Those Artemis that will never be

Which actors would you like to cast? What do you want to see? What would you do if you were the director?
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Those Artemis that will never be

Post by Eldewind Dolly » Tue 1st Apr 2014

Salut tout le monde ! :)

I'll explain the nebulous title : have you ever, while watching a movie, seen a young actor on the screen and immediately thought : "Oh my god, THIS is Artemis !!" ? And then, when you go check on their Wikipedia or Imbd profile, you realize the said actor is too old (or sometimes he's even dead !) to play Artemis in the uncoming movie ?

Well, if that happened to you, then here you can tell us about your Artemis that will never be :)

I'll begin with my five favorites :

Régis Arpin
He played in Je suis le seigneur du château (1989) by Régis Wargnier. It's his first and only film, and that's quite a shame. He's a bit overacting sometimes but always convincing, and his icy glare is one of those that you don't easily forget. Régis Arpin is the one that you actually CAN'T compare with Artemis, actually his character kinda reminds me of 10-years-old TTP Artemis, a bit crueler and a bit less clever. But when the movie came out in 1989, Régis Arpin was eleven, so even I can calculate he's out to stand our favourite criminal mastermind ^^"

River Phoenix
Well, I don't have to say anything, it's just River freakin Phoenix ^^' In every movie he played in, from Stand by Me to My Own Private Idaho (which is the longest and most boring movie I've ever seen in my entire life), he's just excellent. He died from overdose long ago (don't remember when exactly), and he would've been too old anyway ; but he shouldn't have died so young ><

Martin Stephens
He played in The Village of the Damned and The Innocents. He would've been a totally decent Artemis (actually he scares the crap out of me with his cold glare each time I watch The Village of the Damned ^^') but, well, you see how he looks in the picture ? The movie was shot in 1960 :awesome:

Tom Felton
Who never thought about it ? :lol:

aaand, I know it's a bit weird, but Stina Ekblad. I'll let you judge by yourself in this extract from Fanny and Alexander. Stina Ekblad is the one who appears at 00:12.
As you can see it's a 1983 movie so it would've been impossible anyway, but don't you notice anything about Ismael... only the voice... nothing ?
Actually, Stina Ekblad is a woman ^^ I've hesitated to introduce her in this topic, but this scene from Fanny and Alexander stuck in my mind forever the moment I saw it - or should I say her. Her presence and acting is just so deep and creepy, I somehow immediately thought of Artemis. Please, tell me I'm not the only AF-obsessed one who did ><

That will be all for the moment, let's see what you think about all this ! :)
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