Actors for the movie (My opinion)

Which actors would you like to cast? What do you want to see? What would you do if you were the director?
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Actors for the movie (My opinion)

Post by Daan » Sun 3rd Jan 2010

Here are the actors in my opinion:

Artemis Fowl: -Unsure-

Bulter: Jason Statham (CGI to make him taller and bulkier)

Holly Short: Halle Berry (Hair dye, CGI to make her shorter)

Julius Root: Robert De Niro (CGI to make him shorter)

Foaly: Justin Bartha (Fits perfectly, he played a sort of unappreciated sarcastic "nerd" in National Treasure, CGI/Costume horse)

Mulch Diggums: Lee Arenberg (CGI to make him shorter and others)

I will update it later, I don't have any ideas for Opal Koboi and others yet...

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