What Chararcter would you auditioning for?

Which actors would you like to cast? What do you want to see? What would you do if you were the director?
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Re: What Chararcter would you auditioning for?

Post by Julissa Holly Fowl » Sat 22nd May 2010

@AA You'd make a perfect Minerva with the application of some lemon juice in your hair!

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Re: What Chararcter would you auditioning for?

Post by IwishIwasafaerie » Fri 28th May 2010

I would audition for Opal.
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Re: What Chararcter would you auditioning for?

Post by faerimagic » Sat 29th May 2010

Yeah! Me two! I love Opal's insane personality!

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Team Holly.

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Re: What Chararcter would you auditioning for?

Post by Silversong » Sat 7th Aug 2010

I would try for Opal, since fairies are small, and I could pass as a fairy :D.
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Re: What Chararcter would you auditioning for?

Post by spritegirl15 » Sun 15th Aug 2010

I would totally be HOLLY!!! she is so awesome! minerva? heck no. opal? maybe, but then everyone wouldn't like me... but i do have an obsession with chocolate. ;)
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Re: What Chararcter would you auditioning for?

Post by Paopufruit » Wed 1st Sep 2010

Arrrrggghhhhhhhhh!!!! Curse the day that Eoin decided that Artemis would be a boy!!
I'd be perfect! :roll: Oh well, if I MUST choose, I suppose Minerva may be an OK role, but if Juliet had more of a role in the books, then I'd be her. Opal wouldn't be a bad role either... *runs off to find truffles*

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Re: What Chararcter would you auditioning for?

Post by CaptainMiraKelp » Fri 3rd Sep 2010

Holly (accept I'm 10 and 5'2, *bleeeep!*)

She is SO AWESOME! All hail Holly!
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Re: What Chararcter would you auditioning for?

Post by return of 1 min go » Fri 8th Oct 2010

i would be a extra that get to be coles to chix *goes of in daydreem*
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Re: What Chararcter would you auditioning for?

Post by CaptainShort » Wed 13th Oct 2010

Well, I'd love to audition for Artemis, Foaly or Mulch if I was a guy, but as a girl I'd be going for Holly... :D

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Re: What Chararcter would you auditioning for?

Post by E.N.HA » Sun 9th Jan 2011

Grrr, Artemis is a boy, otherwise I'd love to audition for him. I love his sarcasm and evil condescending remarks as well as his total emotional incompetancy... But even if he was a girl I'd still have a fight between him and Holly.

*hails Holly as per order* :D

Holly is AAAAAAAAMAZING!!! I love all her lines and her personality is to die for. Besides, she gets to interact with Root the most and he just cracks me up. :lol:
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Re: What Chararcter would you auditioning for?

Post by Ally Kat » Sun 9th Jan 2011

Honestly? I'd go for Grub. My hair is copper-y at least, and I'm short. And who doesn't want to be that adorable? (*coughandIcouldstealthepointedearscough*)

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Re: What Chararcter would you auditioning for?

Post by Josephine Fowl » Tue 11th Jan 2011

If I was a boy... Then I would audition for Arty. No duh Yoda!

But for real:
I would audition for Juliet, Holly or Minnie. I would audition for Juliet, because she's my second favourite character, Holly, because she's super awesome and Minnie, because... Because.. Yeah, because I kinda look like her, which I'm not proud of.. And Opal. I forgot her. She's just awesome.
But here's the things why I can't:
Juliet: I'm too young and I'm not half Asian.
Holly: I'm over 3 feet tall and I'm blond.
Minnie: I'm too old and I don't wear glasses.
Opal: I'm STILL over 3 feet tall and I would possible laugh, when I'm supposed to say something evil.

Yeah. That's probably it.
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Re: What Chararcter would you auditioning for?

Post by Opal's_Clone » Thu 3rd Feb 2011

I would audition for either Opal or Holly, because i'm short with brown hair and hazel eyes, and i do Opal pretty well.

Or maybe I would audition for Artemis, so I could kiss Holly.
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Re: What Chararcter would you auditioning for?

Post by Lep officer » Thu 24th Mar 2011

Opal. I look like her and im short and i can do an awesome evil laugh, stare, voice, act. They've probably already picked her though... :party: ....sorry, that button was just calling me.
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Re: What Chararcter would you auditioning for?

Post by Jayjay » Fri 25th Mar 2011

I would audition for Holly so I could kiss Artemis once we get to the 6th movie.
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