The Interview Thread

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Re: The Interview Thread

Post by Soulcatcher » Wed 4th Nov 2009

*Sits back to watch* This is gonna be fuuuun :D

Popcorn, anyone?

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Re: The Interview Thread

Post by xox Miss Livia xox » Wed 4th Nov 2009

*stares wide eyed*

Yes please Soul, this could take a while... Oh no, I'M a bunch of questions! *Grabs blanket she can hide under it when blushing probably*
They say love is dead:

60) Top 10 reasons why you love Livia?
61) Most fluff filled situation?
62) Favourite love poem?
63) (bleh) Most romantic thing said over Skype?
I have a feeling I should answer 61 and down xD
"People are gonna tell you who you are your whole life. You just gotta punch back and say, "No, this is who I am". You want people to look at you differently? Make them! You want to change things, you're gonna have to go out there and change them yourself, because there are no fairy godmothers in this world." - Emma Swan, Once Upon A Time.
Welcome aboard, lads and lasses. Let's see what adventures await us...

Join me:
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Re: The Interview Thread

Post by Alanna » Thu 5th Nov 2009

Go ahead, I thought of adding those questions without any prompting from Ally Kat.

And yes, amazingly enough I compiled that in... 3 hours? And its 30 more questions than my last.

EDIT:// Sorry for the slight delay; I think Nathan fainted around about question 70.
Officially retired. Sorry, but you won't find Alanna around anywhere now. I'm but a ghost.

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Re: The Interview Thread

Post by artymon » Mon 9th Nov 2009

Welcome Nathan! I suppose you are used to all the secretive business required to keep this location a secret; having been my opposition for world domination for a while now. Sorry to say, but the cuffs will not be removed until the interview is finished and you are back at your own lair. As per the letter, the interrogation room is indeed now a nice deep purple.
Mmm....that's all right, I'm used to cuffs. Uh..could you do me a favor and cuff me to a bed?
*gestures towards a seat* The recording device is already running, and a live feed is running to our FG comrades. Don’t try touching the truffles though; or you may never see the light of day..... No, that’s overused.... never see one piece of fairy technology ever.
*replaces empty truffle box back down*

Tis all right, dear, I'm sure we'll have a splendid time together. *hefts foot up on interview table* Could you try and find this fungus thing on my foot? It's been festering on my foot for weeks and I've needed someone to give it a good itch....
Now, to business. I’ve decided to take up the time honoured technique of categorising the questions into importance, useless random stuff, and torture! (Mostly torture obviously) Only one person has escaped with the same amount of sanity that they originally had after being in this very chamber. Be warned!
Splendid! Who needs sanity anyhow?

1) We all know how evil you are; any plans?
Of course, marry Madam Livia; get degrees in classified subjects; burns paper; eat kitty; use a hairpin and a piece of string to upset the world balance of kitten feed and have them lead a revolt upon mankind.
2) So, how’s little Eve going?
Incorrect question: When and where vould be more suitable.

She is currently spending some quality time with her great-Uncle Doc in the fifties, but she has so far been learned in several subjects: Sharp objects, where they come from or how to make them; pressure, the best ways and places to stress it on another human so she is usually in control with whomever she is with; history of the greatest cultural events of the century, finding the Ark of the Covenant, Shankari Stones, Holy Grail, three ways on how not to travel through time, three things to do to check if it's a fairy, ect.
3) What can you hear?
*taps on sound proof blast door*

Huh? Was hast du gesagt?
4) What did you get from trick or treating?
*exchanges edgy look with Doc*

Nothin' much. Went through some Libyan houses, got some plutonium, the usual.
5) If you won the lottery, what's the first thing you'd buy?
I'd buy out the restaurant of which I infringed that from so they couldn't sue me.

Then I'd get a plane ticket, house on ze beach, ze usual things. *cough*14kgoldringwithgreenGeministone!!*cough*

You heard nothing, Livia.
6) You are inside a car. Your radio suddenly says "Accelerate to sixty miles an hour." What do you do?
I'd go eighty eight miles an hour, go int the Past, and blow up AIRA before she was ever made.
7) You wake up in a small room. Your hands and feet have been hand cuffed. You are lying on a cot. A security camera is mounted on the wall. One door out, no windows of any kind. Tell me, A) How do you escape and B) What is your Theory on how you got this way?
A)Who says I want to escape?

B)Livia has done this so we could have romantic evening together.

8) You are given a stick and told to make a cat dance. How do you do this?

Use the stick as a toothpick and hold the kitty's paws, then we tango.
9) World peace occurs. Do you keep the peace, or try and destroy it?
Where in ze verld could I try to keep zat? My room?
10) You have been captured and are locked within a room with no windows, a door with no handle. You have a bazooka and enough C4 to put Arnold Schwarzenegger out of business. You do...?
"Get to ze chopper!"

*flies over to Alanna's headquarters*


*drops down lawyers*
11) Fill in the blanks:
Today I was breaking dancing, being a very normal thing indeed. Suddenly the wind picked up, sending me flying into Maggot Fox. A cat saw this happen, flew over to help me. A Liviana creature materialised, aiming a bullwhip at me. I cheered her on, trying to back away. Thankfully enough the cat that assisted me disarmed the Maggot Fox. Man I will never have a sandwich with Fill-In when the wind picks up outside again.
12) You are suddenly kidnapped by an unknown figure. You wake up an hour later in a cell, finding yourself looking at Holly Short. You’re wanted for revealing the existence of the People. Quick, 5 FGers on speed dial to save you. How do you escape, what do they bring?
1: Livia, chips.
2: /b/, strippers.
3: P5YCHIC, laser weaponry.
4: It, dip
5: K12, cats.

First, we have a party. Second, It annoyes the hell out of the People, the either beg us to go, or P5 shoots them and we win anyway.
What’s the use of this? :
13) Poke!
World domination.
14) Truffle? *waves around chocolate*
Seducing women and snacking.

15) Dance boy, dance! *fires at Nathan’s feet with western pistols, like something out of a movie*
*pop locks and drops*
16) Where are you?
I'm at a place called Vertigo. Livy, pack your bags and come with me? I've got two tickets to paradise!
17) Where would you build FG after becoming ruler of the world?
Somewhere with some sun, we'd have one in each country, our main one would be in America, in Florida, right next to Universal Studios. Or Disney.
18) Your ideal holiday location?
Aussie or Florida.
19) Most hated teacher?
Hm...gotta say, all my teachers this year are pretty cool. Last year, there was Gannon, bloody woman should go back to teaching kindergardeners; Karpushkinov, she was a little...weird; uh...freshman year there was Heanly, that guy was psychotic, that's basically it.
20) Best marks?
*rolls up sleeve*

Technically, I didn't do this one *points to particular scar* but it's quite lovely, however...*grabs Fill-In* this one *points to mark on his neck* is mine and it's awesome!
21) Most hated subject?
Probably science, math too, but science more.
22) Favourite subject?
German. Deutsch.
23) Favourite teacher?

*breaks out into song*

Guten tag! Wie gehts es Ihnen?
Danke gut, mir ghts gut.
Und wie gehts es Ihen?
Und wie gehts es Ihnen?
Danke gut mir gehts guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut.

24) Your future career?
Dis und dat....

Not quite sure really...

I has two main ideas...
25) Where you want to be on 20/12?

Vhere ever I am. (I firmly do not believe in zat 2012 Manoshia.)
26) Have you dreamt of saving Livia on a white steed? you really wish for I to reveal my fluffy dreams here? You'd some theropy afterwards.
27) Your reaction if you should ever *coughunlikelycough* become a mod?
Oh god no! Please god no! Ah! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
28) Do you want to be famous?
If it were between fortune and glory, I'd take fortune; glory is good, but I don't quite like ze limelight...
29) What your first act as ruler of the world will be?
Diet coke! NOW!
30) The most humiliating moment in your life?(or second most, if you don’t want to say the first)
Most humiliating event was "And my underwear too, sir!"

I much rather regretted that...
31) Your favourite age appropriate joke?

Age appropriate as in me?

All righty...'s November, Thanksgivings coming up so...

Tell me, if the Pilgrims had shot a couger instead of a turkey, what would we be eating every Thanksgiving?
32) The last prank you fell for?
Um....That probably would have been..Mrs. Fowl or The other FG thing that was going on around then...(though I wasn't quite totally fooled by the foul Mrs. Fowl, who oddly enough, was right.)
33) Your reaction if the moon was made of cheese?
Damn French...
34) Your favourite colour, chosen for its flavour?
Red. Dark red. Apples.

And pinkish-brown. ;)
35) Wedgie! *offers golden brown cooked and seasoned potato*

Fill-In'll love this! He hasn't eaten in four days!
36) First word to mind is....?
Who says I have one?
37) What is the time there?
*pulls out watch, mock gasp*

Look at that! It's exaclty five seconds before I honk your nose and pull
your underwear over your head. *alarm clock dings, Nathan honks Alanna's nose, pulls her underwear over her head, runs down alleyway*

38) And Greenwich?
Same time it was twenty-four hours ago.
39) How about the east coast of Australia?
10:23 pm.
40) The most random statement you have ever said, and where, when and why?
I could really use a cat...
41) The oddest clothing ensemble you ever wore?
Possibly ze Mask costume for Halloween a couple years ago...
42) *gumdrops start falling* Reaction?
About time...
43) Ever received an award?
Most Cat Obsessed Person. Crazy German Nazi Freak. Awesome Britain Dude.
44) How many speeches have you done?
Uh..the Walt Disney thingy last year..
45) Best dramatic performance?
Jon Clamp. The English relator.
46) A detailed reaction of what you would do if someone stopped you from getting onto FanGathering?
Break into someone's house, steal zeir laptop, go to a wifi hot zone, continue FG'ing.
47) How do you think the FGers would react if you left them?
Good riddance!
48) Your most preferred means of terrorising people for info?
having Fill-In do exotic dancing in front of the intended victim.
49) *turns on lie detector hooked up to shock pads* I have a small series of questions that must be answered truthfully. Understand?
Sprichst du Deutsch? I weiss Englisch nicht...
50) Where did you hide the schematics of the White House?
Inside my left tooth.
51) How often have you attempted to assassinate me?
*counts on fingers*

More than ten times.
52) Where did my shipment of Ford Exploders get re-directed to?
Somevhere in Serbia..wild university party apparently.
53) *disconnects lie detector* How low is your IQ now?
Let's was negative thirteen, now it's positive one eighty.
54) Do you believe in little green Martians?
*examines Crypto*

Little blue-gray Martians.
55) Ever seen a UFO, or thought to have?
Who sent you? Who put you put to this?! STAY OUTTA MY GARAGE!!!
56) A Hitchhiker classic: what is the meaning of life?
Und I am vun of those few uncultured children who has never read zat book. Ze meaning of life is....A man, a plan, a caddy, Ore, Lee, tsuba, Thaine, a lair, Uball, EHFA,
Jaela, Gant, Masai, Liana, DVS, USES, Ojai, Ruyter, Geraint, Irbid,
Naman, a milliard, Nahant, Epps, Argall, Emil, Lepus, a tort, a loon,
Samia, HCM, a deme, Lenaea, glebae, Keon, a cart, seraphs, a suitor,
Gilly, TSF, Fargo, Trask, Orissa, NbW, a pas, Arda, Bab, Undry, Bida,
Sena, Eliott, Idaho, Nadda, Jasen, Egan, Nowata, SWA, jaws, Molina,
Dalpe, Paz, Ilan, Igenia, Merth, Gupta, Omarr, Ocilla, Var, Ohara,
Daktyl, an anaspid, Nemea, Nedda, Bayard, a toss, Italy, AHSA, Tagore,
a psalm, Cannae, Soracco, rammi, Rota, Kaela, ZANU, Imo, Johns, a dey,
Assad, Imitt, a ppl, Ogaden, Ivar, a sack, Conal, a hegari, Magel,
Otina, Raddi, Lydie, Hagi, Asat, Alfadir, a canaille, Roca, Saharan, a
coati, Elf, Rutan, agapai, Skaw, Sunay, B. Ag. Sc., MFS, a sruti, Hwu, a
noddle, Fuji, Nissan, Repeal, Ugrian, a sag, Ravens, Enarete, Olfe,
Losse, veeries, Sinan, Ida, Leckie, Ryle, Volapuk, Raman, Aigneis,
Hapte, Biton, Enid, orgies, Inger, Daph, Inanna, Earvin, Utter, a
gumi, HCF, Logan, SbE, Beberg, Ito, Mohamed, O'Malley, a cain, a
monomania, Rct, Tarragona, Musa, Yesima, Cavan, a sori, PSS, Nananne,
Borg, a toga, Farron, Kasai, Hejira, Hapi, Bainter, Bataan, Ilke,
Dunant, Callan, Woden, Ierna, Gamin, an ace, Lanier, Even, Uranus,
Llano, Snapp, Elexa, Shu, LBP, Ont, Soho, York, UFC, paise, Dali,
Zaller, Rubin, navettes, Usbeg, a hag, Radack, a name, Elkin, Nagy,
Tasia, sambas, Sakkara, Boer, Ivan, Rolf, G. Katona, Jariah, Camag, a
tsar, Egeria, Tenn, a yaffle, Paton, Ripley, a gleet, Saida, Tsai, a
betel, CIF, Tepper, Tsan, a soroban, Alia, Berey, Utamaro, Leix, Imre,
herdmen, Imena, Likasi, Laclos, Oeflein, Netty, Pto, Sasha, Lufkin,
Dunarea, Banda, Waite, DMD, Vetter, Eipper, Pareto, O'Fallon, Kale,
Cramer, Iaso, Neosho, Basile, MSME, Garate, Poppo, mota, Lapsey,
Blighty, a fuel, Axe, Dagan, a say', Gun, a mow, Ital, Este, Nodab,
LaSorella, Krio, Nerissa, Cilo, Neisa, Casi, Laplace, Nessus,
Palaemon, Egadi, ovaria, Hank, Emily, Hannan, an agron, a lam, Ronald,
Bahia, Damalas, Ramon, Issachar, RATO, genae, Terceira, Koa, IJssel,
Ruhr, a dekko, Orcadian, a tier, Katti, Lossa, visas, BAgr, Ebsen,
Names, Rowan, Nils, Iobates, a lie, Taka, Busiris, Edmea, Hara, Sill,
enemies, Orola, Jannel, Galena, Jerba, Fran, Dobie, Dremann, Ally,
grana, Field, Alla, Eben, IATSE, saltarelli, Wal, Hubli, Orban,
amnionia, Teena, Wsan, Negus, Tamar, Icarus, Saylor, a khan, Nabala,
Nabalas, Iletin, Oyama, SSB, Bihar, Tepic, Cassil, Lilli, a mart,
Sender, Iams, Orgell, Eddina, Economy, Ugo, L-dopa, Nashe, Drais, Les,
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marble, Lihue, Rapallo, Bean, Ipsus, Tubb, NDak, Natal, Aello, Saml,
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57) Another Hitchhiker one: how will the planet Earth be destroyed? (2012)
My cat gets hungry.
58) Favourite thing to say in your German accent?
Anything vith a ze zound or a v zound or and r sound.
59) What else are you addicted to; other than FG?
*tosses movies and books under rug*
60) Top 10 reasons why you love Livia?
10: She's pretty, everything about, smile, hair, voice. I shall give you an essay.

Have you ever been blessed o see her smile? When one stretches across her face, you fel like everything is great. Like it's perfect. A light gleams from there, spreading about her fawless skin. She has so many wonderful expressions, humorous, annoyance, playful anger, evil "You-Are-Mine" smirk. And her voice...gods...everything immediately sounds ten times better than it might be. Except when she cries. That's a sound that's horrible. Terrible. Makes you want to shrivel up somewhere...Though she always has this goddess tone, absolutely wonderful, makes you feel great too.

9: She's a cat.

Cats. They're cute and cuddly and de'll love ya till da day you die. And a day afterward. Or until someone else comes along to scratch their ears. Und dats vhut Livy is. Mah pussycat. *purrs*

8: Ve listen to ze same music.

George Thorugood, Foreigner, AC/DC, Guns n' Roses, Huey Lewis, heavens, more than I can name, I think ze only exception to zat is The Who. I can't gather vvhy she doesn't like them! Them and Harry Chapin's "Cat's in the Cradle". But we shall certianly be having our wild days at rock concerts! :rockon:

7: She's a tomboy.

She is awesome! I could never get along with a real Jane Austin type girl who's all prim and proper, ew!!! But's she's not a butch "I don't need men" weirdy. She is balance quite nicely indeed.

6: She's caring.

What, I ask you, would a relationship of any kind be if there is no feeling? It would just be..two robots and cheese! Not Livy though, she always cares, always determined to make me, or anyone, feel better when they're down.

5: We always forgive/work things out.

A the great thing about us, we bounce back. Whenver we have a problem and are even mad at each other, we always work it out, heh. No matter how dire ze situation may seem, we always do. She compwetes me.

4: I'm comfortable with her.

We can tell the other anything or ask anything. we know how to push the other buttons and make the other fall in love with the other right back again, I could tell her anything, whether it be that Fill-In and Roxanne have been having sex at the beach house or a serious ting.

3: She's artistic.

Anytime she makes a drawing, or as she calls 'em, "drawrings" and I see one, I stare in awe, wondering how it is possible for the hands of a mortal to create such heavenly images, then I remember, she's a goddess. An Erde Engel.
She can tell marvelous stories, I can never be bored reading something from her, there's always a wonderful blend of humor, romance, and action, possibly the tree most important themes in any story that makes one great. Though we don't quite agree on certain plots of certain stories, she should rest assure she does an awesome job at writin' zem.

2: She's funny.

Humor is the key to the greatest relationships. It keeps us on our toes, in good spirits, it allows us to face the Future with confidence. It even can defuse potentially volitile situations. Like vhen ve vere talking a few days ago, we were *ahem* debating about ze usage of ants in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull I mention that bugs, in general, had already been used in Temple of Doom and I also remared that I was rather disappointed that the "ants" were just mere computer animations, that they didn't at least do the real thing, to which Livia responded that it made perfect sense to get real ants and that it was no problem at all you couldn't train them; it'd be perfectly fine for them to run around and bite and kill the onset workers.


Or last night on Skype. *snickers* Ja, Mia? *snickers again*

1: She's an Indy fan.

Need I say more?

Oh m...we're out of questions, you knwo what happens next! BOOM!!!!!
61) Most fluff filled situation?

Define fluff.
62) Favourite love poem?

Dunno...I've never really looked at too many love poems, I've written some to you'd have to ask her.

Maybe a song, like Earth Angel, or Elvis's I Want You, I Need You, I Love You.
63) (bleh) Most romantic thing said over Skype?
Olive juice.
64) Brief description on what you hope to will do as futurecurrent ruler of the world:
Ahem. *corrects Alanna's question*

I plan to unite the countries! Except Nathanland. That stays it's own.

I shall have a Fan Gathering Tower built in every conintent, where my trusted deciples make the real desicion making, like ze President.
65) Who would be your committee?
As mentioned above, I would have trusted desciples. Several cats for one.

Let's see...P5 and /b/ would be advisors (AKA The people that really run the show). Livia would be second in command. Then comes my Posse. Heimlicher would spearhead the lead of my bodyguards.
66) Do you remember how the feud started?
Uh...something about a pineapple?
67) How many times you died?
*holds up fingers*

Dis many.
68) And that fluff poem, what was it?
Roses are red,
Violets are blue
But you'll always be a moo.


Earth Angel, Earth Angel, please be mine.
My darling dear, love you forever and evermore.
I'm just a fool, a fool in love with you

Gah...I advise looking it up...or else. Or else zis interview thread shall be come Livia and I's secondary fluff thread.
69) Exactly how many chocolate related weapons I had?
A chocoblaster, something that dumps people into chocolate? Or a cat...
Didn’t you already use that? :

UPS. Youz tellz me.
70) You are online, checking to see what people have been up to. You are suddenly caught in the middle of a surprise birthday party. How would you react?
Oh my god...they found me, I don't know how. RUN FOR IT MARTY!!! *escapes in DeLorean*
71) Statement:
Pull the lever!
*pulls lever, escapes in hatch*
72) Have you ever looked at a heap of posts, and wanted to change the channel?
Who says I haven't? :awesome:
73) Finish the statement: Cheese burgers; today’s-
74) Describe 5 FGers as you envision them.
Artemisfowlfan96, a cat, like in her avatar.

MMK, dark hair, pale skin.

Caballine, like her avatar.

BlackOpal, like I imagine Opal, an oriental face with sharp black hair.

Julissa, like her avatar (which she had better not change!!! Kidding.)
75) What was the most embarrassing moment you've ever seen someone else go though?
I'd say last night, but that we were both laughing at that.

Watching Shia LaBuffet scream like a girl. And also watching him cowering from a snake. :awesome:
76) What's the theme of your favourite non-age appropriate joke?
77) The last prank you pulled on someone?
Um....not sure if this counts, but this morning I tricked Livy into saying that she eats soup with a fork. Or maybe it was when we were prank calling people...
78) You reaction if the Earth didn't have a core of hot magma?
Damn! Where do my victims go then?!!?! *pears down volcano*
79) What do you think your past life was?
Elvis Presley.
80) What did you do as a career in said past life?
Rock 'n' roll.
81) What age do you think you'll die at if 2012 is a hoax and the world keeps going?
Who says I make past 2012 regardless? :razz:
82) Have you dreamt of letting someone shoot you because it would save Livia?
Yes, it's my uttermost desire to die in front of my girlfriend, giving her traumatizing nightmares that'll haunt her for years to come, most likel her life resulting in her shooting herself. A grand dream indeed. :D
83) If we did have a FG meeting, what would be your reaction to the invite?
84) What would you wear?
If I chose indeed to wear something, possibly a purple dress, or a miniskirt, with a nice blouse.
85) How would you expect everyone to behave? Write a small situation if it helps.
They milled about, greeting the other, first by usernames, then by dfirst names, if they wre not already on first name basis already.
Nathan bumped into Alanna as he went to grab some more coke.
"Watch it, ya great oaf!" Alanna said as her drink splattered onto her.
"Food fight!" one screamed, picking up a Banana Pie and throwing it at the nearest fellow. The Mods and Admins try pitifully for several seconds to get everyone to stop. Then they shake their heads and agree that it was a ad idea and maybe next year.
86) What is the music you imagine in the background?
87) Compare me, Alanna, with as many people as you can think of.
Cat. Laurina. Uh...Sergey. Meow.
88) Look, Obama!
*highs five him and speeds off through time*
89) Your favourite FG moment?
April Fools 09. Ze chaos! Oh it was marvelous! Bravo, Mods, bravo!
90) Aurum protestas est. Your favourite phase in another language, what is it?
Was kann ich mit ein danke kaufen?


Lay ju somfey.

And here's two of the most important ones:

Ja vos vluvluv.

Ich liebe dich.
91) Banana pie!
*goes on magical quest to find its meaning* shocked.

Horrified! I can't believe the Mods do this to kids!
92) How often do you shower?
*checks calender*

Last time I took one was in 02, I still got another three years.
93) Your idol is....?
Steven Spielberg.
94) Last thing you posted on FG?
In ze super fluffy story, I wrote:Albrecht smiled and pulled on his gear and properly plunged into the water, so no one could complain about it being done wrong. He motioned to Livia to follow.
95) |. Electric shock! *zaps Nathan*
Don't hurt him! He's my favorite Nathan! Dude Nathan! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
96) Chocolate? Mind the truth serum
I'll pass. I knew there was a catch, though I was thinking along the lines of laxatives.[color]
97) Now, a moment of silence for /b/.

*bows head in silence*

98) Dance! What is the song?

Ze agenda! Earth Angel, Johnny B. Goode, and Power of Love!

99) 99 bottles of beer on the wall....?

If pirates shall abstaine from alcohol and replace a bottle, there'll be...
100) Want me to un-cuff you now?

Nah, just send Livia in. got me on the code. I know what your name is, not sure exactly

I have decoded another word though: Alanna.

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Re: The Interview Thread

Post by xox Miss Livia xox » Mon 9th Nov 2009

Hahahhahaha, Awwwww! I'm flattered on question 60....


Lol, Nathan, Steven Spileberg is SO not your Idol. You PRAISE Harrison Ford!
And I'm slightly worried at the hints with me... especially on question 100 XD
"People are gonna tell you who you are your whole life. You just gotta punch back and say, "No, this is who I am". You want people to look at you differently? Make them! You want to change things, you're gonna have to go out there and change them yourself, because there are no fairy godmothers in this world." - Emma Swan, Once Upon A Time.
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Re: The Interview Thread

Post by Alanna » Mon 9th Nov 2009

Lol, if you can figure out that the rest of the code is easier. I'll leave it for a month and post the decoded copy.


Note: To prevent mod's snapping I will open a thread in random or thereabouts with the code in it.
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Re: The Interview Thread

Post by Soulcatcher » Mon 9th Nov 2009

Oh. My. God.

Just .... wow. There are no words.


Especially Q56 .... O_o

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Re: The Interview Thread

Post by xox Miss Livia xox » Mon 9th Nov 2009

I know, right?

It's the most random I could probably imagine XD
"People are gonna tell you who you are your whole life. You just gotta punch back and say, "No, this is who I am". You want people to look at you differently? Make them! You want to change things, you're gonna have to go out there and change them yourself, because there are no fairy godmothers in this world." - Emma Swan, Once Upon A Time.
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Re: The Interview Thread

Post by cookieninja » Tue 10th Nov 2009

That was awesome.
Just cool.
Great interview Alanna.
Great Answers.
Just cool!
The best comedy around. Monty Python. Please, don't hesitate to look them up.
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Re: The Interview Thread

Post by KierisaNOT12 » Tue 10th Nov 2009

I agree. T'was very insane, excellent job

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Re: The Interview Thread

Post by artymon » Tue 10th Nov 2009

*takes bow*

Now, who should our next victim be? *picks up saw*

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Re: The Interview Thread

Post by KierisaNOT12 » Tue 10th Nov 2009

That doesn't sound good :lol: whelp, who VILL ze victum be?

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Re: The Interview Thread

Post by xox Miss Livia xox » Tue 10th Nov 2009

Whoever they are, I hope they're soul is prepared.
"People are gonna tell you who you are your whole life. You just gotta punch back and say, "No, this is who I am". You want people to look at you differently? Make them! You want to change things, you're gonna have to go out there and change them yourself, because there are no fairy godmothers in this world." - Emma Swan, Once Upon A Time.
Welcome aboard, lads and lasses. Let's see what adventures await us...

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Re: The Interview Thread

Post by Alanna » Tue 10th Nov 2009

*hands over statement saying; "Copy the questions if you want."* There, prob sorted.

Yes, who will be the victim? I doubt we have anyone as random as Nathan though...
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Re: The Interview Thread

Post by Soulcatcher » Tue 10th Nov 2009

*Eyes saw suspicious*

I'm think it's not so much their souls as their bones the should be worried about ...

(Besides I probably have their soul anyway)