I <3 FanGathering X Infinity!

Vote for members in different categories!
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I <3 FanGathering X Infinity!

Post by Alanna » Tue 17th Aug 2010

FanGathering has grown to be an awesome place to hang out in the Online World. However, some of us found that their FG obsession has grown greater than ever. Which member is most obsessed with FanGathering?

Rules for Voting

• Each person may vote for a maximum of three people per category where a voter's first choice is given three points the second choice two points, and the third choice one point.
• Voting will be made public. One can vote by simply posting and assigning points on the category threads.
• Logically, you also are not allowed to vote for yourself.
• Voting begins a day after nominations, August 17th, and ends on August 27th, and will be announced on the main site.

The Nominees (in no particular order):
  • Alanna-Lena Zelen
  • Kierisa12
  • Sihadow Light
  • Crazychick
  • JLHxXxX
  • Julissa Holly Fowl
  • Artificial Asian
  • BlackOpal
  • GothicLollipop
  • darvit
  • partyonsoccerfan
  • HollyShort9
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Re: I <3 FanGathering X Infinity!

Post by FowlStar » Tue 17th Aug 2010

1. Crazychick
2. Artificial Asian
3. Alanna-Lena Zelen
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Re: I <3 FanGathering X Infinity!

Post by crazychick » Wed 18th Aug 2010

1. Ala
2. Shadow
3. AA
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Re: I <3 FanGathering X Infinity!

Post by MuriUmbrielCordeliaN » Wed 18th Aug 2010

1.Alanna-Lena Zelen
2.Shadow Light

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Re: I <3 FanGathering X Infinity!

Post by KierisaNOT12 » Wed 18th Aug 2010

2: Shadow Light
3: Jul

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Re: I <3 FanGathering X Infinity!

Post by Duck With No Name » Wed 18th Aug 2010

1. Julissa
2. Alanna
3. AA

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Re: I <3 FanGathering X Infinity!

Post by HollyShort9 » Wed 18th Aug 2010

1) Kierisa12
2) JLHxXxX
3) AA
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Re: I <3 FanGathering X Infinity!

Post by faerimagic » Sat 28th Aug 2010

1. crazychick
2 HS9
3. K12

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