Teaser trailer released!

Which actors would you like to cast? What do you want to see? What would you do if you were the director?
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Teaser trailer released!

Post by lackingimagination » Tue 27th Nov 2018


What do you guys think? I’m sure people have criticisms but right now I’m too excited to criticize.

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Re: Teaser trailer released!

Post by BLoemetje » Tue 27th Nov 2018

Yeah, there's probably a lot to say about it.

But, wow, do I love the way those letters move to form 'Artemis Fowl'. Awesome.

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Re: Teaser trailer released!

Post by LEPreconGirl » Wed 28th Nov 2018

I'm very much in the 'this isn't going to be a great movie but gosh will I have fun watching it' camp.

The trailer doesn't make it seem like the movie is going to be particularly faithful to the books (it comes across less as 'boy genius kidnaps elf to hold for ransom' and more as pretty generic fantasy imho), but the visuals we got are pretty cool (I gasped aloud at the letters forming 'Artemis Fowl'). Also, according to the IMDB page, a lady is playing Trouble so I'm looking forward to seeing my fave look just a little more like me!
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