Jason Earles as Mulch Diggums?

Which actors would you like to cast? What do you want to see? What would you do if you were the director?
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Jason Earles as Mulch Diggums?

Post by GoMulchGo » Sat 15th Mar 2008

I noticed that nobody had suggestions on Mulch Diggums. What about Jason Earles?http://www.teenidols4you.com/thumb/Actors/jason_earles/jason_earles_1175547636.jpg
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Re: Jason Earles as Mulch Diggums?

Post by Pampered.Pixie » Sun 16th Mar 2008

OMG! He would look so cool as a Mulch Diggums! He looks a little to cute but add some more hair and dirt, well the he'd look pretty good. :razz:

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Re: Jason Earles as Mulch Diggums?

Post by OliverWoodsgirl223 » Mon 17th Mar 2008

No, I don't see it........I do like Jason Earles......He should stick to playing Jackson Stewart on Hannah Montana........ :lol:
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Re: Jason Earles as Mulch Diggums?

Post by Meova » Tue 18th Mar 2008

He would be good... But I'm sure there's a better actor around for Mulch.
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Re: Jason Earles as Mulch Diggums?

Post by Hazel » Sat 29th Mar 2008

Hmmmm...I'm not sure I think that he would be good. I always imagined Mulch a little older. :)
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Re: Jason Earles as Mulch Diggums?

Post by trollsrock42 » Mon 13th Oct 2008


just no.

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Re: Jason Earles as Mulch Diggums?

Post by greeneyedgenius247 » Sun 16th Nov 2008

Uhhhh... no. Not at all. Mulch is dirty and gross... and older. I don't thing JE fits very well.

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Re: Jason Earles as Mulch Diggums?

Post by Miasaki-chan » Sun 1st Feb 2009

I just can't imagine Jason Earles, Hannah Montana's acting brother as Mulch...
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