the pefect Vinyaya. . .

Which actors would you like to cast? What do you want to see? What would you do if you were the director?
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Re: the pefect Vinyaya. . .

Post by p5ychic » Fri 18th Sep 2009

cookieninja wrote:I really like the idea. She has the look and there is a thing called wigs. Pretty good for a pick if you ask me.

Movies generally don't use wigs unless they need to make someone's hair longer. Otherwise, they just dye it.

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Re: the pefect Vinyaya. . .

Post by FowlsGirl1234 » Tue 11th Oct 2011

I think that if you combined Gina Torres and Nichelle Nichols, it would be a perfect Vinyaya. But alas, that would be impossible. If I really had to pick between the two, though, I would choose Gina Torres. Nichelle Nichols hair is too dry and brittle looking. But thats just my opinion.

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Re: the pefect Vinyaya. . .

Post by yunyun » Tue 11th Oct 2011

Personally that person really doesn't remind me of Vinyaya

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Re: the pefect Vinyaya. . .

Post by heart_of_gold » Fri 21st Oct 2011

Isn't that Astrid from Fringe?

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Re: the pefect Vinyaya. . .

Post by Amber Root » Sun 6th Nov 2011

I looked back at this again, and I change my mind. She would be perfect. ^^
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