry until you have another slab (this will be the pie lid).

6. Put your potato and beef mix into the pie dish and smooth out the top with a spoon. Leave a gap of about an inch all the way around the edge of the pie.

7. Take your egg/milk and crack/pour it into a glass. Using your fingers, rub your egg/milk around the 1 inch gap you just left, this will help seal the pie when you put on the lid.

8. Put the rest of the pastry on the top as your pie lid, if there is excess pastry cut around the edges with a sharp knife to remove it. Then use your fingers to press the pastry together around the edges and stop it from coming apart in the oven. Use your knife to stab 3 small holes in the top of your pie (will allow steam to leave your pie and prevent it from becoming bloated).

9. Use your hands to coat the top of the pie in your egg/milk, this will make the pastry go a golden colour in the oven. If you have any left over pastry you can put a smiley face (or insulting message) on the top of the pie. Put the pie in the oven at 200°C for 25 minutes.

And voilà, you should have a nice warm yummy pie to help you during the winter months :D I love having my pie with gravy, beans and chips. But you can have it with whatever you like. :3

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Re: Favorite Recipes

Post by Cabaline » Tue 24th Dec 2013

I know I'n being a bit naughty and double posting but it has been 4 months and chrsitmas isn't very far away at all and I was wondering if anyone has any seasonal recipes, and I want to hear what everyone is having for their dinner :)

I'm cooking christmas dinner myself this year and this is the menu:

Starter: Chicken and Veg Creamed Soup
Main: Traditional christmas dinner; Chicken Breast (baked in the oven and basted in a bulgarian spice + oil combo), yorkshire puddings, pigs in blankets, mash, roasties (hopefully in goose fat), peas, carrots, stuffing, parsnips (if they last) and gravy.
Dessert: Chocolate and Rum Bread and Butter Pudding. (I made it today and it has to be refrigerated for 2 days and then baked).

I’m also getting some puff pastry and I’m going to make a honey and cinnamon mix and make pastry swirls with them.

I cannot wait. I love cooking :D

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