Keep on Smiling! :)

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Keep on Smiling! :)

Post by BoboParadizo » Sat 28th Jul 2012

FanGathering is, for the most part, a happy and friendly place. This trait is exemplified by the smiles we see popping up in quite a few posts. Who likes to show their smiles visually the most? Whose face are you beginning to imagine as a little yellow circle?

Rules for Voting

• Each person may vote for a maximum of three people per category where a voter's first choice is given three points the second choice two points, and the third choice one point.
• Voting will be made public. One can vote by simply posting and assigning points on the category threads.
• Logically, you also are not allowed to vote for yourself.
• Voting begins a day after nominations, August 17th, and ends on August 27th, and will be announced on the main site.

The Nominees
  • BoboParadizo
  • world is quiet here
  • yunyun
  • AFRules12
  • Foxriver Fowl
  • bentj96
  • CaptainMiraKelp
  • HollyShort9
  • FowlStar
  • M. Fowl
  • Randomosity
  • FowlStar
  • ashyartemispotozuko
  • Shadow Light
  • Kitty

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Re: Keep on Smiling! :)

Post by FowlStar » Tue 14th Aug 2012

1. Kitty
2. BoboParadizo
3. Bentj96
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Re: Keep on Smiling! :)

Post by Felina » Tue 14th Aug 2012

1. Foxriver Fowl
2. CaptainMiraKelp
3. Randomosity
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Re: Keep on Smiling! :)

Post by yunyun » Tue 14th Aug 2012

1. Afrules12
2. Kitty
3. Bentj96

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Re: Keep on Smiling! :)

Post by Amber Root » Tue 14th Aug 2012

1. yunyun
2. AFrules12
3. Kitty
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Re: Keep on Smiling! :)

Post by world is quiet here » Thu 16th Aug 2012

Whatttt??? I'm nominated for dis??? I'm like negative ma.
1. AFrules12 (spelt right :P)
2. BoboParadizo
3. Randomosity

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Re: Keep on Smiling! :)

Post by Skyswallow » Fri 17th Aug 2012

^You just used a smiley!!!

1. Foxy
2. Random
3. Wicky
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Re: Keep on Smiling! :)

Post by CaptainMiraKelp » Wed 22nd Aug 2012

1. BoboParadizo.
2. Shadow Light.
3. M. Fowl.
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