sterling beaumon = artemis?

Which actors would you like to cast? What do you want to see? What would you do if you were the director?

sterling beaumon = artemis fowl?

Total votes: 19

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Re: sterling beaumon = artemis?

Post by Artemis_Yanez » Thu 2nd Aug 2007

I will agree and say yes because this kid can and will pull it off, and he has the "Look"
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Re: AF?

Post by 1hollyfan » Sat 4th Aug 2007

inkweaver wrote:
Zaquintor wrote:I've never seen the shows or heard of him, but if he's creepy he'll be a shoe in.


ditto. and also it's good that he's young.

nobody can be our ideal arty, but i guess he comes pretty close.

i dont think anybody could b ideal, but hes looks good enought. YES! hey, those look like MY eyes... creepy. they look alot like...scratch that, EXACTLY like my eyes. cool!
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Re: sterling beaumon = artemis?

Post by Meova » Wed 17th Oct 2007

I think he would be a really good Artemis. Only the freckles would have to be removed, since Artemis doesn't have freckles. But if that's all...
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