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Shady's Charrie Corner

Post by xx-Jelly-Fox-xx » Tue 13th Aug 2013

Here's a few of my (pony) characters.

Name: Ninth
Species: Changeling
Age: 15
Gender: Either (Typically is male)
Eye color: Purple
Mane/tail color: Light lavender
Mane/tail style: Long, messy
Fur color: Black
Wing/exoskeleton color: Purple
Special abilities: Shapeshifting (typical Changeling ability), Speaking to shadows
Bio: Abandoned by Chrysalis as an illegitimate foal, he was alone for most of his life, only his shadow to speak to, which eventually led to his ability to speak to shadows. A childless couple found him, surprisingly in good shape for a homeless foal, and took him in, in spite of his species. He has proven himself to be kind, though misunderstood by those around him. He is currently attending Ponyville High School, with a 4.0 grade average.

Name: Vanessa
Species: Earth Pony
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Eye color: Icy blue
Mane/tail color: Black with a red streak
Mane/tail style: Mane short, swoopy, tail long
Fur color: Tan
Special Abilities: Telekinesis
Bio: Raised by a mother who was a follower of Nightmare Energy, often subjected to disturbing rituals. Teased and bullied often at school, but too quiet to protest. Unaware of her psychic ability.
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