What the C Cube should look like

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What the C Cube should look like

Post by p5ychic » Tue 28th Apr 2009


This is a still from one of my favorite shows, "Chuck," and that's the Intersect computer. I sure hope the Props master for the AF move takes a page out of Chuck's book.

Just thought y'all might enjoy to see something that looks like the C Cube

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Re: What the C Cube should look like

Post by dishwasher » Tue 28th Apr 2009

That's probably about how it should look. Although while I was reading the book, I imagined the C Cube as sort of a Rubix cube except with computer screens on each small square that you could control by touch.
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Re: What the C Cube should look like

Post by KierisaNOT12 » Wed 29th Apr 2009

Yeah, i think I imagined it more like what Dish said. I mean, Spiro doesn't much of it at first. *where as if it were all shiny he might admire it more*

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Re: What the C Cube should look like

Post by Meova » Wed 29th Apr 2009

Yeah! That is our C-Cube. I never really thought about how I imagined it (I have a dim memory of it being red), but this fits exactly. Thanks, P5!
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Re: What the C Cube should look like

Post by Artemis Lore » Fri 1st May 2009

It looks like they stole Artemis's C-cube. :D
Just like i imagined it.
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Re: What the C Cube should look like

Post by artymon » Mon 9th Nov 2009

Definitely our magic box, a little too eerie with that glow, but it's more than suitable.

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Re: What the C Cube should look like

Post by HollyShort9 » Fri 4th Dec 2009

When I read about it, I imagined it as a big blue Rubix cube (kinda like what Artemis is holding on the logo of this site) with computer screens, like Dish said...
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Re: What the C Cube should look like

Post by chocolatetruffles1 » Tue 3rd Apr 2012

I pictured it as a black cube-ish phone with a touchscreen and keypad.
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Re: What the C Cube should look like

Post by Spudtron98 » Wed 12th Mar 2014

I'm thinking a small, red box, which is almost featureless except for the omnisensor and power button. The control interface and display are both holographic. Remember, we have to upgrade the thing's construction to keep up with the times.
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Re: What the C Cube should look like

Post by Cabaline » Wed 12th Mar 2014

I kind of imagine to look a bit like the tesseract from the marvel films now :D Though when I first red it I did imagine a kind of black box a bit like a safe, with red buttons.
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Re: What the C Cube should look like

Post by Eldewind Dolly » Wed 12th Mar 2014

When I first red the book I pictured the C Cube quite like the Chuck picture, but I like the Rubik's Cube-like idea much more, that would be a nice design :)
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Re: What the C Cube should look like

Post by Skyswallow » Wed 12th Mar 2014

My headcanon's basically lost to time (and it would be really out of date by now) because I haven't read TEC in ages... But I agree with the hologram thing? Except not a holo like fog walls now or other semitransparent stuff, but something completely solid. I love the Rubik's Cube idea! **New headcanon!**~
To be honest, it's kinda slightly less impressive now we have smartphones! They could maybe upgrade it in the movies by making it compatible with anything and connect automatically? Also (correct me if I'm wrong) but the AI thing is pretty cool :awesome:
And they have got to include it again later. It's one of those things like the Time Field (once again, forgot if that's right... Y'know, the blue shieldy-type thing?) and Minerva that should come up again or be mentioned but isn't/doesn't :(
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