Ving Rhames - Butler

Which actors would you like to cast? What do you want to see? What would you do if you were the director?
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Post by jwood74 » Wed 28th Feb 2007

You know the guy from Mission Impossible 1, 2 and 3. The Big one.
He was also in a green Mile.

I just thought that he would make such a good choice.
Anyone have simular thoughts?

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Post by TomRK1089 » Wed 28th Feb 2007

You mean the guy who played Luther Stickle? Good idea. Like how I suggested Samuel Jackson, it wouldn't be canon, but would still be cool.

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Post by aurumetpotestas » Tue 15th May 2007

u mean the big black dude?

no, i always thought he was perfect as Butler's army friend from the third book . . . can't remember his name right now, but still. i'm sure u know who i'm talking about :wink:
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Post by laurenator » Mon 21st May 2007

he'd be really good but...isn't butler supposed to be Eurasian? And his Juliet is blonde. Honestly, I have never seen a naturally blonde African American.
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