Noticed a Pattern...

What do you think will happen in the next installment of the Fowl series?
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Noticed a Pattern...

Post by artymon » Wed 11th Aug 2010

Warning: This sort of has a spoiler for the seventh book and the other ones...)

It started with the fifth one, Lost Colony.

That book first introduces having three villains, that is people Artemis and Co. must out-brain. And it also introduces time travel/dimension hopping.

In Time Paradox, the book carries on the three villain plot and the concept of time travel. It also introduces the idea of a human getting a fairy illness.

I have read all of Atlantis Complex yet so I can't say for sure about the three villain thing, but I do know, and probably a lot of you know, about Artemis getting a fairy disorder!

See? At least one detail or two carries over from the next book! I wonder if this is intentional or perhaps Colfer writes about it and then decides to expand on it in his next work.

On the other hand it could be an amazing coincidence...

(Note: wasn't sure if this should go in Fowl of the Future or AF General...)

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