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Re: Your Other Fandoms

Post by Cabaline » Wed 7th Jun 2017

MichaelM wrote:
Cabaline wrote:So I watched Buffy. All seasons. Omfg. Love it! I think I cried all of the way through the finale :lol: (Also I know that somewhere MM's ears are burning ;) )
Hahaha, as someone that is never here anymore, I love that this is the first message I've seen in ages! Excellent choice!! :lol:

I started re-watching it again recently too. I want to say that makes it "timeless," but I think it just means I'm never gonna change :buffy: :wub:
Omfg I also have not logged in, in a long time and seeing this post absolutely cracked me up :lol: Hahah Michael, it absolutely is timeless ;)

I've started watching Parks and Rec thanks to my bf. It's so funny and I appreciate Chris Pratt waaay more now ;)

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