No name....

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No name....

Post by The redeem3r » Sat 15th Dec 2007

I need help on the name. I don't know what it should be. Oh and everybody, this is my FIRST attempt at writing a story, so please be nice. This is the FIRST place EVER I trust with my writing. The first place I've ever seen with so many nice people!

News: Prologue is up(YAY!!)Hope you like it. I spent about 45 minutes on it.

Prologue: Death

Slowly, the girl strode to the gates leading to the graveyard. It was late at night, and the wind was creating an awkward
feeling that would frighten an foolish fiend or person going there. The girl was returning home from the temple after praying.
Like always, the graveyard was quiet, and gave the feeling as if an evil presence
roamed there. The girl used that path every day, for it was a shortcut to her home, and she hated using the regular path.
She reached the gates and unlatched the small lock that was put there, as if telling people to stay out.
She slowly pushed the gates open. She walked along the path toward the center, where an old decaying tree was standing tall.
It was the center of all evil she could feel in the graveyard. And in the tree, was a giant hole. Usually, the girl
went inside the hole because it was warm, and the graveyard provided nothing but a chilling wind.

She reached the tree and walked around it, looking for the hole, and as soon as she did, she bent down to crawl inside.
The girl was little, and her parents were foolish to let her out until so late. slightly frightened, she reached inside the hole as if looking for something.
Several minutes after she put her hand in there, something grabbed her arm tightly. Frantically, she attempted to pull her hand out, and
after numerous failed attempts, whatever was grabbing her, released it's tight grip on her.

The girl tried moving, but was frozen with shock. She stared up at the full moon, and a hooded figure up in the air, holding a scythe
in it's arms. it landed lithely in front of the little girl, who by that point seemed immensely frightened. The tree's leafless, deteriorating, branches swayed behind
the creature, as if signaling the girl to run.

The shadow's seemed alive, and moved in every directions, as if they had minds of their own.
The creature bent down, creating hundreds of tiny folds in it's robes, which had its own evil presence.
It whispered in the girl's ear, " The world is condemned. Death has returned, and there is no one to stop me this time.

Death had no emotion in it's voice. It was a cold, heartless being.
It slowly pulled of it's hood, revealing a horrid face covered in leaches and other dead insects.
"This time, no one can stop me. It is my time to kill. And no one can escape me." It said in it's cold voice, which alone caused fear.
It slowly raised it's scythe in front of the moon. It began shimmering a red color, as if a lunar eclipse was taking place.

An aura, which was probably only visible to the girl, appeared in the sky, and out of it, drifted spirits. The spirits yelled like banshees'
the girl was deafened and covered her ears. Than, she realized she could move, and got up. She sprinted for the gate, wanting nothing but to get out of that dreadful place. But death caught her attempt before she even though of it and pulled out a knife, and thrust the knife directly at the girls heart. The knife pierced the girl's skin and she fell over, her screams drowned out by the spirits' screams, which were heard by everyone. Death walked over to her, pulling up his hood as he did so

He dragged the body to the tree, pulling out the knife when he got there. Death slowly leaned her against the treeand stabbed her with the knife, keeping her stuck to the tree. It slowly walked away, leaving the body to deteriorate, or before that, get eaten by the vultures.

Death wondered off into the night, thinking that his reign was inevitable. And that was the end of the girl's life.
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