Songfic - Artemis Loses Control Of His Emotions

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Post by dee_sequel » Sun 4th Feb 2007

i think goths worship death or something. emos r just dum.

btw. emos cut. people who act like emo are PWWB. People who wear black. and act weird. that's it.
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Post by Minerva_Paradizo » Mon 5th Feb 2007

inkweaver wrote: emo that doesn't cut is a goth. right?

lol, i'm homeschooled, and i guess you could call me punk and sometimes just the norm. since i'm homeschooled i never had the *cough-lovely-opprotunity-cough* to see the difference between emos and goths. help....

omg noooooooooooooooooo and omg two posts ago i said id stop. oh well. goths are religous and into dark stuff. emo's are usally depressed or annoyed or fed up with life. but thery are different but i dont wanna tell u what they are like cuz that would be sterotyping(sp??).

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Post by _Lenore_ » Tue 6th Mar 2007

Congratulations! This is *officially* my first Artemis Fowl fanfic, and let me tell you, I love it! ^_^

[s]OMG WTF HE'S EMO.[/s]
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Post by MMK » Tue 6th Mar 2007

OK, I have no time to read this right now, but my English teacher just gave my class a huge lecture on the difference between 'looses' and 'loses', so I'm changing the title of this topic to the correct one.

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Post by drawingpup » Sat 10th Mar 2007

You should publish it on the site's fanfiction site! Seriously! And write more!
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Post by Aphrodite » Sun 11th Mar 2007

Oh it's really good, I'm loving it so far.....But I really just can't imagine Artemis dancing, maybe waltzing in Vienna but a slow dance with Juliet in his study, burst out laughing :lol: !!!!!! And I can't really understand why Foaly and Holly are so worried about Minerva dying, why???? She tried to destroy their species!!!!!!!
And I'm just wondering, didn't the LEP mind wipe Juliet??? Please tell me if I'm wrong!!!! ^_^ But so far so good, I hope ther's loads more to come..... :D
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