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Post by artymon I\/ » Sun 25th Nov 2018

Why, just....why?

[train of thought too fast to follow]

I suppose if it wasn't one thing, it'd be another.

Ultimately, it accumulates to the same conclusion,

"We've gotta get outta this place"

(Not this place, to be clear.)



I dunno if this is the place for this next part, but hey, this is a venting thread and in general I thought we're something of a makeshift support group, so you'll forgive me...

Started re-reading the first AF book, not intentionally, I didn't just decide to, I mean, I did, but it was more of an I'm at the bookstore and need to kill twenty minutes, lemme find something to read, heeey, Artemis!"

It took me back a bit, that tongue in cheek tone, the smart dialogue. That's writer goals there. I'm not sure if I can describe it, but it's like you and Eoin are in on the you're watching a movie with a friend and commenting on different parts (tasteful commenting, no unnecessary blathering). It's not just scene, setting, character, you're getting a tone with the story, you're getting a little more. Now, yes, there are those who say every piece of literature, even a grocery list, has a voice.
(For example, a list consisting of meats suggests a carnivore, one of vegetables a vegetarian, one of candy means your list has been hijacked by your child and you'd better run for it.)
But sometimes the voice isn't as obvious as that. Nor sometimes is it as pleasant. Course then that raises the question, if you're not enjoying the voice/story, why read it?

Anyway....I'm out
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Post by Amber Root » Fri 30th Nov 2018

Why is there always something going on??
You threw me a lifeline, I'm not throwing away my shot

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