Update on the AF Movie's Status

Which actors would you like to cast? What do you want to see? What would you do if you were the director?
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Update on the AF Movie's Status

Post by Ohansahyosheli » Thu 31st Mar 2011

So I was on Wikipedia. And I was like, 'Imma check out if there's any news about the AF movie. ♫La da de dum~♫'
But then I saw THIS:

In his latest interview (2011) Colfer stated that the movie plans are still going but at a very slow pace. We should hear news about it in the following months.

Just thought I'd share. :)
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Re: Update on the AF Movie's Status

Post by Jayjay » Sat 23rd Apr 2011

OMG!! I wish it would go a bit quicker though, I'm not great at containing excitement.
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Re: Update on the AF Movie's Status

Post by FowlsGirl1234 » Tue 21st Jun 2011

I know, right! I'm so excited for it to come out, and I can't wait! I think I shall die if it doesn't come out soon.

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Re: Update on the AF Movie's Status

Post by ArtemisFowlfan96 » Thu 30th Jun 2011

Seriously! The first time I heard about the movie was when I first joined FG, back in January of 2009. And even then, it was old news with little progress! I've seen a teaser trailor for it, but who knows if it was even close to official?! By the time the movie for the first book finally does come out, the last book will be out, most if not all of the books will have graphic novels, and I'll probably have kids who will have read the ancient series from Mom's collection and will be waiting for the movie, too! And when, or rather, if, the movie finally comes out, it had better not be like the Percy Jackson and the Olympians movie! That movie was nothing like the book! The AF movie had better be good, after all of the build-up!!!

So, there's my little rant! :)
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Re: Update on the AF Movie's Status

Post by heart_of_gold » Tue 20th Sep 2011

Just a little thing concerning your siggy: I think the guy from Criminal Minds voices one of the Chipmunks. XD

And about the movie: OH MY GOSH. I can't wait for something, some kind of news to come out!

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Re: Update on the AF Movie's Status

Post by firebat12 » Sun 15th Jan 2012

yeah maybe something miht actually happen with this movie
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