Nathaniel Parker as Butler

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Nathaniel Parker as Butler

Post by HollysMom » Sat 16th Aug 2008

Nathaniel Parker is the astounding reader of the Artemis Fowl books. Well, I just saw a picture of him and he could DEFINITELY pass as Eurasian. And he's good looking. And many people already think that his "Butler" voice is the definitive version. And he's a really good actor. So, Nathaniel Parker should be cast as Butler in the movie!!

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Re: Nathaniel Parker as Butler

Post by Meova » Sat 16th Aug 2008

Could you maybe give us a picture? Because I've never heard of him...
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Re: Nathaniel Parker as Butler

Post by Captain Short 711 » Wed 10th Sep 2008

Ahh yeah, Isn't he the person who reads the AF audio books?

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Re: Nathaniel Parker as Butler

Post by trollsrock42 » Mon 13th Oct 2008

ive looked him up on google

and i dont really think hes the type.

hes not 'manly' enough if u get wat i mean
i cant imagin him holding a sig sucer.

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Re: Nathaniel Parker as Butler

Post by Miasaki-chan » Sun 1st Feb 2009

yeah, could you pls put up a piccy.
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Re: Nathaniel Parker as Butler

Post by artymon » Mon 2nd Feb 2009

Went on Google, and gotta say, nah, not need someone like Schwarzenegger, not him per say, but someone similar.