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Poetry Offtopic

Post by Holly314 » Wed 12th Sep 2007

Random poem house! No wait, I mixed that up...no it's right! Any poems in any style at all are welcome here! Free verse, cinquain, triplet, couplet, limerick..Anything with any entertainment value(or in some cases, none at all.) My poems stink, and I'm sure everyone else's will be better! I had to do a parody on a couplet poem in school, and it stinks(literally) so here goes:

I think that I shall never see,
Roadkill that bleeds excessively.
Roadkill that sings a horrible song,
Like the crushing of a gong.
Roadkill that's intimately bound,
To a car's tires, going round and round.
Squashed so flat upon the road,
It could be rat, cat, or toad.
Squirrels, possums, raccoons, dogs,
They're all as dead as rotten logs.
Only God makes animals that walk the land,
Then we squash them with our minivans!!!
(No religous beleif slur or anything meant! pleez don't kill me! That was in original poem, ok?) My friend wrote 1/3 of this, so I think Arreku deserves a mention(once again, not his real name...)

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Re: Poetry Offtopic

Post by veelagirl » Thu 13th Sep 2007

wats wrong with squirrels?
hello. my name is veelagirl.