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Character Creation Help

Post by Bang Your Drum » Thu 7th Feb 2013

Hi there... this section is a WIP too.. more links will be added (and if you have one that I've yet to add, PM it to me!

Many, good writings on character creation here....
...and a few picks from it that really are must reads..
This one is about figuring out if your character is just for our ego
writing better villians
adding racial diversity
may be helpful for girls writing male characters
make smart people who sounds like they are actually smart
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Re: Character Creation Help

Post by rem » Thu 7th Feb 2013

THANK YOU SO MUCH! I just found out I almost wrote a Mary sue! -Starts cleaning self with soap- STILL NOT CLEAN!

NOTE: do not try to write a story after reading "my immortal" everything you touch turns to Mary sues and horrible spelling for a week until your brain can recover. Or it could just be I have a weak restiance to mind distroying spelling.

(my immortal is the worst fan fiction ever! as agreed by the internet.)

thanks for the sig Sara


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Re: Character Creation Help

Post by lackingimagination » Sun 3rd Mar 2013

rem wrote:(my immortal is the worst fan fiction ever! as agreed by the internet.)
obviously you've never heard of starkit's prophecy. as agreed by the internet, THAT is the worst fanfiction ever.

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