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Posted: Sun 24th Jul 2011
by xox Miss Livia xox
Welcome to FanGathering's fifth Annual Awards!

First of all, a HUGE thank you to FowlStar and ArtificialAsian for getting together and starting the planning for Fangathering to have this opportunity! Thank you guys!

The Mechanics


• Each category will have its own thread. During the nominations period, these category threads shall be locked.
• I will pin another important thread, the NOMINATIONS! thread where we can all nominate other members for each specific category.
• Nominations are unlimited, but you can't nominate yourself.
• The nomination period begins today, July 23rd, and shall end on August 16th.

Rules for Voting

• Each person may vote for a maximum of three people per category where a voter's first choice is given three points the second choice two points, and the third choice one point.
• Voting will be made public. One can vote by simply posting and assigning points on the category threads.
• Logically, you also are not allowed to vote for yourself.
• Voting begins a day after nominations, August 17th, and ends on August 27th, and will be announced on the main site.

The Categories:

Fanfiction of the year
Most Devoted Shipper (AKA Best Pirate)
Whaat wahs taaht??!1
Shadow Dancing
Keep on smiling! :]
Internal Combustion
RolePlaying madness
Gone but never Forgotten
FanGirl and FanBoy of the Year
Name the Name
Anybody There?
Fangathering at my homework
I <3 FanGathering x Infinity
Artist of the Year
Mad for Avatars (Not the blue ones)
Thread starter
most Inspiring.


You get a cake and a prize, but the cake and the prizes are a LIE!

Like last year's awards, each winner gets a 30 post boost to their post count, and of course, bragging rights for the next year.

And just a little reminder: please do remember that this is all for fun! :awesome:

This isn't about winning and losing. Let's just have a good time, to show each other what we think you've got and what we think you're most awesome at!

Now... Dance, my pretties >:]